make-up for gray eyes Beautiful makeup for gray eyes - it's prettya simple task, which even a non-professional can cope with, because the gray eyes, in fact, are neutral and are combined with almost any color of shadows. Therefore, you can safely afford to experiment and, depending on the occasion, try the most unusual combination of shades. But to get the right make-up for gray eyes, you still need to consider which colors are best and which ones should not be used at all.

Perfect colors for makeup of gray eyes

You, probably, and guessed that the idealthe color for the makeup of a gray-eyed beauty is silvery. He is able to emphasize the natural beauty of color and make the makeup for the gray eyes excellent. Therefore, if you want to make an easy daily make-up, you can get by with a minimum of funds, but it looks chic at the same time. Matte dark gray shades are permissible only in small amounts and only in smoky make-up, since they make the gray eyes ugly and dull. Technique for making makeup for gray eyes is simple and any girl will cope with this task. But first we'll figure out what other colors are suitable for make-up of gray eyes. Girls with a cold color are recommended to use a palette of saturated blue, purple and brown tones. By the way, it is dark brown ideal for making your eyes brighter. If you want to shade your eyes a bit, you will find soft pearlescent shades of a gray-blue hue. In any case, the color should be 2-3 shades darker than your eyes. But it is not worth using light shades of these palettes, they will make the look heavy. "Cold" ladies are not recommended to do evening make-up in too bright shimmering shades. If you have a warm color, light skin and hair, and eyes with yellow or brown specks, the ideal option will be a combination of chocolate and gold palette. If desired, you can also use beige and peach colors, but do not overdo it, otherwise the look will get tired. Gray-eyed brunettes are suitable oriental make-up with any combination of shadows except for orange and yellow scales. The dark blue shadows will look best. day make-up for gray eyes

Contour eyeliner for gray eyes

You chose the color of the shadows, and now you need to selecteyeliner. For a predatory look, liquid eyeliner or a pencil of black color is suitable. But it is important to remember that such a technique is not suitable for small eyes, thick lines visually reduce traits. And in general, black eyeliner is appropriate only if you do an evening make-up. Day or wedding make-up should be easy, therefore it is better to exclude the contour. If you have blonde hair, then black podvodka you are contraindicated. It is better to choose a brown, gray or dark blue contour pencil, depending on the order. Wiring should be in the same color palette with the selected shadows, i.e. performing a daily make-up in the gray-blue gamma, you need to use a blue or gray pencil. And for beige and brown shadows, the chocolate contour is perfect.

How to give a gray tint to any shade

As we have already explained, the gray color isneutral, besides, gray eyes perfectly reflect the glare, unlike other colors. And this means that you have a wonderful chance to give your eyes almost any shade, making the usual everyday make-up. It is important to choose the right shadows and place the accents. To give your color blueness or greenery, take shades and eyeliner of the same scale as the desired shade. But do not do all the makeup in one tone, it is better to apply the desired color to the line of growth of the eyelashes, and emphasize the lower eyelid with a contrasting shade. For example, to give the eyes of blue a step-by-step, apply shadows of a dark blue color on the movable eyelid, and under the lower, under the ciliary edge, emphasize with orange or sand shadows. Using a blue contour pencil, you can make the whites of the eyes look brighter, and the eyes become more expressive. To do this, draw a dark blue lower eyelid, and draw the inner edge with a white pencil. This will produce a stunning effect at all! This method is used by makeup artists when they make a wedding makeup so that the bride's eyes look bigger and lively on the photo.

Daytime make-up for gray eyes step by step

To make a daily makeup for gray eyes,you need a minimum of makeup and time. You will need a foundation, powder, silver pencil, gray satin shadows, mascara, lip gloss and 10-15 minutes of time. Later you will learn to do everyday much faster, and this little instruction will help you step-by-step perform a beautiful make-up.

  • On a cleansed and moisturized skin, apply a small amount of foundation to hide the unevenness and imperfection;
  • With a silver pencil for the eyes, follow the contour of the upper eyelid, drawing a wide line along the eyelashes;
  • Using gray satin shadows, lightly shade the line towards the fold of the eyelid and bring the lower eyelid to the middle;
  • In the inner corner of the eye, apply a few white or lightest shadows to give the eyes a volume. Rastushuyte borders;
  • Apply two layers of mascara on the eyelashes and comb them with a brush;
  • Powder the face and décolleté zone;
  • The final touch is a lip gloss or a matte lipstick of natural color and your daytime make-up is ready!

evening make-up for gray eyes

Evening make-up of gray eyes step by step

Evening make-up, like a wedding, is a flightfantasy. Here you can use the most unusual combinations of colors. So here you can safely try what you have long wanted and implement the original images. But evening make-up requires a little more money and time, because his technique is different from daytime. In this instruction, step by step, only one of the thousands of options for the evening make-up that any girl can do is step-by-step.

  • With the help of correctors, disguise skin imperfections and apply a foundation;
  • With a sharp pencil or shadows draw eyebrows so that they look natural;
  • In the inner corner of the eye, apply the lightest shadows of the selected scale;
  • Under the eyebrow, create a glare with white matte shadows;
  • In the outer corner of the eye, apply the darkest shadows of the selected palette and blend them well toward the bridge of the nose;
  • The same shadows bring the lower eyelid and shade the line;
  • With a contour pencil or eyeliner, draw the line as close to the eyelashes as possible and shade it with shadows to make it less clear;
  • Work through the dark shade of the shadows of the fold of the mobile age to create a volume;
  • Twist the cilia and apply mascara in several layers;
  • In a contour pencil, circle your lips and apply lipstick or shine on them;
  • Apply peach blush and powder the face.

This scheme can be used to step-by-stepperform wedding make-up. But we must remember that it should be gentle and light, so do not put too bright or dark colors, so as not to overload the image. In general, show imagination and do not be afraid to try, then you will definitely get the desired result! We advise you to read: