delicious lecho with rice Any good hostess has her own"Firm" recipes for the preparation of delicious salads, suitable for conservation. These recipes are usually passed from generation to generation, because these salads can not be bought in any store, since they are cooked with love, and the hostess can control the quality of vegetables that are added to the dish during cooking.

What is lecho?

For many a favorite cold snack,is lecho, especially if it was mothballed at home. There are a lot of lecho recipes, and for those who like more sharply, and for those who prefer a rich, but mild taste. The tasty variety of different types of lecho allows you to choose for each member of the family its favorite version of this tasty and, undoubtedly, useful dish. Most of the recipes for lecho make it possible to prepare not just a delicious salad, but a real cold snack that is served to the garnish, but there are also dishes that can themselves be an excellent side dish and can even be served to the festive table. Speech, of course, is about lecho with rice. Like other types of lecho, the variant of this dish with rice can be prepared both as a normal everyday food and for further preservation. Lecho with rice by and large is not an ordinary salad. It is rather a ready-made garnish, which can be used both as an independent dish, and as an excellent addition to meat and fish dishes. Just say that to prepare a delicious lecho with rice it is very important to choose the right rice. For example, round-grained conventional rice is better used for lecho, which will be immediately fed to the table. To prepare a dish for preservation, it is better to use long-grain and brown rice, as well as jasmine and basmati rice, because these varieties do not boil much and even after conservation, the rice remains intact. There are several excellent recipes for preparing this dish, which good housewives can use, and they should be considered in more detail. simple lecho with rice

Lecho with rice in a simple way

The simplest and, nevertheless, one of the mostdelicious options for cooking lecho perfectly suits and for those housewives who want to cook just a delicious side dish that will suit the taste of the whole family, and those who want to leave this snack for the winter. In addition, this option of cooking lecho with rice can be an excellent substitute for borsch refueling. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary products, namely: 1 kg of onions, 3 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of bell pepper, 1 large glass of washed raw rice, 1 kg of carrots, 1 tbsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. l. salt, about 0.6 liters of vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l. acetic essences. Tomatoes should be twisted in a blender or let through a meat grinder. All vegetables are finely chopped, and preferably by hand, since when processing in the combine vegetables will give off a lot of juice, which is highly undesirable. After all the vegetables are prepared, mixed and put in an enamel saucepan, you can proceed to the most responsible stage of cooking - cooking. First lecho should be put about 30-40 minutes before it boils, then in the composition it is necessary to add raw rice. Next lecho is cooked also on low heat, but it is important to constantly stir it, otherwise it will burn. As a rule, until ready, the consistency lecho is suitable after 35 minutes. If this recipe is used for conservation, then within 25 minutes after the addition of rice, it is possible to dispense the mixture over sterilized jars and roll them. If you do not plan to roll lecho with rice, it's best to boil the mixture for about 45 minutes, so that the rice is completely boiled. To the final dish was not too greasy, it is best to remove the spoon with oil, which during extinguishing will rise upward. The prepared dish should be allowed to cool slightly and then served to the table. The taste of lecho cooked according to this recipe is very gentle, and the consistency is juicy and thick. lecho with rice

Lecho with rice

For lovers of light witticism, there is a wonderfulrecipe lecho with rice, which includes garlic. It should be noted right away that a dish prepared according to this recipe is not suitable for further preservation. One of the advantages of this recipe is its leanness and relative low calorie content, since cooking a dish will require very little vegetable oil. So, for this lecho recipe you need about 1.5 kg of tomatoes, ½ cup of rice, 0.5 tbsp. sugar, 0.5 kg carrots, 1-2 heads of garlic, 3-4 large bell pepper, ½ cup vegetable oil, 2-3 large onions, 1 tbsp. l. salt. It is best for this recipe to take brown wild rice, since in fact lecho will be stewed in its own juice, so it is important that the rice remains intact, and not turn into a shapeless mess. This recipe has some subtleties of cooking. Tomatoes, before you twist, you need to peel. In order to easily separate the tomato peel, you should put the tomatoes in a large saucepan and pour them with boiling water for a few minutes. Next, you need to carefully lay out the tomatoes and peel the skin. Prepared tomatoes are twisted on a meat grinder and salt, sugar and garlic passed through the press are added to the resulting mixture. If you want the consistency of the finished lecho to turn out to be more dense, you do not need to twist the tomatoes, but simply cut them into small cubes, then add the spices to them and leave for 20 minutes to insist that the tomato let out enough juice for further suppression. Vegetable oil is poured into the pan, all the crushed vegetables are added and put on a weak fire. After about 15 minutes, you can add brown rice. Cook lecho needs about 45 minutes, but it is important that the rice remained slightly undercooked. Next lecho leave to insist for 45 minutes, after which it can be served to the table as a garnish. The taste of a dish prepared according to this recipe is saturated and moderately sharp.