Knitted things for a cold winter To reliably protect yourself from the cold,we suggest that you replenish your wardrobe with fashionable, stylish and warm clothes that are necessary this season. This winter in vogue bright and beautiful knitted woolen things in contrast with the gloomy weather. In our selection you will find warm knitted things for yourself - cozy warm sweater with braids, ponchos, long cardigans, tunics, leggings, hats, scarves, gloves and even knitted bags and shoes. Choose what you like. Knitten things

  • Sweater-colored sweater

This thing fits perfectly into a stylish knitted collection. Volumetric knitting, woolen pompons and braids - all this combines the trend of the new season. Knitten things

  • Cardigan

A stylish knitted cardigan made of natural wool will help you to create a stylish image for every day. This thing with a complex print is perfectly combined with both jeans and with a dress. Knitten things

  • Knitted hat

A warm knitted hat with a pompon is not badchoice for daily wear. It is suitable for both a sports jacket and a feminine coat. And it does not matter whether you are going to ride a snowboard or go on a date, this accessory will make you a good company. Knitten things

  • Headphones

This trend will not freeze the girls who do not recognize the hat. If you are going to a ski resort, do not forget to take them with you. Knitten things

  • Knitted scarf

A warm knitted scarf is indispensable in cold windy weather. You can connect a stylish scarf with a figured viscous and pompoms, and most importantly, there would be a desire. Knitten things

  • Knitted sweater

In this season, almost all the collections of famous designers are dedicated to Scandinavian designs, so diamonds and funny deer are found both on sweaters and dresses, and knitted accessories. Knitten things

  • Knitted bag

A knitted bag with pompons is an original accessory for the autumn-winter season. This bag can be worn with almost any clothing: with a warm down jacket, an autumn coat and a knitted wool cardigan. Knitten things

  • Knitted Slippers

Home knitted slippers on artificial fur will not let you freeze on cold winter evenings, because the home is so important for comfort and warmth. Knitten things

  • Sweater dress

A knitted dress-sweater is a comfortable and beautiful thing for a cold winter. The knitted dress goes well with both ankle boots and high boots-boots. Knitten things

  • Cardigan in the man's style

Another hit of the season is a long and wide knitted cardigan in a masculine style. And do not doubt its color, because beige - the trend this winter. Knitten things

  • Knitted ponchos

A knitted stylish poncho is an excellent alternative to a warm cardigan or sweater. This fashionable thing looks great with trousers-pipes and narrow jeans. You can wear it for work and for study. Knitten things

  • Knitted gloves

A nice accessory for hands made of wool of bright colors will not freeze your pens in cool cloudy weather. Knitten things

  • Knitted leggings

These leggings conquered us with their delicate beige color. They are suitable for ladies who prefer to dress warmly and comfortably. We advise you to read: