the right feng shui kitchen The kitchen is the most popular place in the house,the symbol of the home. She can tell a lot about the atmosphere in the house, about the character, thoughts, relationships and health of its inhabitants. Feng shui cuisine will attract wealth and prosperity to the family. To do this, you must follow the rules of interior decoration. First of all, it is necessary to provide comfort and coziness. Kitchen Feng Shui must necessarily be spacious, clean and well lit. The best coverage is sunny. But if the dimensions of the kitchen are very small and sunlight penetrates lightly, then artificial lighting is used. Feng Shui next to the dishwasher should not have a plate

Taboo for the kitchen

  • The main taboos are disorder and debris. They represent a mess in your life, lead to problems with money and excess weight.
  • You can not save things that are not used: they should be thrown away or given to someone. Otherwise they will accumulate negative energy.
  • Do not use cracked cups and plates with stubbled edges.
  • Do not store non-functioning appliances. They must be repaired or discarded.
  • Do not use leaking faucets. Such cranes take money from home. They need to be repaired or replaced.
  • In the kitchen, as in other rooms, it is forbidden to place bulky objects overhead. They symbolize problems that can suddenly fall on your head.
  • Do not sink, dishwasher, washing machineand a refrigerator, which personify the water, placed near the stove and microwave - the embodiment of fire. In this case, elements of water and fire will conflict with each other, which will lead to constant quarrels between family members. In order to harmonize energy and provide a beneficial feng shui kitchen, it is necessary to place a wooden object between these objects: it will act as an intermediary and neutralize fire and water.
  • You can not have an entrance to the kitchen opposite the front doordoors, since the energies coming from outside will harm the well-being, and money will flow out of the house. If you have such a case, then place a bright object near the kitchen door for distraction: a screen, statue or houseplant.
  • It is undesirable to leave sharp edges in the kitchen. Smooth them with round objects: for example, for cereals or indoor flowers.
  • mess in the kitchen is forbidden by feng shui

    Requirements for the arrangement of the kitchen

    The kitchen ideally should occupy the southern part of the house,associated with the Fire, or the eastern, associated with the Tree. The most unfavorable position of the kitchen is the northern part of the house. It is not recommended to equip the kitchen in the center of the house and near the entrance. In the first case, the inhabitants of the house will often quarrel, and in the second case, the money will quickly leave the family. If your kitchen is a through-door, then you need to remove the emergency exit or separate it, for example, with a cupboard, a low wall or flowers, and hang a mirror on the opposite wall. You can not place a bathroom and toilet next to the kitchen, because in this case all the accumulated money will be washed off with water. If it is impossible to reshape the arrangement of rooms, then Feng Shui suggests placing wind or crystal music near the entrance to the kitchen. They neutralize the negative energy and transform it into a positive one. Ideal for the kitchen using pastel shades. The color of the kitchen on Feng Shui should not be conspicuous. Preferably decorate the kitchen in green, yellow, brown, orange and white colors. It is not recommended to use red and blue shades. In addition, black and blue colors, symbolizing the Water, can not be used in the southern zone - the zone of Fire, and the colors of Metal - in the eastern part, the zone of the Tree. All pricking devices (knives, forks, scissors) should be stored in a closed box: they cause negative energy. This energy leads to a deterioration in health and well-being. The dining table should be round or oval. Near it are placed a pair of chairs. All shelves of cabinets must be closed. The best material for washing is stainless steel (metal element), which destroys harmful energy. Feng Shui recommends decorating the kitchen with indoor plants that attract the favorable energy of chi. You can not decorate a room with dried or artificial plants: they are considered dead. It is desirable to have a vase of fruit in the kitchen. Ideal fruits are oranges, symbolizing happiness and prosperity. In the decor of the feng shui kitchen recommends using the number 9: 9 oranges, 9 cups, 9 lamps on the ceiling. It represents happiness. The ideal location of the refrigerator - in the south-east or south-west zone. Specialists in hair dryer recommend to put a mirror on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. It multiplies the number of products. the correct arrangement of furniture in the kitchen by feng shui

    Plate - a symbol of well-being

    The main object in the kitchen is the stove, which issymbol of well-being, the queen of the kitchen and her heart. It is advisable to place it near the southern wall, where Fire dominates. You can not put the stove in a corner or near a window. If you do not comply with this requirement, then the money will evaporate. It is best to direct the stove to the center of the house, and worst of all - to the main entrance: all residents will feel a lack of money. The stove should always be perfectly clean, like the whole kitchen. If something does not go well in your life, first of all, clean the plate, and immediately notice the improvement. Ideal option is the layout of the plate, when standing at the stove can be seen by everyone who enters the kitchen. But if it is impossible to do so, then hang a mirror over the tile. You need to use all the burners. It is advisable to light them in turn. If you comply with the above requirements, the feng shui kitchen will always be favorable and will attract wealth and prosperity to the house.