make-up for narrow eyes Eyes - the most amazing and mysterious partface. The person's view reflects a lot: mood, honesty, kindness. Everyone knows from childhood phrases: "I see in my eyes," "A look so kind," "Eyes are the mirror of the soul," and others - it's hard to argue with them, because eyes can really tell a lot about a man. That's why women pay so much attention to eye makeup. Undoubtedly, not everyone succeeds in making the right make-up themselves, but experts and information come to the aid, the unlimited number of which can be easily found on the pages of paper and electronic publications. And today we'll talk about how to make make-up for narrow eyes.

Why is makeup important for narrow eyes?

When creating makeup, all the details are taken into account,which need to be hidden or, on the contrary, emphasized. Eye makeup is very important, because all the attention during the conversation and meetings is paid to them. With the help of cosmetics, you can give the look of a completely different color: make it unusually attractive, languid, gentle, ingratiating or independent. Particular importance in creating makeup is given to the color and shape of the eyes. Narrow eyes are far from the ideal almond form, but makeup artists know their business and can easily make a transforming make-up for narrow eyes that will make the look open and expressive. Following the advice of experts and having conducted several home rehearsals, each woman will choose the most suitable variant of make-up.

What is contraindicated in makeup for narrow eyes

One of the main contraindications for the creation ofmakeup for narrow eyes is a ban on the use of black. Especially it concerns podvodki, ink and a pencil. Excess amount of mascara on the eyelashes will make the eyes even narrower. If you have no experience in drawing the right contour around the eyes, do not use this technique, since you risk turning your eyes into narrow slits. For narrow eyes, makeup with arrows is the main enemy, so black eyeliner can be safely excluded from the list of cosmetics in your arsenal. Even if you are accustomed to make dramatic accents in the corners of your eyes, like Louis Vuitton or the 60's as the Lanvin and Marc Jacobs shows, you'll have to say goodbye to this habit forever. make-up for narrow eyes

Selecting Shadows

As already noted,dark shadows, giving preference to light tones. Professional makeup artists advise doing makeup for narrow brown eyes using pink, green, brown colors, as well as shades of precious metals. It is worth noting that the brown-eyed beauties are most fortunate, because for them there are almost no restrictions in the color palette of shadows. Especially spectacularly look pink shades, changing from light to dark tone. However, with this color, as well as with the shades of blue, you need to be careful, since the view can be transformed beyond recognition. Experiment in front of the mirror to select and correctly use the shade that suits you. But for the gray and green narrow eyes, shades of brown, gray, lilac and blue are perfect. Use pink and blue is very rare and in small quantities, as they give the eyes a tired look and make them dull. Red flowers are best avoided at all with narrow eyes.

Correct application of cosmetics

We begin the make-up according to the classical scheme. We apply to the face a foundation, a corrector and a foundation to smooth the skin tone. A little powder to fix the tone. Then boldly we pass to the eyes. This, perhaps, is the most time consuming and longest part of all makeup. After all, first of all, it is necessary to create a tone-base on the eyes. To do this, we apply glossy light shadows (white or pearly) to the mobile eyelid and very well shade them. Useful tips on how to make the right make-up for narrow eyes and photos of various make-up artists will allow you to just navigate with the selection of shadows. It is better to use the shadows of one color palette: light and dark tones. So, for brown and green eyes perfect fit light and dark green tone. Shadows are applied only to the mobile eyelid. Visually divide it into two halves. The outer side is painted with dark shadows, and the inner corner of the eye is light. Border carefully blend, so as not to create a sense of sharp contrast transition. If desired, you can use shadows for the lower eyelid. It is important to grind them well, so that the line is smoky, fuzzy. Use dark shadows only on the outer corner of the eye, not leading up to the middle. And for green eyes it is better not to lower the lower eyelid with dark shades at all. The look will be more expressive if you use a dark brown pencil, following them along the line of eyelash growth. But this line must be well shaded, so that the pencil was barely visible. Otherwise, instead of beautiful luring eyes, you can achieve small screwed-up eyes. The outline is very expressive, so it should be painted in the evening version of makeup, and in the daytime it is better not to abuse. Black or brown mascara is applied on slightly tweezed tweezers eyelashes. Curl will make the eyes more open and open, especially if by nature you have straight eyelashes. In this case, do not stress on the multilayeredness - one dense layer of carcass will suffice, which will evenly color the entire length. make-up for narrow green eyes

Fashionable eyebrows

A competent make-up will allow you to transform your eyes,making it more attractive. But apart from eye makeup, it is very important to take care of eyebrows. Here it is necessary to take into account not only the shape of the eyelids, but also the shape of the face, which is not so easy to do in the absence of experience. In order not to be mistaken, at least once take advantage of the service of the master, after which he can pluck out the growing hairs themselves. Now you know which colors to avoid if you have narrow eyes. Remember these simple tips, and you will be able to create a charming image yourself with a glance open to the world. And such eyes will not go unnoticed at any party or holiday. So, arm yourself with a mirror, makeup and begin to train in search of the perfect make-up! We advise you to read: