What mothers are not capable of to pleasetheir children, they can even turn a fairy tale into reality! This is exactly what Olga Ushakova, the host of Good Morning, did. Olga's eldest daughter Dasha recently turned 10 years old. In honor of the first little anniversary, my mother organized a grandiose holiday, thinking everything over to the smallest detail. “Dasha loves wolves very much, and after watching the cartoon“ Wolves and Sheep ”she became a fan of his characters. Therefore, the holiday was not complete without these characters. In a green meadow, we organized a small fair where hot dogs, boiled corn, caramelized apples and ice cream cones were prepared on small carts. The children were delighted with such a treat, because usually mothers force them to eat only healthy food. The huge territory of the park allowed children to run from the heart, so they literally swept away the food. I, too, as always, rode with pleasure with them. Well, the final chord was, of course, the cake with your favorite characters, ”Olga said. Looking at the presenter jumping rope, it’s hard to believe that this girl is the mother of such adult girls. Dasha is already 10, and the youngest, Ksyusha, is 9 years old. All moms would have so much energy.