liver cake There are many dishes for cookingthe liver of a turkey is used. It is boiled, stewed and fried, pates, pie fillings, salads and even cakes are made from it. The composition of the liver includes fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, PP and group B, as well as minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, calcium, selenium and some others.

Fried liver

Buying a liver is better fresh than frozen. It should be shiny, red without any stains, smooth and elastic, with a sweetish pleasant smell. This subproduct is prepared quickly and easily. The liver of a turkey can not be thermally treated for a long time, otherwise it will become hard and dry. As soon as the frying of the liver stops the secretion of red juice from it, the fire is turned off, and the frying pan is covered with a lid and insisted for about 15 minutes. The properly cooked liver has a delicate taste. It is slightly harder than chicken liver, but softer than beef. The easiest way to prepare a dish from the liver is to fry it with onions. This is a common, so-called, classic recipe. To do this, prepare the following products:

  • 1 kg of turkey liver,
  • 4 onions,
  • 4 tbsp. l. flour,
  • sunflower oil for roasting,
  • pepper, salt.

The liver of turkeys is thoroughly cleaned from the ducts andfilms, wash and allow to drain water. Pieces of liver dipped in flour and put on a hot skillet with butter, fried on both sides for 5-6 minutes. Before the end of the frying salt. To prevent the liver from getting stiff, it should be salted at the end of the frying. Diced onions rings pass to golden color and spread on the liver. Then cover the frying pan with a lid to make the dish come to complete readiness. The taste is more gentle, if the sub-product is pre-soaked in milk. You can complicate the way of making the liver a little. For this, 600 ml of cream or milk should be added to the ingredients listed above. Similarly, the slices of the by-product are lightly fried in oil, salted at the very end and transferred to a baking dish. Top spread the onions. All this is poured with cream or milk and put in the oven for 20 minutes, until the sauce thickens. As a side dish to baked in cream of a liver submit mashed potatoes, vermicelli or rice. pies with liver

Stewed liver

Fry the liver and onions in all recipes, inBasically, the same. But you can extinguish with the addition of a variety of products. The original taste is fried liver, braised with apples. This recipe will require:

  • 1 kg of turkey liver,
  • 1 onion head,
  • 3 tbsp. l. flour,
  • 4 green sweet and sour apples,
  • 250 g of apple juice,
  • sunflower oil for frying of liver and onions,
  • salt pepper.

First chop the sliced ​​onions. Apples are washed, cut into slices and seeds are removed. When the onion becomes translucent, add slices of apples to it and continue frying for another 5 minutes. After that, the onions and apples are transferred from the pan to a separate bowl and set aside. The washed liver is peppered, placed in the same pan and fried on one side. Turn the pieces to the other side, salt, top spread the fried onions with apples and pour it all with apple juice. Simmer under a lid on a small fire until cooked. The following recipe uses rum, bananas and lemon. Required components:

  • 600-700 g of turkey liver,
  • 2 half-ripe banana,
  • 50 ml of rum,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 2 onions,
  • 2 tsp. Sahara,

Dry basil, pepper, salt. Prepare flour and vegetable oil in advance for frying. First, the by-product is washed, cut into desired pieces, sprinkled with basil, pepper and marinated in rum for half an hour. While the liver is marinated, cleaned and finely cut onions, remove with a grater from half a lemon zest and squeeze out the lemon juice (2 tablespoons). The zedra is fried in oil, add chopped onions, pass all this for 5-8 minutes. Add sugar and lemon juice. Pickled liver is lightly dipped in flour and fried together with onions and zest. Sliced ​​bananas and the remaining marinade from rum are also sent to a skillet. All is neatly mixed, kept on fire until the rum evaporates. Turn off the fire and cover with a lid to impregnate the liver with all the ingredients. salad with turkey liver

Liver as a filling for cutlets, pies

The liver is also used as aan auxiliary product to main courses, for example, a pie filling or minced meat for cutlets. The turkey is a dietary meat with a very delicate taste. For preparation of stuffed cutlets it is better to use a fresh turkey. 6 servings will be required:

  • 500 g of turkey meat,
  • 300 g of liver,
  • 1 carrot root,
  • 1 parsley root,
  • 1 onion,
  • 40 g butter,
  • 20 ml of wine,
  • 20 g of sour cream of oily,
  • 1 raw egg,
  • 20 ml of milk,
  • 100 g bread crumbs,
  • vegetable refined oil for frying,
  • salt pepper.

Guided recipe, filling for cutletsDo this: onions finely chop, carrots and parsley tinder on the grater and fry in oil. The washed liver is cut into pieces and spread on a frying pan to vegetables. Gradually add wine and sour cream, salt and pepper. When the wine boils, the fire is extinguished. Cooled liver-vegetable mass is ground in a blender, for the density you can add boiled yolk. For pies stuffing do the same. With the turkey comes as follows - the meat of the turkey is cut into portions. The best part in a turkey is the breast, and it should be bought. The chopped pieces are finely chopped, the filling is poured into the middle, the edges are carefully wrapped. The shaped cutlets are dipped in an egg mixed with milk, and then rolled in breadcrumbs, then again immersed in an egg, then in biscuits. Cutlets are laid out on a frying pan and fried until ready on both sides. To this dish fried potatoes with vegetable salad are good. second course with turkey liver

Liver cake

With a dish like a liver cake, you have to tinker for a little longer. According to the most common recipe will require:

  • 0,7 kg of liver,
  • 500 g of milk,
  • 2 pcs. eggs,
  • 4-5 tbsp. l. wheat flour,
  • 250 g of mayonnaise,
  • 1 PC. onions
  • 1 small head of garlic,
  • 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil,
  • salt pepper,
  • a bunch of greens and a boiled yolk for decoration.

Beat eggs, mix with flour and add milk. Scroll the liver and onions in a meat grinder and combine with eggs and milk. Salt, pepper and add a spoon of vegetable oil. Blend this well well with a blender. According to the consistency, the mass should turn out like a dough for pancakes. On a preheated oiled skillet, bake liver pancakes, frying them on both sides. Cooled pancakes in turn spread on the dish and missed with mayonnaise, mixed with grated garlic, and stacked on top of each other. The top layer except mayonnaise is sprinkled with chopped herbs and crumbled yolk. There are other recipes for such a cake, where, for example, layers are smeared with a thin layer of mayonnaise with fried onions and carrots. The list of products with which it is possible to extinguish or fry a turkey pro-product is great. It can be fried mushrooms with slices of pumpkin, low-fat cream with grated cheese, tomato paste with a variety of vegetables, etc. The liver is well combined with many ingredients, most importantly - do not overcook this useful, delicate and delicious product.