manicure for beginners Yes, the first time is always hard to start - thisconcerns any case. And the manicure also seems quite a complicated procedure, especially when you look at the work of the master - so everything quickly and smoothly it turns out. However, nothing is impossible! You can make your own manicure at home, even if you did not already have scissors in your hands. Doubt? And completely in vain! The main thing, allocate for this absolutely free time, turn off the phone and give yourself to this lesson with the utmost care.

Standard solution

  • Scissors shape the nails - if you havesmall and full fingers, then the oval shape of the nails will suit you, and if you are the owner of the elegant, long fingers of a pianist, you can make square ones ("spatula");
  • After shaping, be sure to cut the edges of the nail file. It is better to choose the glass instrument;
  • Now we need to process the nail bed - we work withcuticle. In manicure sets there is such a stick with a slightly pointed end, it is made from an orange tree and it is it that pulls back the overgrown skin. If the cuticle is rather dense, then first break up your hands - it will be easier for you;
  • Well, now you can apply and varnish - neatly andnot hurrying, staining all the sections of the nail. Try not to get the varnish on the skin or on the cuticle, and if this happens, immediately remove the blot with a cotton swab;
  • Wait until the varnish dries, apply the fixing agent on top. Thus, you will achieve the glitter of the nails, and will last such a manicure longer.

For beginners I want to clarify one nuance: if you use matte varnish (enamel), then be extremely careful - this coating does not tolerate fuss and requires accuracy. After all, enamel, like a litmus test, immediately shows flaws: uneven strokes, clearings or blurring. For beginners, those who only make the first steps in this matter, it is best to use mother-of-pearl, light color - this is not very visible small slips. beautiful manicure for beginners

Drawing on nails

For beginners, a manicure with a pattern in general seems to be something arhisome - that's in vain! See how simple it all is:

  • We put on a fingernail a colorless varnish, we wait for full drying;
  • Now, with a white matte varnish, we paint stripes at the very top of the nails. For beginners, it will be difficult - use special patches for the French manicure;
  • Now take the black lacquer (enamel) and remove the needle from the brush with a drop. Now, on a white strip, we apply arbitrary strokes.

Everything, modern, fashionable and even creativemanicure is ready. By the way, for beginners it is better to use this option, because it is considered to be the simplest in execution. After you get a little trained and will easily make the option black and white, you can try and more complex:

  • We put a varnish on fingernails or nails - here it is possible to choose any color, but only dull;
  • Now, with a needle or toothpick, we put two or three drops of a different color and start painting. A twig, leaves, flowers, abstraction - anything that you like best;
  • Be sure to apply after completely drying the fixing varnish.

Such a manicure for beginners will also not betoo complicated, because an asterisk or a snowflake can draw almost everything. Just remember that a complex pattern can not be applied to every nail - it will look too defiant. Usually so decorate one or two fingers - this is quite enough to impress and create a unique image of a fashionable and stylish lady. You can try to decorate your nails with rhinestones - even for beginners it will be easy! Just glue them on the nail in any order - everything, the exclusive manicure is ready. I must say that a manicure is an interesting process, that they can get carried away seriously. Many ladies change lacquer and ornaments on nails so often that sometimes you do not have time to keep track of everything! But it's good - each time you can show your mood or feelings to others, you can choose a color for a suit or dress, create your own unique image and always surprise others. Demonstrate to everyone their style, taste and ability to do manicure - many do not realize that this is not difficult.