makeup eye technique Make-up is the daily ritual of every woman, withBy means of which we are trying to hide all our shortcomings and to emphasize the existing advantages as much as possible. Performing makeup every day, any woman probably knows what kind of cosmetic means, what colors and how much it suits her. Particular attention is given to the make-up art of eye make-up. Beautiful and properly executed eye makeup can not only emphasize our true beauty, but also transform the image completely. This is a special and rather complex art that occupies quite a long time in the entire makeup process. However, the correct technique of performing, as well as useful advice on the rapid and accurate application of cosmetics will help any woman feel like a professional make-up artist.

General rules and stages of eye makeup

There are many techniques and ways to do eye make-up. But there are also basic rules, the same for any position, cut or eye color.

  • Cleansing and Skin Preparation First of all,Before applying make-up, the eyes must be thoroughly cleaned from the previous one, especially from the carcass. Remove the remnants of cosmetics with special milk or lotion, make-up remover. If you have enough time, before applying makeup it is worth making a mask for the skin of the eyelids from swelling and puffiness, from dark circles. After this, rinse the eyes with running water and pat clean with a clean towel or napkin, avoiding friction and irritation of the delicate skin of the eyelids. Apply a soothing and moisturizing gel or eye cream to the skin around the eyes, let it soak well. Apply the cream followed by light movements, without stretching the skin of the eyelids. To the cream absorbed, you can make a few light patting, drumming movements with the pads of your fingers. After 5-7 minutes, remove the rest of the cream or gel with a thin paper towel, lightly soaking the skin of the eyelids. This will ensure additional durability after the means.
  • The basis for make-up, skin color correction Makeupthe eye is never done separately from the makeup of the entire face. Applying to the face skin a foundation for make-up and foundation, do not forget about skin age. The makeup base perfectly moisturizes and smooths the skin, conceals mimic wrinkles, provides a reliable "grip" of make-up with the skin and their durability. To conceal dark circles around the eyes, a concealer with different colors is used, depending on what you need to hide. If this is redness, then use a greenish concealer, if it's blue or purple circles - a concealer with a yellow tinge. After masking the shortcomings, it is necessary to apply a little foundation on the skin of the eyelid, which will compare the skin color in this area with the rest of the face. It is not bad to powder a little eyelid skin with crumbly transparent powder. However, do not do this, if you have a lot of fine wrinkles around the eyes, the powder will only dry the skin and make them even more visible. Usually eyeliner has reflective particles that hide fine wrinkles well.
  • We emphasize the eyebrows of the eyebrows in the correct form andsuitable colors can emphasize the look, highlight the eyes on the face. If you ignore the eyebrows, they can ruin even the most beautiful eye makeup. Preliminary it is necessary to make correction of eyebrows, to give them the necessary form by means of plucking, to tint them, if necessary. However, do not make a correction just before makeup, since after plucking the tender skin around the eyes can turn red, swell, inflame, and no make-up will hide it. The shape of the eyebrows should be chosen in harmony with the rest of the facial features, location and incision of the eyes. The color of the eyebrows should match the color of the hair, first of all, and also the color of the eyes. Dark and dense eyebrows will be enough to comb with a brush and put a special transparent gel for the eyebrows. Light and thin eyebrows need a little tint. Professionals are advised to do this with shadows and a brush. This creates the necessary background, with which you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows, give it a color and density.
  • Apply shadows To keep shadows long and welllay down, you can use an additional base under the shade - a special cream-base for the skin of the eyelids. Shadows can be used any, even creamy will stay on the eyelids for a long time, if you apply them to the base. However, it is best to use dry shadows for compact makeup - compact compressed or crumbly. The color of the shadows should be selected depending on the color of the eyes, hair, clothes, according to the time of day and the occasion, on which the makeup is applied. For everyday make-up, more muted tones, light natural shades are used. For the evening one can make brighter accents, add saturation and contrast to the colors. It is recommended to choose two or three colors of shadows, harmonizing among themselves, or several shades of the same color - from dark to light. The most light shade of shadows is usually applied to the entire upper eyelid, moving and motionless, under the eyebrow, on the inner corner of the eye. A darker, medium hue is applied to the upper movable eyelid. The darkest color is emphasized by the lower eyelid, the outer corner of the eye. If you want to achieve a more saturated color, apply a shade with a damp brush or applicator. The boundaries between the shadows of different colors must be carefully shaded.
  • Contour pencil and eyeliner. Liner (liner) anda contour pencil is used to isolate the contour of the eye, giving it a more elongated shape and expressiveness. The pencil should be well sharpened, and the eyeliner is moderately dense. If you have experience in applying the arrows on the eyelid, use liquid liner. Arrow lead one movement from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. At the outer corner of the eye, the arrow may slightly thicken and lead the corner upward. The harder you hold the brush to the skin, the thicker the line, and vice versa. The contour pencil is easier to use, the arrow can be guided in several movements. However, the pencil is good when the induced lines are shaded with the help of dark shadows and an applicator. This creates a fashionable effect of smoky make-up, and the look gives softness and languor. Drawing a pencil arrow, lightly tighten your skin with your fingers, so that creases do not form, and the contour leads straight along the line of growth of the eyelashes. Arrows can emphasize not only the upper eyelid, but also the lower one.
  • Mascara After applying the shadows and eyelineror a pencil, you should use mascara for eyelashes. This is the final step in eye makeup. Before applying the mascara, the eyelashes should be carefully combed with a brush or special comb. If eyelashes do not have a sufficient bend, twist them with special tweezers, but do not overdo it so as not to create a hall. Mascara can be chosen with a traditional brush or rubber comb - as you prefer. However, any mascara must have a sufficiently liquid homogeneous consistency, without lumps. Apply mascara, grabbing a little of the product on the brush, guide it from the root of the lashes to their tips along the growth line, twirling in the desired direction. Do smooth movements, combing your eyelashes carefully. When you paint the upper eyelashes, lead the brush a little to the side, to the outer corner of the eye, this will stretch the eyelashes and give the eye an almond shape. Allow the first layer of the carcass to dry well, and then apply the next. Cover with mascara first upper eyelashes, and then lower ones. If lumps are formed, after applying the mascara of eyelashes it is worth combing with a clean brush or comb. If you want to give the eyelashes volume and splendor, the effect of "fluffy" eyelashes, powder them before applying the first and then the second layer.
  • beautiful makeup eye technique

    Technique of make-up for different eyes planting

    All the above tips should be observedalways, no matter what position your eyes have. The most correct form of the eyes is almond-shaped, and the eyes themselves are located at the same level, at a distance between the eyes, which is equal to the size of the eye horizontally. However, the location of the eyes is not ideal for everyone. Some shortcomings, such as deep-set eyes or a heavy upper eyelid, can easily correct the correct technique of eye makeup. Convex eyes Slightly bulging eyes with heavy eyelids can easily be corrected with makeup. To do this, avoid makeup in light pearly and overly radiant shades. It is worth choosing an average shade, which covers the entire mobile upper eyelid. A contour pencil draws a line along the upper and lower eyelids, and is shaded lightly by dark shadows. This dark contour line should be narrow to visually reduce the bulge of the eyelids. The outer corners are worth a little more intense than the rest of the eyelid. Deep-set eyes The moving eyelid of this type of eye is usually small, it must be emphasized with a light tint. On the lower eyelid also apply light shadows. But on the hollow between the upper mobile and motionless eyelid at the outer corner of the eyes, it is necessary to put dark shadows, carefully shading the transition. Under the eyebrow, also apply a light pearl highlight, this will give the glance look and make the eyes more open. Close-fitting eyes These are considered to be eyes, the distance between them is much smaller than the size of the eye. The technique of doing the right make-up is as follows. On the inner corner of the eyes, put the lightest shadows, in the middle of the century - the average shade, and the darkest - on the outer corner of the eye. You can add a black pencil or eyeliner, the line should be from the middle of the century to the outer corner. The lighter the inner corner of the eye is, and the darker the outer, the more widely spaced the eyes will appear. Severe eyelid The heavy upper eyelid makes the look semi-closed, gloomy. "Open" such eyes can be with matte shadows of light and medium shades. Dark shadows are placed in the crease between a moving and motionless eyelid. Light pearlescent shades are applied under the eyebrow, on the makeup of the age of mother-of-pearl should be avoided. Dropped outer corners This drawback makes the look sad and tired. Draw a thin liquid line along the line of eyelash growth in the upper eyelid, at the outer corner of the eye, lifting and leading it upwards. Dark shadows begin to be used from the middle of the upper eyelid and drawing strokes up to the outer corner of the eyebrow. Pay special attention to eyelashes in the outer corner of the eye on the upper eyelid, you can even glue several bundles of false eyelashes. As we see, the eye makeup technique is not as complicated in execution as it seemed. Doing it correctly, you can not only emphasize the advantages, but also hide the flaws in the features. Having mastered the art of eye make-up and with such different techniques and methods of applying it, and following simple general rules of make-up, you can change your image every day and become unrecognizable. We advise you to read: