causes of hair loss Very often we think about whatthe causes of just such a structure of our body? For example, that hair is given to us not so much to warm our heads, as for decoration. After all, our rest of the body also has a habit of freezing with a decrease in temperature, but such a dense hair cover is not observed on it. Many can argue and say that this is due to the fact that we constantly wear clothes on the body, and the head is not always closed. But this is not necessary, after all. In the cold, we, of course, will wear a hat or some other headdress. In the summer, hair can be very hot. So, it is decided that the hair is an ornament of its "master". This is especially true of the fair half. Admiring the long, well-groomed, healthy locks, we sometimes do not think about what we have to do for this. If you are not good to them, then even the most good doctor will not be able to stop hair loss. The natural beauty, brilliance and strength of hair can remain for a short while. While around us is concentrated an incredible amount of various factors, negatively affecting the health of our body and hair. To preserve their beauty and health can be folk remedies, medical preparations or a change of lifestyle. norm of hair loss per day

Causes of hair loss

Quite often this situation occurs whenwhich is too intense hair loss. But not always in such situations treatment is required. As everyone knows, in order for hair to be renewed, it is necessary to replace them alternately. Correct metabolism in the body does this in full. Every day a healthy person gets about 50-100 hairs. This is perfectly natural, since the age of the hair is not very long. They, as well as plants, animals, and other living organisms, have their own stages of nucleation, growth and death. So, if you, combing your hair, find a few hairs on the comb, do not panic and go to the doctors. But also it is not necessary to relax. It is necessary to take care of not only the hair, but also the scalp, and the whole body. So, if you still decided that the hair on your head was significantly less, then it is necessary, first of all, to understand, what are the reasons for such changes? There can be several. Most of them depend on external factors, but your internal processes can negatively affect the work of hair follicles. Internal factors include all kinds of diseases: nervous shocks, glitches in the internal glands, exhaustion of the body. To the external include the wrong food, negative environmental and climatic changes and abuse of all kinds of drugs and hair care products. But, no matter what the reasons for the loss of hair, most often in this situation, you need to treat your hair. But it is not always necessary to take some serious actions, because the disease is usually treated, and the loss of a small amount of hair does not indicate the disease. The main thing is to learn a few basic points connected with the vital activity of the hair structures. Hair function well only 1-2 months in a year (August and September). masks against hair loss

Hormonal failures as causes of alopecia

Alopecia is a disease characterized byfull, partial or focal hair loss on the head. If we talk about the internal processes taking place in the human body, then the most important role in them is played by hormones. Each person has a basic set of hormones, but he is different in representatives of opposite sexes. Thus, in men, hair loss is aggravated by the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone. It accumulates during life, and is also inherited and is the cause of a process such as baldness. The female organism also exists and functions according to certain rules. So, a special hormonal crisis is observed in female representatives during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause and with diseases of the genitourinary system. Endocrine changes also in certain situations affect the nature of the hairline. applying a mask for hair treatment

How to deal with hair loss on your head yourself?

So, if you have determined for which reasonseveral dozen or even hundreds of hairs became inaccurate, the treatment must correspond and have a proper orientation. The doctor will help you in this. But you can use the people's means. In order for all the tips to work, you need to buy a neutral shampoo or shampoo for normal hair. At home, it is possible to achieve the expected result and restore damaged hair bulbs. For this, there are several simple recipes for masks and decoctions. For this purpose, you can use a huge number of products that are able to treat not only hair. These include garlic, aloe, vegetable oil, onion, nettle, chamomile. All this from time immemorial was used by our ancestors to restore hair and prevent all kinds of diseases. There are several ways to treat hair. This can be an effect on them before washing, directly during washing and during rinsing. Mask for hair from garlic and oil So, in order to make a mask, in which the treatment will take place in accordance with popular advice, you need a few cloves of garlic (their number depends on the density of hair), vegetable oil. Garlic crushed, you can even squeeze it to get a kind of gruel. In it we add vegetable oil. Its amount depends on the structure of your hair. If they are fatty, then a couple of drops will suffice, if mixed (the roots are fat, and at the tips - dry), then the amount of oil should be 4 times less than mushrooms from garlic. And when the hair is dried, garlic mass is diluted in oil by half. In order for the mask to act as best and effectively as possible, it is necessary to rub it into the roots of the hair and leave it for at least 2 hours. After washing off the mask with a neutral shampoo, you can apply a protective balm for a while. This procedure is advised to be performed twice a week, for 6 months. Masks with onions, eggs and honey. And the mask of onions with honey, which heals the scalp, is no worse than the doctor. Onion, as well as garlic, should be finely chopped and added to it honey. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the proportions: 5 parts of onions and 1 part of honey. This mixture is also rubbed into the scalp, a little massaging, and left for 30 minutes. Wash the honey-onion mask with a decoction of birch leaves. It should not be too hot. Again, if you have very dry hair, add vegetable oil to the mask. A dermatologist also treats dry skin with oil. Egg yolks have long been the basis for all kinds of medicines that improve the structure of the hair. Any doctor will tell you how useful these products are for washing your head. It is also an excellent substitute for shampoo. So if you forgot to buy a shampoo, and do not want to go back to the store, open the refrigerator safely and cook the hair remover from the eggs. Or get to a nearby store and buy a dozen eggs. In addition to the fact that they can wash hair, they are the basis of the mask from hair loss. To do this, take 2-3 eggs, whisk them in a blender into a strong foam, add 2 tablespoons of fresh liquid honey, 1 teaspoon of burdock oil, as much cognac (if its not at home, then this ingredient can not be used). All this is again whipped and heated in a water bath to a pleasant warm temperature, but do not overheat (otherwise you have to cool the mixture). Unlike previous recipes, this mask is applied to the hair itself (previously moistened with water), and after 1 hour it is washed off. It is not recommended to abuse all kinds of hair masks. First of all, you need to choose one of the proposed and conduct a whole course of procedures, which usually number from 10 to 12. Only then you will be able to observe the actual result. If you can not afford to constantly prepare these masks, then stop at least on the broths of herbs and rinse them with hair after washing. Do not forget also that hair needs constant blood flow, so massage the scalp as often as possible. Shampoos, balms and other hair products are better to buy in pharmacies.

Methods of treating hair loss in the clinic

Means and methods of hair treatment, whichoffers you a doctor, much faster will be able to affect the condition of your head of hear. In many cases, this is not only the treatment of hair, but also a beneficial and beneficial effect on many other organs of your body. One such method is ozone therapy. As it becomes clear from the title, this process is based on the effect on the body of a highly active form of oxygen. Thanks to ozone, the doctor not only will cure your hair, but also will put in order immunity. This is all possible due to the fact that the body under ozonotherapy is supplied with oxygen, toxins are released from it and the amount of inflammations is significantly reduced. This treatment is completely painless and involves representatives of absolutely all age groups. However, the doctor must necessarily warn that ozone therapy has several contraindications. The most important is that it can not be used after severe bleeding. Intolerance or allergy to ozone, of course, will close the way for you to this method of treatment. Propensity to convulsions, low coagulability of blood, a previous myocardial infarction, a violation in the thyroid gland - all these diagnoses do not allow the use of such treatment as ozone therapy. This procedure should be resorted to 2-3 times, with the necessary time interval between courses, not less than 2 months.

Prevention of hair loss

Everyone knows a simple rule, according to whichit is easier to prevent something than to fix it later. The same statement applies to the hair and the problems that arise with them. So, in order to prevent hair loss and not to resort to such a process as treatment, it is necessary to follow such rules. Do not go out in the street (even in warm weather) with wet or damp hair. If this is not possible, then always wear a hat. Minimize the use of hair dryers. The doctor usually asks about how often you use these hair styling tools, and can offer you to use such folk remedies as decoctions of nettles, rubbing egg yolks into the scalp and burdock oil. An alternative to this advice can be a constant use of the conditioner, which will prevent the cuticle from settling. Try to develop a habit of combing your hair only when they dry, and also as a charge in the morning, stand for a while on your head. If this exercise causes you difficulties, then you can get up in the "birch". Such charging contributes to the influx of blood to the head, which affects the enrichment of the hair with oxygen. The same effect will have a massage (you can resort to self-massage, while do not forget that the movements should be soft and neat, or use the services of massage therapists). In the purse, put a comb or comb with rounded denticles and massage the head at any time convenient for you. A professional doctor will definitely advise you on the use of special breathing exercises and even yoga. But in order to saturate the scalp with oxygen enough for at least a couple of minutes a day without a break breathe only nose. It will also enrich the brain with oxygen. So, prevention helps to get rid of unnecessary trips to the hospital and to find useful tips.