How much can you not walk, so as not to lose the place

Most often, in the garden you will hear that you can notwalk for three days, after which you need to bring help from a pediatrician. Educators often speak in such a way that children do not miss for long, and they do not have to bother with their production and removal from food. Now in the kindergartens it becomes strict. Some people impose such rules that if the child misses the day, but the parent has not warned about this, then the parents will have to pay this many days you can not go to kindergarten without helpYour child may not go to kindergarten without help 5days Photo: Getty To defend their rights and do not overpay for the garden, you need to know how many days you can skip by law. Such situations are governed by a SANPIN ordinance. According to clause 11.3 “Sanitary-epidemiological requirements for the device, content and organization of pre-school educational organizations,” a child may miss 5 days. This term does not include weekends and holidays. That is, if you did not go 5 working days and two days off, then you are not required to provide a certificate. If you did not go more than five working days, the nursery worker cannot accept the child without a certificate, which should indicate: what the child was ill with, how much he was ill, and whether it is possible for him to return to the kindergarten.

What to do if they require help from a pediatrician

Often kindergarten staff say that althoughSANPIN can not walk 5 days, but the recommended period is 3 days, so you must provide a certificate. In such a situation, do not give in to an educator and protect your rights. If your child is not accepted, go to the head and deal with it. If you need to go somewhere, or you have a vacation, and you do not want to take the child to the kindergarten, you should discuss it in advance with the teacher and the manager, so that later there will be no problems. Educators can talk about the recommended period, but they must rely on the document regulating such situations. Therefore, defend your position. It is important to know your rights and this law, so that in the kindergarten they will not demand from you what they should not. Now there is corruption in the gardens, so this is especially important. You should know that 5 days is the time when your child can not walk in the garden, and you do not need to carry a certificate.