kefir with gastritis Unfortunately, today gastritisalmost every second adult person. An important role in this case is played by malnutrition. Many of the fair sex do not neglect fast food, half-finished products and instant food. But a full and balanced diet ensures the normal functioning of all organs. In most cases, vitamins and minerals enter our body through food (vegetables, fruits).

What is gastritis and why do we suffer from it

For example, you could have in your student yearseverything you want without suffering from heartburn and colic. But in 30 or 40 years you suddenly have been diagnosed with gastritis. In fact, this disease can occur suddenly after a few years. A serious aggravation threatens lovers of irregular snacks, as well as those who are fond of chips, crackers and alcoholic beverages. Features of the disease Gastritis can be divided into several stages: initial, exacerbation, post-rehabilitation period. The acute form often occurs after eating food that is highly irritating to the gastric mucosa, and after medications (especially antibiotics). Also, you can earn this disease if the fair sex is always very nervous. Stress, hysteria, insomnia, wrong way of life - all this affects our health. What is the symptomatology of the disease? First, there is pain and nausea, which quickly passes. The chronic form of the disease develops almost asymptomatically, but from time to time there is a deterioration. Against the background of a constant inflammatory lesion of the mucosa begins changes that lead to a malfunction in the smooth operation of the stomach. If you do not take up the treatment of gastritis in time, it can develop into more serious diseases (ulcer, cancer). The same diagnosis can occur in people in different ways, so do not engage in self-medication. First you have to see a gastroenterologist to determine the stage and degree of inflammation. And only on the basis of tests, he can prescribe drugs and develop a diet. Gastritis can be manifested as mild irritation of the mucosa. In more severe forms, small ulcers or purulent inflammation with destruction of the walls of the stomach are diagnosed. is it possible to have kefir with gastritis

How to eat properly with gastritis

Many women complain about workthe digestive tract. So, for example, they sometimes have a sudden upset and pain in the stomach, with no apparent reasons for not. A temporary change of diet usually helps the body to recover faster. Usually doctors in this case suspect gastritis and prescribe a special diet. By the way, a special diet should be observed not only during rehabilitation, but also for some time after treatment. Proper nutrition with gastritis should comply with the following points:

  • Food should be not very heavy

Light foods are quickly absorbed and not burdenedstomach. Thus, all energy resources that are not consumed for digesting food can be thrown on restoring balance in the body. If you eat a piece of mutton and bread and butter, after 2-3 hours you will have to call an ambulance. A sharp pain in the abdomen will be provided.

  • Food should be at room temperature

Too hot or too cold dishesirritate the mucosa of your stomach. Therefore, always make sure that the food on your plate is slightly warm. So, for example, pour a cup of tea or herbal decoction, wait 15-20 minutes or dilute the drink with water.

  • To eat it is necessary fractional

People suffering from gastritis should be eaten asat least 5 times a day. In this case, portions should be small. Do not forget about breakfasts and dinners! At work, do not snack buns, it's better to take from the house sudokchek with porridge and vegetable salad.

  • We exclude harmful products

Fried, smoked, salted, peppered,pickled and canned are excluded from the diet. About sausage products also have to forget. Do not use beverages that contain too many chemical additives. The same goes for the rest of the products.

  • Cook or bake

In fact, virtually all vegetables and fruitscan be attributed both to the category of harmful and useful products. It all depends on the method of preparation. If you cook steamed, cooked or baked in the sleeve (naturally, without the addition of marinades and seasonings), then there will be no harm from such food.

  • We use liquid

The more fluid you drink, the better. In some cases, the use of sour-milk products is recommended. For example, in the evening before going to bed you can eat a couple of crackers with kefir. But with fresh milk is better not to experiment, because it will be worse. Whether it is possible to drink kefir at a gastritis The use of yogurt at a gastritis is not counter-indicative, however in a stage of the acute form it is possible to drink only fat-free product. So, for example, with reduced or normal acidity, it is better to choose one-day kefir. With increased gastric secretion, it is necessary to reduce the acidity level and switch to a gentle diet. Sometimes in such cases, the use of sour kefir is worth stopping. Determine your level of acidity will help a special test, which is conducted in the hospital. Also, some symptoms (bad appetite and rumbling in the abdomen) can speak about the level of the secretory activity of the stomach. Clear signs of a high level are heartburn and eructation. Why comply with kefir diet with gastritis The main meaning of a diet for gastritis is to irritate the stomach mucosa as less as possible to remove inflammation. If the walls continue to be traumatized (as a result of unbalanced nutrition), the healing process may be delayed. Plus, the disease can develop into a chronic one. Overeating contributes to the production of gastric juice, so it is better to eat less, but more often. Kefir diet helps to normalize the level of acidity, thereby facilitating the process of digestion. Before you go to bed, do not overeat, it's better to limit yourself to a light snack. After the last reception, it is undesirable to be kept for at least an hour. Useful properties of yogurt Kefir with gastritis is recommended to drink as the main element of the therapeutic diet (as a snack or light dinner). This drink lowers the blood sugar level, and also suppresses the processes of putrefaction in the stomach. The constant use of kefir normalizes metabolic processes and has a rejuvenating effect on the body. Taking a portion of this product shortly before breakfast, you can improve your appetite. In some cases with gastritis kefir diet for a few days removes unpleasant symptoms. Due to its fixing properties, it helps to eliminate intestinal upset. To drink kefir is necessary for increasing the immunity and normalizing the digestive system. Regular use of a fermented milk product has a calming effect on the nervous system. If gastritis is medicated, kefir will help to eliminate the harmful effects of drugs. To improve the state of the digestive system in chronic form, sometimes doctors recommend drinking at least half a cup of this drink before each meal. During periods of exacerbation, to remove unpleasant symptoms you should drink a low-fat product. For prevention, you should continue to drink kefir regularly. Such unloading of the stomach will reduce the likelihood of exacerbation of a chronic disease. Pay attention to the temperature of the drink. Do not use the product from the refrigerator! "But in summer I drink only cold water," you will say. Then it's not surprising that you have gastritis!