manicure with water Manicure with the help of water appeared recently,but immediately gained popularity. After all, not all girls are capable of creativity. And not everyone can come up with a beautiful drawing. That's where the water manicure comes in. A drawing put this way always produces a different, unusual and original. So, let's start studying this simple technique. But first you need to consider some useful tips for caring for your hands.

Tips for health and beauty of hands

If you have so-called "burrs", thenwill still have to wait with a water manicure - first you need to heal your hands. First, at least a week do not use lacquers. Let the nails and the skin around them rest. Secondly, be sure to lubricate your hands with a moisturizing cream with herbs. Make sure that it contains chamomile, thyme or tea tree oil. Third, buy a vitamin-mineral complex and take it. Often this trouble is a consequence of vitamin deficiency. If you do all the procedures correctly, then in a week your hands will be in perfect order. Please note that manicure with the help of professional tools is much easier and more enjoyable. Do not regret money and get a quality manicure set. He will serve you more than one year. If you have never done yourself a manicure before, then you should go to the salon and look at the work of a professional. Be sure to look at your hands. Not only the nails, but the surface of the entire brush should be flawless. After all, it is the hands that are first exposed to external influences. Do not forget that the skin condition can be affected by the specifics of the work, general health of the body, allergens, household chemicals. Often ladies take too much care of their face, but completely forget about their hands. It is not right. In a woman, everything should be fine, so you should make an effort to ensure that the impeccable appearance gives you confidence. Hand care should be comprehensive. Regularly use creams, do masks and massages, work around the house spend in gloves, be careful with household chemicals. manicure on the water

Process of preparation

First you need to prepare your nails forprocedures, because no one canceled the classical manicure with the help of steaming and special accessories. In a small tray, pour hot water, add a little bit of shower gel and start to steam up the handle. You can drip into the water of essential oil, it is desirable to take bergamot or eucalyptus - they can remove inflammation. Literally 5-7 minutes, and the skin around the nail will decay, it will be easier to handle. After the "bath" we wipe our hands and proceed to the manicure:

  • We nail the nails along the length, cut the corners andwe form them. Remember: if you have small chubby fingers, then make the marigolds round, but with long fingers you can experiment - square, pointed marigolds will look amazing;
  • If you resorted to the help of nail scissors, then after cutting, be sure to treat the edges with a nail - this will save from the stratification of the nail plate;
  • Now take an orange stick and move the cuticle to the base of the nail. After the "bath" make it fairly easy;
  • Wipe nails with degreasing liquid. All you can think is that the preparatory stage has been completed.

Stages of water manicure

Before making manicure with water, prepare the necessary things: several varnish colors, toothpicks, plastic cup, water, greasy hand cream.

  • Paint all the marigolds with a plain lacquer. It is best to use a white matte shade, it will work well with any pattern;
  • Now we need to do the following: pour water into the cup, the volume is full;
  • We take a brush from varnish of the first color and we dripdrop directly into the middle of the glass. Make sure that the brush does not touch the water, but it is not necessary to lift it too high (distances of 2-3 millimeters will be enough);
  • The varnish will quickly spread over the surface of the water. We take the next color and drip it into the middle of the first one. Try to do it as quickly as possible, otherwise the varnish will dry up and it will be difficult to depict any pattern on it;
  • If you only have two colors, rotate them untilwater does not form 10-12 layers of varnish. If more colors - act accordingly. As a result of all manipulations, a multi-layered multi-colored spot will appear on the water surface;
  • Now take a toothpick and draw a pattern on the varnish in the water. Do this carefully, without immersing it in water, but simply stretching the varnish on the surface;
  • You can draw any picture, but forFor the first time something simple, such as a flower, will do. We divide our circle from varnishes into four parts (petal). We move from the edge to the center. Next, we divide the finished parts of the picture into smaller ones. In the center of the circle, we set the point, slightly immersing the toothpick into the water;
  • Around the nail plate, lubricate the skin with a fat cream. This is necessary in order for the pattern to lie only on the nail. If it is imprinted on the skin, it can easily be removed with a normal napkin;
  • We lower the finger directly into the middle of our flower. Make sure that the nail is strictly parallel to the surface of the water;
  • Leaving the nail under the water, we take a clean toothpick and collect the varnish, which remained on the surface. It is easy to do this - the film is freely pulled into a small lump;
  • We pull the finger out of the water, wipe the cream;
  • To each nail let's dry completely andonly then proceed to the next; When you learn to do such a manicure is pretty good, you can handle 2-3 nails at a time. So it will go faster.

That's all the wisdom. Initially, it will be difficult for you to do everything as this instruction ascribes, here you need training and patience. The main thing is do not stop there, try, fantasize, draw original patterns. manicure on water how to do

Rules of beautiful manicure

Here are some more tips to help you make the perfect water manicure with water:

  • Do not forget that in the end you should get at least 10 layers of lacquer;
  • The minimum number of colors is two (but the number of layers is still respected);
  • Lacquer for manicure we take a new, not thickened, not containing acetone. It is desirable that all varnishes are from the same manufacturer;
  • You can use the boldest combinations of colors for such a kind of manicure, but remember that they will only be relevant at a party;
  • On weekdays, you should not attract attention to nails, but simply demonstrate your taste and ability to take care of your own hands;
  • Do not forget to cover it after fixing it completely. Then you need to do a new water manicure not earlier than a week. Agree, this is very convenient.

On a day off, take time and work on it.own beauty. Turn on the music, light the aroma lamps and enjoy the rest. And going out to work, you can defeat your colleagues with a stylish and fashionable manicure. Visiting for this beauty salon is not necessary - just learn how to make a bright and unique drawing on your nails yourself!