knitted dresses If the hot summer was popular with the lungstranslucent textures and lace, it is quite natural that with the onset of cold weather we want to envelop ourselves with warmth and comfort. Therefore it is not surprising that it is knitted dresses, which have become fashionable last spring, this fall and winter promise to become a real hit. Fashionable designers and famous fashion masters prepared for us for a new season what knitted women's dresses? In the collections of this year there are many knitted dresses of different length, shape and purpose. Today, on the trendy catwalks, you can find light lace dresses that attract their transparent patterns, and warm practical models for every day, and even evening and wedding knitted dresses. A variety of styles and models will allow each woman to choose the most suitable option for any occasion of life.

Fashion dresses 2011-2012: colors and pattern

knitted dress with a description Knitted dresses of the coming season are mademostly in warm, calm tones - it is soothing blue, warm brown and black. Among the quiet shades, knitted white dresses favorably differ in their tone. Red dresses foment passion, yellow dresses cheer up. And to add picturesqueness to the calm palette of colors of knitted dresses, most designers decided to include in their collections models of colorful lilac and bright orange flowers. This color scheme is as if specially chosen for knitted warm dresses, in order to warm, soothe and envelop the comfort of its owners on a cloudy autumn day or on a winter cold evening. The patterns decorating the knitted winter dresses in the collections of the autumn-winter season of 2011-2012, favorably distinguish them from each other. A fashionable knitted dress can be made tight knit, lace, floral or other weaving. In the collections of famous brands, you can find many interesting models made of threads of different colors that form an unusual pattern on knitted things. Colored inserts in the pattern, national ornaments and stripes - all this gives originality to knitted winter dresses, bringing a special note to the images of those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who wear them.

The most fashionable models of the autumn-winter season 2011-2012

knitted dress To look fashionable and stylish this fall andcoming winter, we suggest to pay attention to the most actual knitted dresses of a new season. With the light hand of fashion designers, such a fashionable trend as knitted women's dresses has come to taste for many of our compatriots. What are the only styles and models of knitted dresses you will not meet today on the fashion podiums! Therefore, when choosing a knitted warm dress this season you will not be bored. After all, there really is a lot to choose from. And since such an incredibly fashionable attribute of a women's wardrobe, like a knitted stylish dress, fits perfectly into any style, to find a suitable copy, suitable for home environment, office work, a party or a solemn event, each person can, based on her personal preferences and taste. How not to get lost among the proposed variety of variations of knitted dresses and make the right choice? We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most relevant models of knitted dresses that are ideal for the cold season: fashion knitted dresses

  • Thin open-work knitted dresses attract attentionand beckon their gaps in the pattern. Among the many models, stylish knitted dresses with an open back or fancy cutouts on the back, with different lengths of skirts and sleeves, on thin straps or without them, and also on one shoulder deserve special attention.
  • Knitted dress-case - a straight, with a lush skirt and A-type can have absolutely different length and shape. This option well emphasizes the female figure and is suitable for all occasions.
  • Knitted dress-tunic or dress-sweater ina cold winter is simply irreplaceable. Without such a convenient and practical thing in his winter wardrobe will not be able to do without any woman who appreciates comfort and elegance. Dress tunic most often act as an independent outfit, and a sweater dress is perfectly combined with tight pantyhose, leggings, skirts and narrow trousers.
  • Knitted dress-coat - another superfashionabletrend of the new season. Fit and free models of such outfits will surely suit modern women of fashion. Especially elegantly look knitted black, gray and white dresses from Alexander McQueen, decorated with patch pockets, zippers and fur. Such knitted warm dresses will become a wonderful autumn or winter dress for the owners of a slim figure and beautiful legs.
  • Knitted evening dresses will certainly help youstand out among the festive outfits made of other textures. Especially beautiful and elegantly look at the female figure knitted tight dresses with a skirt diverging to the bottom from the hip line. Equally interesting is an evening gown with a lush skirt and a fitted horseback. Knitted evening dresses knee length or slightly lower are also attractive.

Autumn and winter are the most suitable time forneedlework. Therefore, if you have a desire and free time, you can tie an exclusive dress with your own hands, devoting all weekends to needlework. Knitted dress with knitting needles with a description - a hit of the autumn-winter season 2011-2012 - will give your image a maximum of individuality. We advise you to read: