tasty harch in Georgian Georgian cuisine is notable for its refinement andrefinement, and the Georgian style has a unique taste. Georgians are truly proud of their national dishes, which have become common property. The Georgian cuisine acquires special originality due to numerous sauces, spices and seasonings. The products of this kitchen are no different from the commonly used products in all other kitchens, it's all about a special approach to cooking, in which there is some originality. Georgian cuisine actively uses all types of meat, it is their national dish - shish kebab, which has now become almost a world one. But vegetables are given equal attention, specific sauces and herbs are used for them, they somehow prepare them in a special way in Georgian.

What is remarkable about Georgian cuisine

Different soups and broths also have a peculiarthe view in the Georgian cuisine, their original, sharp, refined taste has no alternative in any other countries of the world. Despite the fact that Georgian cuisine was influenced by Turkish and Iranian cuisine, in general, having absorbed some of their features, it received its own specific color. It has some peculiarities in the eastern and western parts of Georgia, but is generally characterized by a common original character. That is why Georgian cuisine and some of its recipes have been recognized on a global scale. Special dishes are used in all countries such dishes as, for example, Georgian cheeses, lobio and, finally, the most famous soup kharcho. how to cook Georgian in the right way

How to cook a real Georgian kharcho

Cook this soup to make a dish,close to the original Georgian, with its unique taste, is quite difficult and long, but the taste of kharcho will surpass all expectations by results. It is the classic recipe for soup harcho that has the original taste, which is famous for the Georgian cuisine in general. In some variations, different recipes can be presented in Georgia, but the main features of how to make soup are the same. The main characteristics that Georgian cuisine created for harcho are that the soup is different in consistency and taste from the usual first dishes. Harcho in Georgian is much thicker than the usual soup. According to its taste, it is spicy and spicy, it is flavored with harch according to the customs of Georgia with various herbs, including parsley, as well as garlic, and in quite large quantities.

What foods can I use to cook the croutons?

In the modern world, this soup can already be cookedbased on various types of meat: pork, lamb, beef, veal and even from various kinds of poultry. But initially the beef was part of the Georgian ham, although there is an active opinion that it was based on mutton - this is not true. Therefore, to cook the correct Georgian soup kharcho is based on beef. Once again confirms this and the fact that the very name of soup is translated as "beef soup". Recipes of Georgian cuisine soup, presented on the Internet, are quite diverse, but it is best to take as a basis the classic. The total time for which you can cook this dish is about two hours. Despite the long cooking time, the recipe is not very complicated, it simply contains some products that are not typical of ordinary soups, but are characteristic of Georgian. Therefore, it is initially best to determine the list of products from which the soup will be cooked. First of all, it includes:

  • Beef - in the amount of 1 kg,
  • Rice is half a glass,
  • Flour - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • Walnuts (crushed) - ½ cup,
  • Pomegranate juice (without sugar) - ½ cup,
  • Tomato paste - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • Onions - 3 pieces,
  • Carrots - 2 pieces,
  • Garlic - 5 denticles,
  • Parsley (root) - 1 piece,
  • Parsley (herbs) - a couple of tablespoons,
  • Basil - 1 bunch,
  • Cilantro - 1 bunch,
  • Bay leaf - to taste,
  • Black pepper - 10 peas,
  • Pepper spicy - 1 piece,
  • Hops-suneli - to taste,
  • Salt - to taste.

how to cook kharcho in Georgian correctly

Some secrets to cook

After the list of products for the Georgiansoup kharcho will be ready, it is necessary to dwell more in detail on some of them, their qualities and requirements to them. For example, recipes, when it comes to beef, mean a breast, and the most fat, but real Georgians are advised to use a piece of beef, which has a bone marrow. Thus, the fat, and the richness of the broth is enough. Pomegranate juice and tomato paste, which are often put in soups, are presented in the Georgian recipe as tklapi (sour cherry puree). Naturally, it's best to use cliches, but it's very difficult to find it. In addition, the alternative can serve as a sauce tkemali or satsebali, they are currently easily found in the store.

Condiments needed for soup kharcho

Hmeli-suneli is a Caucasian spice, the namewhich is translated as "dry mix". In many respects this particular seasoning adds a special flavor to the soup harko. In a real Georgian dish, it is usually quite a lot. There are different compositions of hops-suneli, the most complete variant is difficult to find, so coriander can be added to the seasoning. After the recipe is clarified, you can go to the store with a list of products and make purchases for future soup hurcho. When all the products are available, you can start the Georgian soup.

Step-by-Step Guide to the preparation of soup kharcho

  • To start to prepare soup costs from meat. Beef is first thoroughly washed. Then, with one large piece, it is cooked in a saucepan, the water in which should be approximately 2 liters. The time that meat will be cooked is about an hour and a half. While the beef is cooked, it is necessary to remove the foam from the surface of the broth by means of a noise. After that, the meat is extracted, separated from the stone and cut into pieces. The size of the pieces can be any, depending on personal preferences, after which they are dipped back into the broth.
  • During cooking beef must be preparedother items for soup to save cooking time. Carrots are cleaned and cut into cubes, the first is thrown into the broth after the meat is cut. After carrots, the root of parsley is peeled and rubbed on the grater. Next, you need to cook onion: cut into half rings and fry in vegetable oil for 5 minutes. Next, take flour, divorce a tablespoon of water and add to the onions. Fry the resulting mixture for another couple of minutes with continuous stirring.
  • After the carrots are added to the broth, itsneed to boil there for 10 minutes. At this time, the walnuts are chopped, you can do it in a blender, or you can simply pokoloch in a mortar. Then add the black pepper to the nuts and grind again.
  • Separately, basil and coriander are washed and finely chopped. Garlic is also washed and either cut very finely, or pounded in a separate container. Next, take the hot pepper. If the soup is to be made very sharp, then the pepper is simply cut by rings. If very sharp kharcho is not welcomed, then it is necessary to cut it in half and extract the seeds from inside, and then cut.
  • After the carrots are cooked put 10minutes, put rice into the broth. It is best to choose an elongated shape. It should be cooked for 10 minutes. During this cumulative time, the broth should boil again. Together with rice, you can add salt to the soup.
  • When rice cooked for 10 minutes, thenit is necessary to add grated parsley root, then roasted onions. Then tomato paste is added, mainly for color. To make the kharcho more sour, a little later will be added pomegranate juice. Together with the tomato paste, a mixture of walnuts and black pepper is added.
  • Soup cooked for another 5 minutes. Then add the seasoning of hops-suneli and pomegranate juice. Then it is necessary to cook the soup-kharcho for another 5 minutes. Then in already almost ready soup is added pounded garlic, greens and hot pepper. The amount of pepper is best determined by taste, so that the dish does not turn out to be too sharp, although the real Georgian dish should be exactly this. It's just that not every person who is not related to the Georgian nationality can eat such a soup. Another 5 minutes of grub is prepared with spices under a closed lid on a slow fire.
  • It is important to note that the total time that should beCook a mixture of walnuts and pepper, should not be less than 15 minutes. And another important point: it is desirable that the ready soup harko infused for at least 5 minutes.