therapeutic Kalanchoe Kalanchoe is a succulent perennial plant. It can be found in many homes. It is unpretentious, and does not require special care, enough bright light and moderate watering. For the fact that the plant has medicinal properties, it is often called the "green pharmacy" and "home doctor in the flowerpot." The Kalanchoe juice is a real elixir of health. Healing properties of it are known from time immemorial and today they are successfully used in folk and official medicine. It is generally believed that the house where this flower lives is less affected.

Blooming pharmacy on the windowsill

The Kalanchoe juice contains many useful substances: polysaccharides, tannins, flavonoids, organic acids, enzymes, micro and macro elements, vitamins and other biologically active substances. Preparations, which contain this plant, are used in surgery, dentistry, gynecology. They are successfully used in otolaryngological and ophthalmological practice, in cosmetology. The Kalanchoe juice is an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, the plant has hemostatic and wound healing properties, helps to heal wounds more quickly, promotes tissue regeneration. This is an indispensable tool for burns and ulcers, furunculosis, varicose veins. Medicinal preparations based on Kalanchoe are used for colds, for inflammation of the gums, for diseases of the ears and throat. Kalanchoe is part of many ointments and cosmetics that are used to care for the skin. Traditional medicine uses Kalanchoe juice as an external remedy for the treatment of wounds that do not heal for a long time, bedsores, trophic ulcers. Inside it is taken with coughing, with inflammation in the stomach and kidneys, with a cold and sinus in the nose. curative leaves of Kalanchoe

The famous Kalanchoe Degremona

There are more than 200 species of this plant,one of the most famous - Kalanchoe Degremona. It is on its triangular leaves grows a large number of "air children", which, breaking away from the mother plant, take root themselves. For this feature, the plant is called viviparous. Due to this, it reproduces very quickly and enables a person to constantly use his medicinal properties. This plant has another name - "Goethe's flower". The great poet admired the vital energy of this plant. Every day he used to eat a tablespoon of "children" Kalanchoe Degremona as a means of rejuvenating the body. The leaves of this flower are a storehouse of vitamins. They can be used for food, adding to vinaigrettes, potato salads. There are other recipes, for example, you can add a fresh cucumber and avocado to the finely cut leaves of Kalanchoe Degremona. As a dressing for this vitamin salad, any vegetable oil and a little lemon juice will do. During the vitamin deficiency this salad is simply irreplaceable. Application of the plant is recommended for those who suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis. The substances contained in it, have a beneficial effect on the oral cavity, help reduce inflammation and reduce bleeding gums. The juice of the plant is perfect for irrigation of the mouth. It is not difficult to make it: lower the leaves, chop the resulting slurry and filter. Irrigation should be done twice a day after brushing your teeth. It is advisable to use freshly prepared juice. The healing properties of the plant help to improve the condition of the gums. It is enough to wipe them with juice. The healing properties of this plant make it possible to make a real elixir that can activate vital processes in the body, increase its protective functions. For its preparation leaves are kept on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator for 12 days. Then you need to squeeze out the juice from these leaves and drip in the nose for 3-5 drops before you leave the house. This is an excellent preventive tool in the fight against colds. Juice is able in a few minutes to reduce the pain of wounds on the body. Kalanchoe Degremona is used as a means of fighting tuberculosis and stomach ulcers.

Some medicinal recipes

When using juice for preventive purposes inDuring the month, you can save yourself from colds and other viral diseases. Coryza can be cured in a few days. Aqueous solution will help to cope with conjunctivitis. Prepare a solution simply. To do this, squeeze the Kalanchoe juice and mix it with cold boiled water in a ratio of 1: 2. Apply as a lotion on the eyes. Ointments are also easy to prepare by yourself. To do this, the juice of the plant (30 g) is mixed with vaseline and lanolin (50 g each). Such ointments are stored in the refrigerator for a long time. This balm helps get rid of pimples and boils. For external use, alcoholic tinctures are suitable. Recipes are simple. Half a glass jar needs to be filled with crushed leaves of Kalanchoe. Top up with vodka and leave in a dark cool place for a week. Periodically it is necessary to shake the jar. This tincture is rubbed on the feet at night with varicose veins and pains in the joints. To rub it is necessary in a direction from a foot and upwards. The use of this tincture will help with ear inflammation. It is enough to bury one drop at night. To improve vision, take a tablespoon three times a day for 14 days. Irreplaceable Kalanchoe for mastitis. Here are some recipes: you need to squeeze a little juice and lubricate them areoles around the nipples, do compresses on the mammary glands three times a day. This will help to quickly remove the temperature. The Kalanchoe juice helps to get rid of cervical erosion at the initial stage. To do this, use tampons soaked in plant juice. With toothache you just need to chew a leaf of a plant and attach it to a sore spot. Repeat the procedure if necessary. therapeutic properties of Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe on guard of beauty

This wonderful plant helps to get rid ofdark circles under the eyes. For this, it is necessary to attach the leaves without the skin to the lower eyelid. Cut along the leaf will help improve the complexion if you wipe your face daily after removing makeup. A fresh juice of the plant will help get rid of acne if applied two to three times a day. It helps the Kalanchoe to defeat the warts. For this, the leaves are crushed and applied as a compress to the warts.

Other types of plants

Among the many species is also known KalanchoeKalandiva and Blossfeld, flowering with small bright red, orange or yellow flowers, which are collected in inflorescences-umbrellas. Kalanchoe Kalandiva - a hybrid, which appeared due to the sight of Blossfeld, which became the basis for breeding and breeding a new species. They differ in size, and also because Kalandiva blooms much longer than Blossfeld. Flowering can last up to six months. The plant has a fantastic energy. Finding him in the room helps to raise vitality, improve mood, tune in to work. To feel the surge of energy, it's enough just to stay close to the plant for half an hour. If you put this house doctor in the bedroom, then he will provide healthy dreams without nightmares. In addition, clean the premises of harmful microbes.

Contraindications for the use of Kalanchoe

Despite all the useful properties, applicationThis plant is not shown to everyone. It is forbidden to use it for people suffering from allergies, liver diseases, pregnant women. Do not use it for people with low blood pressure, suffering from diabetes.