how do you know if you like the guy One fine moment, after a whileafter a nice dialogue with a male representative you like in a friendly company or in a working environment, each young lady asks herself one question. It sounds like this: how do you know if you like the guy who caused your heartfelt interest? How to determine if its location is caused by love trembling, or can you rely only on friendly relations? There are signs, knowing which, every girl will be able to determine the guy's intentions towards himself. The main thing is to be able to catch signals coming from the subject of your secret dreams. After all, they are not always visible to the naked eye. Such situations are a great chance to test your own intuition, as well as to develop in yourself the observation and ability to better understand others. What benefits are not only in love, but in all other relationships. how do you know that you like a guy

How to determine what the guy has in mind?

These eyes are opposite.a person when he likes something or anyone? It can be in the literal sense that or anyone: another person, decoration, flower, attire. Whatever it is, if it causes you to have pleasant feelings and emotions, you start to admire it. Your gaze keeps returning to the object of sincere interest and disposition. Male behavior is similar. The guys who are attracted to the charming young lady act the same way. To confuse the look of a friendly and in love is impossible, despite the partial similarity. A friend will not look at you for a long time and intently, embarrassed at the moment when you met with glances. In this view you can read excitement, joy, pleasure from your presence and communication with you. The sea is worried about times, by the way, about the excitement. If you see obvious signs of it in a man, when you start communicating with him or flirting, then there is no reason for doubt. You made a very strong impression on him, and he is unable to hide it from you and the others around him. He loses the thread of conversation or starts talking too much, or begins to twist in the hands of some objects, or then sits down, then gets up? It is unlikely that any of your friends will experience excitement in your presence to such an extent; the guy is clearly not indifferent! From a smile to all the lighter you act on it in an astonishing way: even being not in the best of spirits, he blossoms with a smile at the sight of you. Not every girl who has appeared in the radius of his being, causes him such a reaction, it is you who are capable of doing it, in person. He smiles at you with sincere joy, all his appearance demonstrating the pleasure of your appearance. Of course, friends are always happy to see us. And yet the joy based on a friendly disposition is difficult to confuse with joy, based on cordial affection. The meeting place can not be changed. The circumstances began to take shape in such a way that you seem to accidentally intersect here and there. You suddenly find yourself on the way to walk together after work home. Or not home, but in the same supermarket. Or he does not follow the path, but he still offers to give you a ride there. He is looking for any opportunity to unintentionally meet with you, and uses any excuse to spend even a few minutes together. He suddenly has a hundred reasons to be near you. It is not difficult to determine that your society is desired. And you, of course, have no reason to deny him communication, do you? Friendly meetings are not so frequent and usually planned - joint trips to the cinema or to the club gather you together. But the one you like very much, uses all the possibilities to get the moment and stay with you an extra minute. Name, name her! He very often addresses directly to you, no matter how many people around you are. By doing this, he always pronounces your name, as if distinguishing you among all. If the company has several girls with the same name, he begins to come up with derivatives from him or affectionate nicknames for you. Thus, he involuntarily shows that you are a special girl for him, unlike other people. Friends tend to communicate equally with everyone in their companies, not especially singling out anyone. The uniqueness of you gives the look of a person whom you liked, and he highlights you among all the others. Remember this! Touch You will stop asking yourself "do I like a guy" when you start to notice that he is trying to cut a distance between you and touch you. When a girl attracts a young man, he involuntarily seeks to touch her. He broadcasts signals that he likes to feel you. If you feel a reciprocal desire, just support his initiative. Friends can hug at a meeting or when parting. But you do not often see friends who tend to gently touch each other's face or hair as often as possible. Attention - you are special! He is nice and polite with the rest of the fair sex, and no more. He can even be so gallant that he compliments his ladies compliments. But all this within the framework of friendly communication. With you, he flirts and flirts, flirts and lures, jokes and just chatters. With others, it behaves more evenly and neutrally. Gallantry has boundaries - he will offer you and even pour tea, having shown concern. Another lady should not expect such an initiative from him, most likely it will not. To determine why this happens is so simple - he likes you, and likes you quite strongly, and the other girls do not. They can only offer friendship to them. Words and conversations He listens to you attentively, if you are going to tell him about something. Surprisingly, you did not have such an excellent listener for a long time. Sometimes it seems to you that he is ready even to talk about the difference in shades of lipsticks endlessly, if only you told him. However, when you want to be quiet, he will always find a topic for conversation, about which you will just be interested to listen. You have a lot of common topics for conversation, but if you want to just shut up, then you do not feel tension or tension. Everything is so simple and so natural. The idea of ​​checking whether he really is interesting does not even occur to you - he asks many specific questions and is keenly interested in your life. Common interests Have you told him about a recently read book? He also read it and wants to discuss it with you, share your impressions. You casually noticed that you have not been to the cinema for a long time. He invites you to the premiere of the film. Is he going to play football with friends? And you are invited to cheer for him and his team, then to celebrate the victory with a cup of delicious cappuccino in a cozy cafe. There are more and more such moments, you spend time together more often, doing joint leisure. Friendship also implies the existence of common interests. But most friends do not share them all-all by all. You are calm about this. And here you begin to feel that he is interested in your whole life, all of you. He wants to know you as best as possible. Help Not only joint entertainment is a sign that a young person is not just feeling friendly towards you. If he likes you, then he tries to help you if he sees that you need it. You got the right, but no driving experience? He teaches you to park, escort you to a technical station or offers you a company in the upcoming trip to the dacha. Are you unwell? He will visit you and bring with him a bag of lemons and honey. He sincerely wants to help you and support you. If you are a colleague, he will help you cope with a large number of office equipment or install new equipment that you need to work. "It's nice for me to give you help or a favor" - that's what his actions and actions look like. Of course, friends are also rushing to help us when we need it. But this is unlikely to concern even the most minor problems. But for a guy who likes you, there is no difference. It is equally important for him to take care of your comfort even in the smallest of cases. how do I know if I like the guy

Summing up

So we told you how to find out, like youwhether you're a guy as a girl, or he sees you as only a friend. The secret is this: a lot of romantic relationships started with friendly communication. Do not be discouraged if you understand the understanding: "I like him only as a friend." Too often, life denies the assertion that friendship is possible between a man and a woman. In fact, there are no rules without exceptions. Friendship may well be an intermediate link in your future beautiful love story!