Arrangement of an apartment house in Feng Shui In recent years, in Russia, and in other countries,Chinese Feng Shui teachings are very popular. Many people believe in its energy and strength. They attract money, health, love, peace of mind with the help of feng shui. And especially often the laws of this teaching are taken into account when buying or building housing. Just recently, no one thought about energy, buying a house or apartment. Now the location of the apartment house in Feng Shui plays a special role. People try to follow all of its rules. Even many construction companies take into account the Feng Shui laws when building a new facility.

Energy "Qi" and energy "Sha"

Green alleys, forests and parks aresources of favorable energy "Qi", therefore it is most favorable to choose a house or a plot not far from them. Gardens and flower gardens also produce light energy. It is worth noting that the Chinese people are in favor of plants with evergreen leaves. They are a symbol of longevity, health and prosperity. And ponds, ponds and fountains will attract into the house and financial stability. It is not necessary to choose housing in an area where houses are located chaotically and have different heights. In such a place, energy does not flow smoothly, but randomly wanders, passing from the state of a favorable "Qi" into an unfavorable "Sha" state. Especially it concerns high-rise buildings, which are surrounded by low buildings. After all, in this arrangement, a tall house is an obstacle, for "Qi". And energy, stumbling upon this obstacle, strikes against it with force. The most unfavorable arrangement of the apartment is if it is on par with the roofs of neighboring small houses. In this case, it is recommended to place a mirror on the windows that is directed outward. So you can achieve reflection of unfavorable energy. As a result, the unfortunate location of buildings will not affect your housing. But then in the worst situation are the owners of low-rise apartments, which stands between the high-rises. In this combination, the energy "Qi" falls down. Neighboring houses will be their size to "squeeze" the favorable energy of the apartment, while blocking the view from the window and closing the sunlight. Residents of such houses are heavily threatened by financial and personal defeats. The solution of the problem in this case is rather difficult. That will help either a mirrored roof, or a pool on it. feng shui house planning rules

What is he - the ideal house for feng shui?

If you have the opportunity to build your ownhouse, then you will greatly increase the chance of success, applying the methods of teaching even while erecting. Of course, it will not do without a Feng Shui specialist who, cooperating with the architect and designer, will help you create not only a beautiful, but also a fortunate house. The appearance of the house plays an important role in the teaching of Feng Shui. After all, if the dwelling looks balanced, cozy and comfortable, then it would be desirable to go into it. This greatly influences the cohesion and friendship of the family. Everyone will be in a hurry from work, from school to get into the house, where they are surrounded by a sense of security and tranquility. Internal planning is also very important. Forms, colors, textures of materials, lighting - all this should be balanced. Creating a house in Feng Shui, you should strive to achieve exactly the balance. That is, you do not need to choose a site in the sun. But also the shaded place near high-rise buildings too will not approach. The terrain around the future house should not be completely flat or too hilly. Everywhere we observe the balance of energies of Yin and Yang. Do you want the land on the site to be fertile? If there are ponds on the chosen terrain, place the house in such a way that they are in front of it, and not behind it. And never build a house at the intersection of two or more roads. This adversely affects the energy of "Qi". When planning what your home will be, especially stick to the Feng Shui teachings. The rules for planning a house contain many nuances. It should stand in the middle of the site and have the right shape. Take care of the path leading from the entrance to the site to the front door of the house. Best if it will be meandering. If you need to directly enter the yard, arrange it so that it does not rest against the front door. Do not put too narrow the front door, so only part of the favorable energy will penetrate into your house. The vestibule into which you are entering, entering the house, should be light and large. Let it be an independent premise, however, the central part of the house should be clearly visible from it. The closest thing to the hallway is the living room and study. When designing a house, remember that it should have many windows. So the energy of "Qi" will be able to get into it without hindrance. But note, the number of windows can be no more than three times more than the number of doors. Install the double-glazed windows that open outward, since in this way you will ensure the maximum hit of favorable energy. The stairs to the second floor should not look at the front door. And it is better if you design it smoothly-winding and wide. As for the bathrooms, it's good if they stay in the secluded corners of the house so that they can not be seen at the entrance to the premises.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Based on the teachings of Feng Shui, the kitchen issymbol of the welfare of the family, its financial situation. Therefore, special attention is paid to it. Your kitchen should be spacious, and most importantly always clean and tidy. All equipment must necessarily work properly, because poorly equipped and dirty kitchen first of all speaks of a lack of finance, as well as that the owners do not seek to fill this gap. Equipping the kitchen should take into account the importance of the elements. You can not put the stove next to the sink, because the fire does not favor water. Fill a niche between these objects can be something neutral - a wooden locker, for example. Plate should be cleaned as often as possible, so you, as it were, clear the way to prosperity and well-being. And by this, you make it clear that you are striving for a better life. There are several ways in which you can improve the look of an existing kitchen:

  • Spend good lighting. This will not only help you in your household affairs, but also will point the right way to the energy of "Qi".
  • Cook more often. Using a stove, you give an impetus to improving well-being.
  • Do not litter the kitchen with unnecessary things. Free space is necessary to easily move around the room, not only you, but also "Qi".
  • Equip the workplace with everything you need. Everything should lie in its place, even various trifles, such as spices or small kitchen utensils. They often create a mess.
  • The kitchen should always be clean. This will help you avoid unnecessary problems with your health, and as a consequence and financial costs.
  • feng shui at home

Feng Shui Bedroom

Creating feng shui at home, do not forget about the bedrooms. This room is second in importance after the kitchen. The first thing that should be mentioned is that the bedroom should be as far from the entrance to the house as possible. The location of the toilet door opposite the bedroom door is also not acceptable. Very important is the location of the bed. She should not stand in the middle of the room. And it is necessary to have contact with the wall. The wall, in this case, as support from the outside. It is not recommended to put a bed in front of the entrance, and especially so that your feet during the sleep were facing the door. Feng Shui does not recommend the use of mirrors in the bedroom. A sleeping person should in no case be reflected in them. This leads to family quarrels. Sunlight should pass into the bedroom unhindered. And in the morning, on awakening, you should see those things that create only positive emotions and bring good memories. The condition of the bed also plays a significant role. If you keep bed linens, pillows and blankets inside it - that's good. But you never need to hide things that have nothing to do with sleep. For example, books or old clothes. Wash the floor under the bed regularly, in order to avoid the accumulation of dust, which prevents the free flow of "Qi". From the point of view of feng shui it is not recommended to keep house plants in the bedroom. However, if there is no other way out, you can put them on the windowsill, and for the rest time, close the window with curtains.

Feng Shui living room

Most often in a room like the living room is locatedtwo or three sectors. And each of them has its own energy. You only need to divide the room into zones, picking up different lighting and furnishings. This is especially important if there is no office in the house and the rest zone is in the same room as the work area. The arrangement of sofas and armchairs according to Feng Shui provides for the fact that they should be turned back to the wall. However, it is not always possible to plan the situation in this way. Where there is a chair or an armchair at the window, you can put a flower on a window sill or a small shelf under the window itself. The main thing is not to clutter the room with things. The movement of favorable energy should not interfere. Otherwise, in this room you will have a feeling of despondency and anxiety.

General rules

Your home should always be clean andorder! Be sure to get rid of old things that you have not needed for a long time, but throw out all the hand does not rise. Do not forget about the regular airing of the whole house. So you get, and fresh air, and create good conditions for the upgrade of the "Qi". Do not forget that the light is the opponent of the unfavorable "Sha", so in the daytime, be sure to keep the curtains open. In the evening, try to illuminate the rooms in which you are well. Strive to use the house more natural fabrics and materials. Do not need to discount the smells. Well clean the toilet and bathroom. If possible, at least occasionally use incense and aromatic oils. After all, the scents of the house are directly related to the teachings of feng shui. And, of course, always strive for a better life, believe in it, do not let circumstances pressure you - push the circumstances yourself. No wonder they say - to get something, you need to believe in this "something" with all your heart and never give up! We advise you to read: