hair laminating effect Now it is not difficult to find a means of caring forhair, it is difficult to choose from a huge assortment that will suit both in quality and price. Without complex care, the strands will become weak and quickly lose their appearance. Of course, you can give up, collect them in a ponytail or shear, but this is not an option.

Laminating hair - what is it?

No money to visit the salon or purchase expensivemeans - it does not matter! Return the hair the former shine and healthy appearance can be at home, and help in this laminating hair gelatin. But before you look for miracle masks, try to observe the following rules:

  • A minimum of shampoo. In order to thoroughly wash your hair from dirt and sebum, just one teaspoon of shampoo.
  • Minimum thermal exposure. It is clear that you are unlikely to be able to completely abandon the dryer, but its use can be reduced to a minimum. The same applies to various ironing, plaque, etc. They cause brittle and dry strands.
  • Maximum supply. Shampoos do not provide full protection, for complex care it is necessary to use balsams, masks, it is desirable to take a complex of vitamins.

Practically all the salons offer their customerslamination. The essence of this procedure is that the hair is treated with a special solution. It creates a protective film that prevents external influences. Thanks to lamination, you can:

  • to improve and strengthen hair;
  • get rid of brittle and split ends;
  • give the hair volume;
  • make them obedient and remove "fluffiness";
  • permanently retain hair color.

For some time, the lamination procedure can bewas done only in the salons, but already found analogues of those ingredients that are part of a special solution. At home, conventional gelatin is used for this. The result is the same, and the price is tens of times lower. gelatin for home laminating

Gelatin - what's the use?

First you need to find out what gelatin is. It is nothing more than a natural protein. He is also a split collagen. Everyone knows that the collagen that our body produces and protein are similar in many respects. The protein contains amino acids and trace elements that create the basis of nails, hair, and skin. It is with prolonged influence of the external environment that gelatin contributes to:

  • restoration of hair structure;
  • natural volume;
  • strengthening and activating growth.

In short, gelatin protects the hair from externalenvironment by forming a natural film. And this is the same as the salon procedure! Gelatin lamination can be done both on straight and curly hair. Both the first and the second in the final result will become soft and obedient. Since lamination can be done at home, there are a lot of prejudices about the benefits of gelatin. Let's talk about the basic.

  • From the gelatin, hair falls out.

Yes, it really can happen, onlythe reason is not a negative effect on the scalp, but just the opposite. Gelatin, as a source of protein, nourishes the hair thanks to useful ingredients. They also push out all the dead cells. Thus, gelatinous hair lamination, you accelerate the process of cleansing the scalp from dead cells.

  • Gelatin must be boiled.

In no case! When you make a mask, which contains gelatin, you only need to dilute it with warm water. Otherwise, you will only spoil the products. masking on hair

Gelatin Home Lamination

For a mask you will need:

  • 1 tbsp. spoon gelatin,
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of warm water,
  • ½ st. spoons of balm for hair.

The number of ingredients depends on the length andthe thickness of your hair. This calculation is made for hair length to the shoulders. Gelatin should be poured with warm water and thoroughly stirred. Leave it for half an hour and stir occasionally until completely dissolved. As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass. After that, heat it in a water bath. To easily wash off the mask, add a little bit of balm. Otherwise, the hair after the mask will appear greasy. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and put on a polyethylene cap. Keep them in this state need about 15-20 minutes. For enhanced effect, you can warm them a little with a hairdryer. After that, wash your hair thoroughly. This method of lamination is useful for those who have little time. If you are not in a hurry, this mask can be used in another way. For this, the egg yolk can be added to the gelatin mixture and mixed thoroughly. Apply the mask for the entire length of the hair, carefully collect them under a plastic cap and towel. The first 20 minutes, warm them with a hair dryer, and the next 30 minutes just hold it on your hair. To wash off a mask it is necessary without any cosmetic means. After washing, the hair will be more silky, soft and shiny, but the lamination effect, as in the first and the second case, will last about 7-10 days. Care tips:

  • If you can not remove the gelatinous lumps, send the mixture to the microwave.
  • Do not overdo it with balm, otherwise the effect will be zero.

wash gelatin with hair should be after 30 minutes

Laminating hair with gelatin + staining

It should be remembered that such natural products,Like honey, kefir, chamomile, lemon, nettle and others, can give a hair color. Of course, do not count on the fact that after chamomile your hair from dark-brown will turn to ashy. This coloring can change the natural color by 2-3 tones. If gelatin is used during this coloring, the color will be more saturated. We offer you recipes that will allow you to dye your hair without destroying their structure.

  • Gelatin hair lamination with chamomile (for fair-haired)

In order to emphasize the color of blond strands,Prepare a gelatin mask on a strong infusion of chamomile. To do this, fill the chamomile color 2 tbsp. l. a glass of boiling water (rather than warm water, as in the previous case). Leave them to languish 10 minutes on a steam bath, and then strain and cool to room temperature. Warm the infusion into a gelatin mixture. Recommendations for application are the same, only keep the mixture not 30 minutes, but 1,5-2 hours. Please note that a noticeable change in color can be achieved only after the second application, but you will receive a unique shade and healthy hair after the first application.

  • Gelatine laminating with nettle (for dark)

Cooking a mask is very simple - instead of chamomilewe use nettles. It will help to strengthen the hair, preventing their loss. Parallel with the strengthening of the structure of the nettle, it will emphasize dark strands. To apply and use it is necessary the same as in the previous case.

  • Gelatin lamination with onions (for red and chestnut)

To make a mask, you will need a15-20 bulbs. Pour it with boiling water and soak on a steam bath, discard and let it rest for another half hour. The resulting infusion is poured into a gelatin mixture and mixed thoroughly. Thanks to the onion husks your hair is provided with a golden-red tint and strands will not smell like onions. If you want a visible change, then better go to the salon. And if you are reluctant to spend a lot of money on such procedures, then a little patience will not hurt you. The effect of lamination will be noticeable after the first application, but coloring - with prolonged use. Take for yourself the habit of doing such masks when you wash your hair. Each time, the effect will be brighter, and the hair will acquire a natural sheen and silkiness.

We asked - we answer!

  • Is there enough one procedure to achieve the result?

The effect depends on the condition of your hair. If they are severely damaged, the result after the first procedure will be barely noticeable. In this case, experts recommend contacting the salon.

  • How often can I laminate my hair?

Do this procedure when you wash your hair. There are no restrictions in quantity.

  • Can I dyed dyed hair?

You can not, but you must! First, lamination restores hair damaged after staining. Secondly, the film helps to preserve color. While the shell will remain on the hair, the color will not fade and it will not wash.

  • Is lamination compatible with a wave?

There are no contraindications in this regard. On the contrary, this procedure will return a healthy look to the hair. The curl can partially lose its shape, since the hair will become heavier.

  • Can laminated hair dry with a hair dryer or even ironing?

Can. When stacking, you will once again be convinced of the softness and docility of your hair.