fashionable hair styling at home Hair styling at home - lesson formany difficult, but in fact everything is very simple. Let's share simple secrets that will help you quickly and beautifully lay almost any hair.

Means for styling hair

To make the stitch attractive and durable, it is necessary to use such cosmetics:

  • mousses and foams, which give the hair volume. They are applied only to damp hair before packing by a hair drier, it is necessary to take a small amount, so that the locks do not look untidy;
  • lotions impart strength and splendor, can be used for dry hair;
  • The gel is used for short haircuts to give any shape. For the "wet" effect, it is necessary to apply to damp hair;
  • wax gives a dazzling shine to curly or too dry hair;
  • varnishes and sprays are used for final fixation.

For extra volume at home

Secrets of self-styling

Hair styling at home is not that difficult,as it may seem at first glance. We offer a few very simple, but extremely effective secrets that will help make your hairstyle just irresistible. Cold styling is the easiest way that you have used it once. The essence of it is that the hair is simply scratched and modeled with fingers. It does not use a hair dryer or hair straightener, special cosmetics such as lacquer or gel. The direction of combing and modeling depends on what kind of haircut you have at the moment. Toupling and scratching are two operations that are easy to do at home. They are involved in the use of a comb, with which the hair is whipped. When tuping, this is done from the inside of the hairstyle, after which the strands are simply smoothed from above, when combed - with the outer and inner. This hairstyle usually lasts a long time, you can use varnishes to fix it. If your hair is obedient, absorbs moisture well, dries quickly, then it's best to use the method of laying with curlers. Screw curls can be in wet or dry condition, the ways for this are used different. The fixation time can be different, it all depends on the length of the string and how well the hair is malleable. You can compare this method with the installation of a hair dryer, only the hair is not exposed to the negative influence of hot air. After stacking it is recommended to comb carefully to get a natural and attractive appearance. Additionally, you can fix the hair style with varnish. To keep laying for longer, do not take thick strands, they dry longer, they keep the shape worse. Professional masters, to permanently fix the hair, use hot tongs. It is not only quick and convenient, but also allows you to give the styling exactly the shape that is needed. you can use this method at home yourself. But what is worth considering? Choosing fuses is better with ceramic or combined plates, which do not cause severe damage to the hair. When using, start striking the strand from the roots, smoothly leading the tongs upward. Before laying, use the means for thermal protection. comb hair only after drying

Hair styling with a hair dryer

It is also one of the most commonly usedhome conditions methods, which consists in drying the strands and modeling the hairstyle in hot or cold mode. Hair should be started from the roots, stretching in the right direction. It is recommended to use special round brushes of different thicknesses. Hair should be blown from the bottom up, this will make the hair more luxurious. There are some peculiarities here. Before you start laying wet hair you need to get a little wet with a towel, saving them from excess moisture. It is often not recommended to use a hairdryer, it is best to use thermal styling products. Dry individual small strands is recommended, after which each of them must be combed. To give volume it is better to use a round volumetric brush. To keep the hairstyle long, it is necessary to mix several separate types of styling products: foam, mousse or gel. After finishing the hair can be fixed with a varnish. To make the volume use curlers

Useful tips and tricks

Even at home, you can do very muchattractive and effective styling, using simple means for this. If you need to have an excellent hairdo every day, and just do not have time to visit the salon, then our advice is just for you. The first and most simple advice - any styling should be done only on clean hair! Do not be too lazy to wash them, it will not take long. If there is no possibility for this in the morning (especially it is not recommended to wash your head before going out on frost), then do this before going to bed. After washing, the hair must be rinsed with special balm rinse aid. The procedure itself is very simple: first we use warm water to wash it off, and after that it is cool. This will ensure the closure of each scales, that is, the hair will look shiny, very smooth. If the ends of the hair are split, then it is recommended to wash with shampoo only the roots or two thirds of the head. But the tips have to be processed only by air conditioning. This simple method will make it possible to make a volumetric styling, and then the hair after that will not be so badly cut. You can use special home masks for hair restoration. Hair styling at home has its own characteristics. If you do not have time to wash your head or make a complete styling, you can proceed as follows: wind the dry strands on the curlers, then sit for a while in the bathroom, where very hot water flows. The hair after this will acquire an attractive appearance (this is favored by a moist warm environment). This styling will keep its shape for the whole day, but in the evening it is recommended to wash your hair so that the hair does not look untidy the next day. Hair immediately after washing is not recommended to comb, as this can severely injure them, they become very brittle. First they must be gently wipe (but not rubbed) with a dry towel, after which you can dry it a little with a hairdryer. Only after this you can proceed with the installation. If the hair is very confused, and combing them after washing is always problematic, you should use special combs for gentle grooming. These are rubber and rubber devices that allow you to comb your hair without damaging it. When using a rectifier or a hair dryer, it is recommended to take special cosmetic products for thermo-laying, which allow you to carefully care for your hair, protect them from the negative effects of high temperatures. How to style your hair in summer and winter? The home way of laying is specific for summer and winter. In hot summer months, it is not recommended to use a hot hair dryer or a curd barrel too often, since the hair too quickly loses moisture, its surface begins to look untidy. It is better to buy a dryer with cold air. In the winter it is not recommended to begin to lay still wet hair before the exit to the frost. This will not only damage their structure, but can also cause dandruff, colds. It often happens that after laying the ends of the strands are like untidy icicles, even with a washed head. How can this be avoided? Everything is very simple. To prevent this from happening, you should apply the gel or foam, starting from the back of the neck and from the roots, gradually modeling the hair. If after some time after styling the hairdress has lost its splendor, then do not despair, everything is fixable. Comb the strands, tilt your head down and sprinkle the roots with varnish. Some time so standing up, shake your head and flip it back. Your hair will have a magnificent appearance and attractiveness. Everyone wants to have an attractive styling, without spending a lot of time for this, but what disappointment can befall when in an hour or two magnificent curls again become direct lifeless locks! And what if there is simply no time to visit the salon, and the hairstyle should always look neat and attractive? It's very simple, the best masters offer simple, but very effective techniques that will allow you to always look on top. Observance of the recommendations suggested above will allow you to simulate the hairstyle not worse than for professionals!