make-up for green eyes It seems that it is not a secret for anyone that oncelong ago the owners of green eyes were considered sorceresses. And this, of course, is not accidental. Just a few of the men could resist, having met on their way "green eyes". They lost their heads and could not cope with their feelings. And when a person is in love, he often does a lot of stupid things. So they began to believe that these women are capable of bewitching - indeed, a person in a sober mind and a hard memory can not do all that they did. So this legend was born. Of course, you should not trust her. But one thing is certain. A woman with green eyes really has a special attraction. And if she knows how to properly use cosmetics - crowds of fans are simply provided. So, how to make makeup for green eyes?

Enemies of "green eyes"

Beautiful and fashionable makeup meansprofessional approach to choosing a color palette. What do stylists say about this? Regardless of the shade of green eyes, there are colors that you should avoid when applying makeup. Perhaps, first of all, it's silvery. This, it would seem, universal color will suit anyone, but not you. He not only can not emphasize the charm of the look, but also give an unpleasant shade to the eyes. Very carefully it is necessary to address also with green color scale. The shade of the shadows should in no case coincide in intensity with the color of your eyes. Otherwise they will turn into a dull and inexpressive stain. The next color, which is unacceptable in the make-up of a green-eyed beauty, is blue. In general, blue and green tones are considered mutually exclusive. Long-term experiments to choose the right shade require also pink. An incorrectly selected tone will give the eyes a painful, tired and "tearful" look. Another color-enemy is coal-black. Black "clogs" the natural beauty and makes the look more rough. What do you want it for? The rule, referring to black color, applies not only to shadows, but also eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara. It is believed that you should give preference to brown color. It will perfectly blend in with your eyes and favorably emphasize their beauty and depth. Also suitable are dark gray versions. In order to achieve the effect of large, bright eyes and make the look fresh and expressive, it is recommended to use a pencil of golden or white colors. Conduct them along the line of growth of the lower eyelashes, which is adjacent to the mucosa. Well, with what can not be done, it seems, sorted out. And what can you do? How to make a beautiful make-up for green eyes, what colors are they "friends" with? beautiful makeup for green eyes

Blondes and brunettes

When choosing the right shades for makeup simplyyou can not ignore your natural hair color. It is known that what looks great on blondes, does not always suit brunettes. And vice versa, of course. So, let's look at three main "types" of green-eyed beauties - blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women.

  • Blondes

Girls with green eyes and blond hairvery tender, attractive and mysterious. And, of course, all this must be properly emphasized. In order to make the right make-up for the blonde's green eyes, you need to know a few small secrets - they are used by professional stylists, creating their masterpieces. The most advantageous and irreproachable option is the use of brown scale. And you can take almost any shades - from dark chocolate to golden. Ideally suitable, for example, dark shadows with a greenish-golden tint. When choosing a shade-base, give preference to a greyish or peach hue. Also worth paying attention to the purple color. But, of course, dark! In the daytime make-up, shadows with a slight metallic sheen will look great - they will give your appearance a tenderness, freshness and youth. But the evening make-up will not do without copper and golden colors.

  • Brunettes

That's really who can forever break the men'sa heart! Green-eyed brunette just can not help but notice. And the right make-up can multiply your appeal and femininity. Those who prefer naturalness, do not necessarily use shadows - with this appearance you can easily do just brown liner and ink. However, shades of blue, pink and other cold colors will suit you just perfectly. And for evening make-up, you can safely use the style of smoky eyes. To create it, take shiny or shimmering shades of golden or bronze shade.

  • Brown-haired

Girls with this hair color, as a rule, very muchsuitable lilac scale. It will perfectly contrast with the green of your eyes and will emphasize their unusual color and attraction. And purple and lilac shades will be quite appropriate to look both in the daytime and in the evening make-up. Just need to skillfully vary their saturation. Also suitable for pastel colors - peach, beige or golden. Do not neglect the brown scale. For a "responsible meeting" you can use a combination of bronze, gold and copper shadows. Strengthen the effect you can with the help of a brown eyeliner and a reddish pencil for eyebrows.

Such different - green-eyed

Perhaps we can say that for all green-eyedbeauties there is one general rule - you should give preference to warm tones. Especially in daytime make-up. It is these shades that will help make the look mysterious, languid and "magical". And in order to accurately determine the color gamut, you just need to once again carefully look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Dark green eyes

This is a fairly rare color of the eyes and usually"Gets" it to brunettes. The iris has a bright, saturated shade of malachite or emerald color. If you are a lucky possessor of dark green eyes, then consider that you are incredibly lucky. You can afford shadows of almost any color. However, it is recommended to give preference to dark shades. The tone is deeper, the more beneficial your dark green eyes will look. For example, gray or brown is perfect - especially, chocolate - a gamma. Want to make a bright makeup? Use yellow, purple flowers or get shade-chameleons. In such a frame, your dark green eyes will bewitch any man.

  • Yellow green eyes

This is perhaps the most common shade. Strictly speaking, it is these eyes that are usually considered green. With close examination, you can see that the iris is colored unevenly. You will easily find the interspersions of beige, light brown or yellow. However, at a distance they create a very unusual effect - the look of a tigress. In order to prevent eyes from being "lost" on the face, you should not use shadows of more saturated tones than your natural ones. Gray color will give a look of mystery. A shade of feline yellow green shade will help a green pencil or eyeliner. To give the image of tenderness and romanticism, it is recommended to use orange or brick shades. Do you want to create a vivid, exotic image? Then pay attention to the purple palette.

  • Gray-green eyes

This shade gives your entire appearancerefinement, tenderness and lightness. And most importantly - do not lose all of this in the process of applying makeup. No too dark tones and sharp contrasts! Your colors are champagne, cream-brulee, peach, lilac and light gray. Usually these shades are considered background, but for you they should play the main role. To create a brighter evening image, you can play a little on contrasts. Try, for example, the following combinations of colors: pistachio and peach or light gray and apricot. If you are accustomed to using eyeliner, then use only light colors. In order to create the effect of large, wide-open eyes, it is recommended to use a white pencil. Just accurately draw them the inner part of the lower eyelid - just behind the line of growth of the cilia.

  • Green-blue eyes

Perhaps this is the only shade thatallows the use of blue tones. And that - with them it is necessary to be treated very cautiously. Suitable, for example, denim or turquoise colors. When choosing pastel, warm tones, you should avoid herbal or terracotta shades. But you can try the silver eyeliner. The main thing is that makeup does not score your rare and unique natural eye color.

  • Brown-green eyes

Often this shade is much closer to the karem thanto green. Chocolate and violet colors - not for you. They heavier the look and add a completely inappropriate yellowness that can turn hazel eyes into dirty brown. Agree, this is not the effect to which one should strive. But terracotta tones will look very much even profitable. Virtually a win-win option - all shades of gold. The most "expensive" is, perhaps, green gold. the right make-up for green eyes

Daytime make-up for green eyes

Easy, daytime make-up should looknaturally and at the same time refresh your face. Therefore, it implies a choice of moderate, not too bright colors. Also, professional daytime make-up does not involve the use of cold shades - leave them for the evening. Let's step by step, step by step, consider one of the techniques of its application.

  • Apply a pearl or light foundation to the entire upper eyelid - from the roots of the eyelashes to the podbrone bones.
  • Distribute peach or gray-brown shadesover the base. They should be applied from the eyelashes and up to the folds on the moving part of the upper eyelid. Thoroughly and gently shade - the color transition should be invisible.
  • Apply dark shadows - for example, dark gray or dark brown - on the area from the middle of the upper eyelid to the fold. Extremely.
  • If you are the owner of large eyes, then you can emphasize their contour with a pencil or brown eyeliner. Apply brown mascara - a maximum of two layers. Daytime make-up is ready.

evening make-up

If the day's make-up should be gentle andalmost invisible, then the evening is an excuse to show oneself "in all its glory." The facial features should look deeper and more expressive. And artificial lighting requires another completely different approach. Therefore, colors will be used more vivid and intense. For example, a plum or purple scale is perfect. Particular attention should be paid to them owners of not very large by nature eyes, as these colors are able to visually correct this small flaw. Also, do not neglect the shadows with metallic gold or copper tint. How should green-eyed beauties do fashionable evening make-up? In fact, there are many options. Let's take a step-by-step look at the simplest of them.

  • Apply on the upper eyelid the transparent shades of a purple hue.
  • Distribute shades of dark brown or red-brown color on the outer corner of the eye - below the fold. Thoroughly shade - the transition of shades should be smooth and inconspicuous.
  • Carry out a thin line of browncolors. It should be located just below the roots of the cilia. If you are an ardent fan of arrows, draw them using dark brown eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner directly to the roots of the eyelashes. As you approach the outer corner of the eye, the line should gradually thicken. Slightly bring her to the side of the temple.
  • Use mascara brown. Apply it in two or three layers, not forgetting about the lower cilia.

Here it is different - makeup formodern green-eyed beauties. Of course, all this is just basic knowledge. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will certainly find the option that will emphasize your charm and enhance the appeal. Let men continue to go crazy, as they did in antiquity, and commit stupidities. The bonfires have long since been canceled! We advise you to read: