Lamination of hair Beautiful thick hair at all times werean ornament of a woman and the object of her lust. The luxurious headscarves of Hollywood beauties and models that look at us from TV screens or glamorous magazines always cause a feeling of admiration and easy envy: "I wish I had such beauty!" Their hair is thick, silky, with a heavy wave, beautifully falling off their shoulders or flying away a brilliant fan under the breath of a light breeze. Today such a dream has become a reality. All this can now be achieved by any woman, just make a hair lamination - at home or in the salon. This opportunity is available in our time to any woman, because all beauty salons offer such a service.

History of invention

First we will understand what is the lamination of hair. To do this, we will make an excursus into the history of the appearance of the cosmetic service in question and determine the terms, in which even the masters themselves in the salons offering the procedure for laminating hair are often confused. There are a lot of such terms. This is the elution, and lamination, and bio-lamination, and glazing, and screening, and cementing, and thermo-mask. So where does this name come from? In fact, it all started with the elusion, when Goldwell in 1997 developed and patented a new dye Elumen based on innovative technologies in cosmetology. It was the first resistant paint without ammonia and peroxide. It penetrates the structure of the hair without damaging it. Using this invention, the Japanese created a miraculous paint-care elumen. In the process of staining, it does not damage the hair, because it does not affect their structure and does not violate the natural pigment. Despite the high cost, Goldwell's elution was a great success. Looking at this, and other manufacturers of hair care products, following the example of the Japanese giant, also established the production of low-acid paints. Their difference from the eluminate was that they were toning. Women all over the world enthusiastically welcomed the new invention and gladly started using new hair colors. After a while, this service also reached our beauty salons. Their clients, turning there for an innovative service, distorted the term "elumination" and began calling it "laminating hair." As they say, demand generates a proposal, and this curiosity marked the beginning of a new invention. The beauty industry, having picked up the brilliant idea, has developed a line of product for hair care, corresponding to the already familiar name. what is lamination of hair

The essence of laminating hair

The essence of the procedure for laminating hair is,To solder flakes and cuticles, of which the hair consists, protecting them from the effects of the external environment. The fact is that under the influence of aggressive factors the cuticle tends to exfoliate, as a result of which the structure of the hair is damaged, and, consequently, their appearance deteriorates, the hair fade and split. It should be noted again that the term "hair lamination" owes its appearance exclusively to Russian women. But when this idea was realized, every manufacturer tried to give his product the name. Hence the terms bio-lamination, cementing, glazing, screening, thermo-masks, and so on: but all this is the same - laminating hair. Now that we know the history of the invention and have defined its terms, we will try to understand what the essence of this procedure is. To begin with, it should be understood that this is not a therapeutic, but a cosmetic procedure, with a temporary effect. In fact, with lamination each hair is individually coated with a very thin, micron film of a special composition, with which the hair is made smooth and silky. In addition, laminating hair increases their volume to 15% and retains color.

How does hair lamination occur?

The technology of hair lamination can varydepending on the cosmetic used. Each manufacturer, producing a means for laminating hair, provides its own procedure for its use. But they have one principle in common. As we already know, under the influence of external factors, the structure of the hair is disturbed: the scales that cover the hair, exfoliate, and they become brittle, split, lose their shine and beauty. When staining such hair, the color falls very unevenly and is quickly washed out. To avoid this, a color hair laminating procedure is used, in which each hair is individually coated with a laminating compound. This technology allows you to seal the cuticle and create an ideal surface for the hair. It should be noted that the special composition that is applied to the hair is selected by the master in accordance with the type of hair from the series of products intended for it. After applying the means for laminating the hair, it is maintained for 20-30 minutes. For a uniform distribution of the laminating agent, a certain heat treatment is necessary, which differs depending on the series of cosmetics. Using one means, the hair is sealed at a temperature of up to 140 degrees iron, before wrapping them with foil. For the application of others, enough heating with a hairdryer. The procedure for laminating hair takes no more than two and a half hours.

In what cases is this procedure used?

Laminating hair is suitable for any type of hair. Especially this procedure is shown to women, whose hair does not differ in puffiness and density. If to make a lamination of hair, strands before and after will be strikingly different. In addition, it is recommended to do this procedure to those from whom they are overdried, damaged and split. Do not laminate women with thick hair, having a dense structure, since their hair itself is thick. Owners of this hair style to carry out the procedure of laminating hair is simply not necessary. It is highly recommended to laminate colored hair. Laminating coat, covering colored hair, prevents washing off the paint, keeping color well. The hue remains bright and saturated until the laminating composition is washed off. It must be borne in mind that the dyeing is done before the procedure for laminating hair. This procedure is not contraindicated after a chemical wave, especially since "chemistry" spoils the hair, worries them, and they after this procedure have a dull and lifeless appearance. But it should be borne in mind that weak curls after laminating hair can lose its shape under its weight. Especially it is worth noting that laminated hair can not be laid with forceps, curling irons or ironing. What is lamination of hair?

Laminate the hair yourself

As for the procedure for laminating hair insalons - pleasure is quite expensive and depends on the class of the salon and the cosmetic line used. Not all women can afford to do it all the time, but every woman wants to be beautiful. In this case, you can do the procedure for laminating hair at home. It will cost much less and it will not take much time. But experts recommend before doing lamination at home, to do this procedure first in the salon. They will test the condition of your hair, help you choose the right tools and correctly determine the aging time. After this, you can try to repeat this procedure at home. To do this, you will need to purchase special means for lamination, which include shampoo for deep cleaning, strengthening masks, toning paint and the very means for lamination. A great popularity for laminating hair at home is Paul Mitchel, Goldwell, Lebel Cosmetics, Sebastian. Not bad and the line Matrix Color Sync Clear.

How long does hair lamination last

So, you made up your mind and made a lamination. How long does such a miracle keep on the head and when will it be necessary to repeat the procedure? On average, lamination lasts from 1 to 3 months. Moreover, the curative film is washed off from the hair very smoothly, so that the transition will be almost invisible 30-40 days after the procedure. You can repeat the lamination of hair at any convenient time, not being afraid that you will damage your hair with too frequent procedures. One of the main advantages of lamination is 100% safety for the structure of the hair. Moreover, this procedure helps your strands not only look flawless, but also helps restore hair health from the inside. No matter how much lamination is done, in the salon or at home, harm from this will not happen. The lamination procedure has opened up many opportunities for women to become even more beautiful. This invention allows each woman to make her hair no worse than in pictures in fashion magazines. Another problem of modern women is gone forever in the past due to the fact that a salutary and trouble-free remedy has appeared - laminating hair. We advise you to read: