make-up for small eyes Not many womencan boast of large expressive eyes, but everyone wants to be irresistible. But you can always disguise minor shortcomings and visually increase your eyes, if you correctly make up for small eyes. Here are some simple tips that will help you become the owner of an open look.

Bring your eyebrows in order

The first thing to remember is dense lowplanted eyebrows visually reduce eyes and make the look heavy. This is especially true for owners of brown eyes, which require regular correction. Therefore, it is necessary to pluck out the eyebrows so that their line will be in harmony with the shape of the face and with the shape of the eyes. Remove excess hairs under the eyebrow, trying to free the space between the eye and the eyebrows. But do not make the line too thin.

Mask the shortcomings

Circles under the eyes and dark eyelids createdarkened areas on the eyes and, consequently, visually reduce them. Quite often, such bags under the eyes appear in girls with fair skin, as well as in the owners of brown eyes. Therefore, they simply need to use a masking agent to get rid of these shortcomings. Apply the yellow corrector to the bags under the eyes to even the color and lighten the eye, visually increasing it. This is especially important if you make evening make-up. After all, in the twilight, such circles under the eyes will be particularly noticeable and give the face a tired look. make-up for small brown eyes

Apply light shadows

Light shades have the ability to visuallyincrease the object. Therefore, a beautiful make-up for small eyes is mainly performed in such colors as white, ivory, peach, beige, sand, light pink, green or yellow. But it is important that they are the lightest shades in the palette, because the dark colors will make the look even harder, and the eyes less. Especially if you are the owner of dark eyes, for example blue or brown. It is worth considering when choosing your eye color. So for blue-eyed beauties white and beige colors are good. Girls with green eyes should choose yellowish shades and beige. You can use peach - it is neutral and suitable for almost any type of appearance. But the owner of the brown eyes should pay attention to pink, peach and light brown hues, which are in perfect harmony with their color and advantageously emphasize the depth of view. To apply shadows is necessary on all upper and lower eyelids, and it is especially good to work out the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow, this will create the illusion of open eyes. It is important to shade the lines well, so that the shadows cover the entire surface evenly, and there are no spots. An excellent choice will be light pearly shadows. They will give the eyes a beautiful shine and radiance. But you should be careful if you have facial wrinkles around the eyes. Mother-of-pearl has the property of hammering into wrinkles and emphasizing them, which does not look good at small eyes.

Apply shadows of dark shades

Dark color visually reduces space,so if you do makeup for small eyes and want it to look really impressive, use dark shadows very moderately. It is important not only that the dark color is not enough, but also that the shade has been correctly applied. You can choose absolutely any color in the palette that you like. The main thing is that it suits you. Holders of brown eyes should use shades of brown, red, wine. This will make a beautiful accent and play on the color of the eyes. You can also take marsh green shades or even purple. Gray and brown colors suit gray and gray eyes, they emphasize the brightness and shine of the eyes. Also green, lilac and burgundy shades look good. But green-eyed girls should play in contrast. You can use the red, cherry and even carrot colors of shadows. In either case, it is important that the shadows be moderately dark and model the shadow side of the eye. But the black color in the makeup of small eyes should not be used at all.

Technique of applying shadows in make-up for small eyes

Unlike other types of eye makeup, whichbegins from the mobile age and continues upward, the technique of applying makeup to a small eye begins from the outer corner of the eye. It is almost unnecessary to touch the mobile eyelid. A thick arc is drawn over the fold of the eye cavity with a soft soft brush. It is not necessary to paint the eye cavity in the dark; fold. It is enough to slightly shade the line above it towards the edge of the mobile age, and then apply dark shadows on the lower eyelid to the level of the pupil (almost reaching the middle of the century). In the same way, apply dark shadows on the upper eyelid (to the level of the pupil). Follow these simple recommendations, and you will be able to achieve chic results. Regardless of whether you wear brown, green or blue eyes, this scheme is ideal for you, as it is universal. Fantasize, try new shades and create your own unique images! We advise you to read: