linseed oil Since ancient times, the woman has a colossalthe desire for beauty. In the world there is no such lady who would refuse to have shining skin, strong nails and, what is most valuable, chic and healthy hair. But it does not always look good. Bad ecology, malnutrition, bad habits and other negative factors have a devastating effect on female beauty. There is no doubt that at least once in a life each woman noticed that her hair became dull, weak, lifeless. What to do in this case? Urgent escape to the salon for procedures and masks? But this is not all have the necessary means. Forever say goodbye to a dream of perfect hair? And again it is not true. In this case, to help each beautiful lady in a hurry ... nature! Namely - flax. Just he will become the best assistant on the way to finding the head of your dream. Flax oil for hair - the main character of today's story. The properties of this product must know any representative of the fair sex. What is so unique about flax oil for hair? application of flax oil for hair

Properties, composition and action of the oil

Flaxseed oil is a unique product thatis a guarantee of beauty, especially when it comes to hair. What is its secret? The thing is that it contains such essential and important omega-3 and omega-6 acids. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are of great importance for the human body. In addition, linseed oil contains vitamin E, which is often called the "vitamin of beauty". In addition, it has a group of vitamins B, vitamin A. And if everything is clear with a chemical structure, then it will still have to be understood with its miraculous influence on the hair. Flax and products from it are real "reanimators" for hair. His specialization is dry, damaged locks, inclined to the ends, dandruff and to intensive loss. Despite this, the product is suitable for any type of hair. Flaxseed oil will not only strengthen the curls, make them healthy, but will certainly give them shine, grooming, cope with the problem of loss, with the problem of cutting ends. Every woman will be pleasantly surprised when, after applying linseed oil, her hair will start to grow, like crazy. results of applying linseed oil

Application: masks variants

A separate topic is the use of this tool. There are many variations of masks, which include linseed oil. The simplest and most effective of them is based on the simple application of this product to the hair. To apply it in this case it is necessary on all length, that is from the roots and to the ends. Usually two or three tablespoons are enough. After applying oil to the hair, they must be wrapped first with a food film, and then with a towel. This is necessary in order to enhance the positive effect. The result will show the first application, what can we say about the constant use of flaxseed oil. Another use of linseed oil will appeal to women who do not have enough time to regularly make masks. All you need is to add a few drops of "elixir" to your shampoo. With each use of his curls will be enriched with useful substances. If the main problem of hair is their slow growth, then to crushed linseed oil you can add crushed onions and honey. The mask should be rubbed into the roots of the hair thirty minutes before washing the head. Another use: linseed oil can be mixed with egg yolk, which will help to cope with the problem of split ends. Now much has become clear about the use of linseed oil, but it is necessary to tell how to store it. He will need a tightly closed glass container, which must be placed in a cold and dark place. Use it can be no more than thirty days after the opening of a new vial. After this period, it becomes completely useless, if not to say that it is harmful and dangerous. Such truly amazing properties are possessed by linseed oil. Every woman should take note of these tips, so that following them helps to find beautiful and well-groomed hair.