A lack of tactile sensations compensates for the massage Something is missing. Often our feelings are reduced to this "sigh". And it is not always possible to understand the reason for spiritual uneasiness. And sometimes, it's about the elementary deficit of tactile sensations. A person by nature needs touching, embracing, stroking. If they are few, both physiology and psyche suffers. You can, of course, take advantage of the generally available methods of psychological relief: go shopping, make a hardware manicure or cry in a vest sworn girlfriend. But there is a way easier, and most importantly: more efficient. Do a massage, regularly enough. Absolutely real fact, experimentally proven, repeatedly confirmed: even the smallest children, which parents stroke every day, lightly massage, move much faster in weight, develop faster, and look at the world more fun than their peers deprived of parental affection. With adults - the same picture. Massage helps accelerate the recovery processes after the disease, resorption of hemorrhages, increased immunity, etc. Fighting excess weight wears out many women. Of course, anti-cellulite serum will partly help in this battle. But if you add a massage to her, the victory will be complete and unconditional. The role of massage in anti-stress measures is also not questioned. It has long been recognized by traditional medicine as an effective method of psychological relief, improving mood through the production of the hormone of joy. As a result, the vital tone rises in the daytime, and at night a healthy calm sleep normalizes. The influx of oxygen to each cell increases, which gives a general improvement in health, and adds beauty to the skin, highly prone to environmental influences, unbalanced nutrition, nervous overloads. Even in 30 years, facial care delivers a lot of trouble to a modern woman. What to say about a fading, aging skin. And massage quickly removes puffiness, gives tone and skin, and muscles. Further, along the chain, in the tissues, metabolic processes are growing, which means that the weight gradually, by natural means, "mothballs". Even if you just take a person close to you by the hand, he immediately slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, there is a feeling of rest. It is also noted that suffering from mental disorders to children and adolescents is enough to at least rub their back daily, 10 minutes. From where do these effects come from? On a skin area the size of a five-ruble coin is 50 nerve endings plus the order of a meter of blood vessels, and the cells are millions at all. Nature has created this wealth for us, and we must use it wisely.