one-room apartment design One-room apartments today, perhaps, mostaffordable housing. And the cost and they are relatively modest, and in the real estate market they are represented in abundance. Yes, and allow (with known efforts), such an acquisition can both young families and yesterday's students. However, to buy a one-room apartment is easy (there would be money), but to turn it into comfortable housing is much more difficult. But, as they say, do not have a hundred rubles, but have ... In our case, it is useful to have the skills of design or even architectural design. So, for example, a successful layout of a one-room apartment will actually make life comfortable and enjoyable in it (at least until better times). Therefore, let's talk about the layout, or rather about the redevelopment of a one-room apartment. What for this can you find opportunities and how to properly organize a living space?

Zoniruem apartment

At first glance, the already predefinedzoning is difficult. What do we have in a one-room apartment? Room, kitchen, corridor, yes bathroom (usually combined). However, some options are possible. Re-planning is quite feasible either by reducing the number of rooms, or by increasing it. The third, alas, is not given. In the first case, you have to sacrifice the existing walls in the apartment (or one of them). In the second variant, redevelopment is possible by building additional walls that will separate the room. By the way, it is not necessary to sacrifice walls: the wall can be made conditionally transparent by cutting through a large arch. And additional walls may not be needed if the initial layout implies the presence in the apartment and a small pantry or, conversely, a large loggia. So, let's consider some variants of replanning a one-room apartment. design of a one-room apartment

From one-room to two-room

Do you think this is from the realm of fantasy? In vain! Such a layout is quite feasible. And here's one of the options: the kitchen moves to the pantry, and in its place is equipped with a new room (for example, sleeping or nursery). All the walls remain in place, and you will not have to spend your nerves on the project approval. True, there are difficulties of a different nature. Moving the kitchen will require you to transfer or supply communications (water, gas, electricity). To build sewer or water pipelines, it may be necessary to build steps or podiums that raise the floor level and hide additional pipes and hoses. Moreover, these new designs should be as convenient and safe as possible. In addition, moving the kitchen to another room will require additional ventilation where it was not previously provided. And this in turn will cause the need for new communications on the ceiling and walls. But the gas stove will be very difficult to transfer: it is impossible to hide gas pipes in the walls, and pulling them through the whole apartment is problematic. But the electric stove will easily "move" to any place. But that all these difficulties compared to the new room! However, such difficulties can be avoided if your new layout is implemented in a different way. Design of a two-storey apartment! How do you like this idea? A similar layout is possible in apartments with high ceilings. If you build residential mezzanines, then they can easily accommodate a bedroom or a children's room, a library or a study. And another (the most common) option - the construction of additional walls. And it is not necessary to build a capital wall. You can use ready-made interior partitions or build a wall of gas silicate or gypsum blocks. one-room apartment layout

Studio apartment

This is the case when the new layoutrequires combining or moving existing zones, and the design of a one-room apartment allows you to realize very bold fantasies. For example, a wall separating a kitchen and a room is removed at all or simply transferred to a new location. In this case, you can select a separate area for a bed or for a child's corner, and move the kitchen to the center of the room. You can leave the kitchen in place, remove the wall due to a wide and spacious arch and thus realize the design of the studio apartment without troublesome dismantling works. A good help in this redevelopment will also be a loggia, which must be insulated, centralized heating and then remove the window unit. Your apartment will become larger, more spacious, and its design will be similar to one of the studio apartment options. By the way, an insulated loggia with a window unit left can easily become an additional room. But this is again the option of turning a one-room apartment into a two-room apartment. In a word, dare, plan and re-plan, just do not violate, please, the requirements of various SNIPs. Believe, in our life everything is possible (and if not all, then much). In any case, a new and comfortable layout of a one-room apartment and its stylish design are quite possible. It is necessary only to want. We advise you to read: