stylish hairstyles Elegant, versatile, stylish hairstyles onevery day ... Every woman dreams about it, but most modern women think that to create a magnificent, natural hairstyle, a high-class specialist is required. In fact, a woman can create an excellent hairstyle for each day on her own, without spending a lot of time and money on this procedure. There is an opinion that it takes a lot of time to create a daily hairstyle. In reality, everything is much simpler. Having spent the morning only 30 minutes, you will get an excellent result. Here are some examples of universal and elegant hairstyles for work, evenings and even special, solemn occasions.

  • "Ponytail" - a beautiful hairstyle forowners of long hair, which by dress code must be removed from the person. All you need is a comb, a thin hair band and a bit of varnish for. Clean, dried hair, we collect on the back of the head in a high tail and pull together an elastic band. Next, you can slightly scratch the tail to give the hair splendor and sprinkle the hair with a varnish. Such suitable for girls wearing bangs.
  • "Bunch" - a universal hairstyle that createsbusiness image. The tighter the beam, the stricter the hairdo looks, than the bundle from the hair is weaker, more sumptuous, the more tender the image of the owner of this hairstyle. To create all kinds of bundles you need hairpins, invisibility and hair spray. We twist the hair into a tourniquet on the back of the head and put it in a ring. We fasten invisibles and hairpins. To give the image of femininity, you can release a few strands from the face. Spray the final hairstyle with varnish, and conquer all of our femininity.
  • "Loose hair" - the most simple and at the same time feminine hair. It has many variations. Hair can be straightened or curled.
  • "Spit" - modern stylists are increasingly usingdifferent weaving and braids in styling. To create a spit, a French spit, spikelet or spit, the reverse weaving must master the technique of weaving. And then everything depends on your imagination.
  • So, using the above techniques, you can easily change your image with the help of a hairstyle, while remaining always mysterious and unique. We advise you to read: