cuisine in the style of Provence Provence (la Provence) - interior style,born in the rural expanses of sunny Southern France. It remains invariably popular due to a combination of unpretentiousness and grace, charming simplicity and easy sophistication. He is very similar to the country style, but differs from him in the famous French charm. Therefore, the cuisine in the style of Provence looks at the same time cozy and warm, bright and homely, while preserving the charm of rural pastoral and refined French style. Provence is ideal for the design of a country house cottage or villa, but in a city apartment this light French style is in demand, incarnate and appropriate. What distinguishes la Provence from other interior styles? What are its signs? How do the kitchen look in the style of Provence? Let's find out.

Signs of the style of la Provence

In general, any interior in the style of Provence (inincluding kitchens) looks very characteristic. This room, which is dominated by pastel colors and floral patterns on the walls, textiles, furniture. It is made with elegant light furniture. The windows are curtained with light curtains, the floors are painted in light color. On the windowsills, bedside tables and shelves there are a lot of fresh flowers, porcelain and ceramic trinkets. In the decorative design used ruches, embroidery Richelieu and sewing. Approximately like this and should look like the kitchen la Provence. And now let's consider in more detail individual elements of style and design techniques for decorating the kitchen in this style. Provencal cuisine

Decorating in the style of la Provence

Let's start (traditionally) with finishing materials forfloor, walls and ceiling. First, they must be natural: wood, ceramics, natural stone. It is also permissible to use artificial materials that mimic natural analogs. What can I use to finish the la Provence kitchen? A massive board, glazed brick, mosaic, painted ceramic tiles, decorative plasters, non-woven wallpaper with a textured surface, porcelain stoneware. Please note that the predominant colors of decoration materials for walls, ceilings and floors should be white, beige, cream, sand, gray, light brown. The predominant texture is roughness and relief. In short, a kitchen in the style of Provence should have a sense of closeness to nature. But not to the wild and exotic, but to the cultivated and domesticated nature of the French province. The emergence of such a feeling should contribute to all the other elements of this style.

Furnished in la Provence style

In modern terms, the kitchen is a singlea piece of furniture that includes not only tables and cabinets and shelves, but also a sink, stove and kitchen appliances. And the style of Provence was formed in accordance with the way of life of farmers in old France, when there were buffets, lockers, trunks, chests of drawers and showcases in the course. And no one heard of home appliances then. Therefore, in the kitchen of Provence should be present furniture from natural wood (or similar to this) and built-in (hidden) household appliances. For stylistic authenticity, furniture in the style of Provence can have small scrapes and cracks (better imitation of them), as well as painting with floral patterns. In addition, a vintage note of your kitchen can be strengthened with a scattered layout - separately standing cupboards, chests of drawers and open cupboards. Provence style furniture

Window in the style of la Provence

The style of la Provence is the rural style of SouthFrance, which involves an open window overlooking a sunny courtyard or a green garden. Therefore, blinds or thick curtains in the kitchen in the style of Provence are unacceptable. Here, light transparent curtains or dense, but very light curtains of cream, cream, pastel blue are appropriate. If you choose curtains with a pattern, then it should be a small pastoral flower or cage. By the way, the indispensable element of the window in the style of Provence - indoor flowers on the windowsill (preferably blossoming: violets, fuchsia, cyclamen, geranium).

Tableware in the style of la Provence

Open kitchen utensils - another characteristicelement of this style. After all, it originated and developed in small spaces of rural houses. Therefore, the cuisine in the style of Provence is distinguished by a variety of household items placed on open shelves and hung on special boards. This reception gives a special charm to the kitchen space and even in modern spacious apartments is willingly used. Thus, the dishes become an element of decor in the kitchen of la Provence. modern kitchens in the style of Provence

Decor in the style of la Provence

Additional decor elements of the la Provence style- embroidered and knitted napkins, vases with flowers, porcelain figurines, ceramics, glass bottles and other various knick-knacks. They should be in harmony with the basic decorative elements: motifs of painting (decoupage) of furniture and a drawing on window curtains. As a bright decorative element of the kitchen, the Provence can be a brass or copper lamp under the ceiling. As you can see, the Provence style gives an opportunity to make the kitchen really cozy. For example, furniture in the style of Provence does not necessarily buy ready. It can be decorated and stylized on its own. Inexpensive decoration materials, imitating natural wood or stone today is also enough. And many elements of style Provence in general, no financial costs will not require (well, except that very little). And in fashion today, this style - the charm of France has never left anyone indifferent. And your kitchen can not be fashionable, stylish and charming at the same time? We advise you to read: