hair loss Every second young mother facesthe problem of hair loss. The happiness of motherhood is overshadowed by a feeling of grief and even fear when a woman sees how her hair is thinning before her eyes, previously so healthy and strong. Why does hair fall after giving birth and how to cope with this problem? First, we learn the reasons.

Hormonal failures

During the gestation of a child, the body of a woman ina large amount of hormone produces estrogen. One of its functions is to maintain healthy hair. you probably noticed that many future moms have curvy hair. This is due to estrogen. The hair of a lady who is in an "interesting position" is given less often, and therefore becomes thick. After birth, the production of estrogen is sharply reduced. The intense dropout of old, dead hair begins. This occurs approximately 1-5 months after childbirth. Drop out can up to 30% of the total hair volume! In fact, hair loss after childbirth should not greatly frighten a woman, since the amount that should have dropped out during pregnancy falls out. hair treatment with essential oils

Lack of microelements and vitamins

Another reason why my mother loses herhair, is the reduction of the amount of vitamins and trace elements. Especially suffer are those mothers who, while breastfeeding, do not receive adequate nutrition. Mother's milk "takes" not only calcium, so necessary for the formation of a hair bulb, but also magnesium, iron, vitamin D. Cesarean section and increased blood loss also lead to the fact that the body loses valuable zinc, vitamins C and B. In the diet of a nursing mother you must include the following products:

  • meat: lean beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken, fish,
  • milk and lactic-acid products, including cottage cheese,
  • fruits and vegetables that do not cause allergies and colic in the baby,
  • dried fruits,
  • butter (in small quantities),
  • olive or sunflower oil.

Salted, smoked and other harmful"Goodies" should be avoided. You can buy vitamins for nursing mothers. They will be an additional source of nutrients. What vitamins are suitable for young mothers?

  • "Multibas Perinatal" with a high content of iron,
  • "Vitrum Prenatal Forte", based on 13 vitamins and 10 minerals,
  • "Elevit Pronatal" with 12 vitamins, minerals and minerals. It is especially suitable in the period of beriberi avitaminosis.

Separately, you can take drugs with iodine formaintenance of a thyroid gland and with calcium, responsible for safety of bones and hair. Naturally, before you start taking medication, you need to visit a doctor. From breastfeeding to refuse in any case it is not necessary!

Stress and fatigue

The first months after the birth of the baby - the mostheavy. Caring for a newborn takes a lot of time and energy. Sleepless nights and lack of opportunity to relax during the day, no doubt, affect not only the general well-being of the mother, but also on her hair. Chronic lack of sleep adds to stress. In the first months there are frequent quarrels between young parents who are just beginning to get used to their new status. Nervousness, lack of self-confidence, anxiety for the child and lack of attention to each other do not add to the health of the young mother. And hair - one of the weak points in the period of stress. To this situation you need to prepare in advance, the husband is simply obliged to take part of the homework to himself, giving his wife the opportunity to relax and sleep. egg mask from hair loss

Hair Conditioning

Even if the newly-born mother knows thathair loss after childbirth is an inevitable phenomenon, it is impossible not to pay attention to this process. It is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible, otherwise the changes in hair follicles will be irreversible and new hair will stop growing. When to go to the doctor The female body comes back to normal within 1 year after the appearance of the child. During this period, hormones "get in place" and hair loss stops. But if the first birthday of the crumb still has a large amount of hair (there are bundles on the comb or pillow), it is necessary to consult a trichologist. He will diagnose and tell why it happens. You do not need to listen to girlfriends who share magic masks for hair growth. Neither masks, nor shampoos will not help if the cause is in hormones. The doctor will prescribe a test: a blood test for hormones and ultrasound of the thyroid gland. Based on the results of the tests, treatment aimed at normalizing the hormonal background will be prescribed. Aids If hormones are in order, you can take advice from traditional medicine. Masks and herbal preparations will strengthen the hair and nourish them with useful substances. They can also be used as an auxiliary, when a trichologist is treated. Before applying the mask, it is useful to do head massage. Begin a massage from the forehead. The tips of the index and middle finger are placed between the eyebrows. Light circular motions need to move to the temples. About 5 minutes of massaged whiskey, then - the whole head. At the end of the massage, you can slightly pull the hair, dividing them into strands. After the massage is finished, a mask should be applied to the hair. In perfume shops there are ready masks for all types of hair. But, without a doubt, an independently prepared mixture will have a greater effect. For all types of hair, you can prepare the following. Vegetable and sea-buckthorn oil is mixed in proportions of 1: 9. The mask is rubbed into the scalp, the top is put on a hat or cellophane bag to create a "greenhouse effect". After an hour the mask is washed off with normal shampoo. The procedure should be conducted at least once a week. At least 10 masks are required. Vegetable oil can be replaced with burdock. It has long been considered healing for hair falling out. Treatment of dry hair is done with a mask, based on the egg yolk. 1 egg, a couple of tablespoons of castor oil, a teaspoon of glycerin, as much vinegar. The mixture is applied to the skin and evenly distributed throughout the hair. The mask is left for 30-40 minutes. Important: the head is wrapped in a warm towel. If it cools, the towel is changed to another one. After the procedure, you can wash the head with egg yolk. Leave a drop of fatty hair will help such a mask: 1 clove of garlic (crushed), 1 teaspoon of honey, as much lemon juice and decoction of a century (aloe). The method of treatment is the same as with dry hair. Perhaps many ladies will be confused by the presence of garlic, because it leaves behind a persistent smell. You can try to wash the hair with mustard, and then with traditional shampoo. After washing your head, it is useful to rinse your hair with a decoction of nettle, chamomile or hops.

"Grow strong hair ..."

A young mother will forget how muchher hair, if she follows simple but effective recommendations of doctors and hairdressers. If hair falls out, you need to temporarily abandon the use of hairpins, hairpins, "invisible" and rubber bands. The best way out of the situation will be a neat and fashionable haircut. Do not use varnishes and other styling products. In addition, you need to wait with coloring and "chemical" wave. For combing, you need to choose a soft brush, preferably from natural materials, such as wood. Hair should be protected from precipitation, heat or cold. In other words, you do not need to go out under the scorching sun or a severe frost without a headdress. And to make hair grow faster, you can make a variety of masks.

  • In equal proportions, any vegetableoil (preferably burdock or olive), peach oil, Dimexide solution and 1 yolk. Massaging movements, the mask is applied to the hair, polyethylene or a hat and a towel are put on. After an hour, the mask is washed off with shampoo and clean water. Attention: before manufacturing it is necessary to conduct a skin test for the tolerance of Dimexide. If there is severe burning during the procedure, the mask should be washed off immediately.
  • 1 tbsp. l. The mustard powder is diluted with water to a gruel-like condition. Then the yolk is added to the porridge. The mask is applied in a standard way and keeps on the hair for about an hour.
  • Burdock oil is rubbed into dry hair. The mask is worn for 2 hours, then it is removed by shampoo.

If after the birth of the child began to fall outhair, you do not need to despair. Visit the doctor, find the cause and begin treatment. Following the doctor's advice and using hair masks, you will soon see the result: thick and curvy hair.