justified Let's honestly admit: we all use occasional excuses and excuses from time to time. It's such a "little, white, fluffy" lie that helps us out, for example, if you do not want to talk right now with your girlfriend on the phone, or you can already fulfill your mother's promise yesterday. Or in the morning you are horrified by the need to get up and drag yourself to work, and this is after a very successful yesterday's party with friends! And some simply do not hear the alarm clock in the morning. Of course, there are such unique people who wake up before the alarm goes off, and they, fresh and cheerful from the very morning, happily greet the new day. But these are very rare species that are on the verge of extinction. Most of us hardly wake up in the mornings, eternally somewhere is late and therefore is constantly justified. Interestingly, someone does it with brilliance, and such a young lady always comes out of the water easily. Why? Yes, because she knows how to correctly justify. Imagine a good excuse really help to relieve you of the burden of guilt in the eyes of others. Therefore, you should learn to find yourself a good excuse, and most importantly - to learn how to properly present it.

How to present an excuse correctly

  • Address to the person before whom youYou are justified, with respect. Try to even make a compliment, if it is appropriate and the situation allows. Say, for example: "Knowing your generosity, I'm counting on indulgence." Or something of the sort - depending on the situation and the degree of proximity of your relationship.
  • Never grumble, do not chew sounds ("uh,"Mmm"). It does not give you credibility at all. On the contrary, it will immediately become clear that you are lying, and you will look very foolish. Speak confidently to convince the person to whom your justification is meant.
  • Stay straight, do not slouch. The dropped head and shoulders serve as a non-verbal cue for your guilt. Do not forget about another non-verbal signal: running eyes or a look directed away from the interlocutor, they say that you are dishonest. So look straight into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Hold on confidently, but speak with a slightly apologetic tone.
  • Try to follow the expression of your face. Smile or keep a neutral, calm expression - again, depending on the situation.
  • If you are asked any questions related to your excuse, answer quickly, without long pauses. Otherwise it will be clear that you're thinking about another pretext.
  • Try to find reasonable and convincingexcuses. If you give free rein to your imagination, you can get bogged down in a web of lies. And the justifications will look implausible. And do not forget later what you were talking about, otherwise you'll expose yourself.


How to come up with a good excuse?

Not so often we have a reala valid reason, which can serve as an excuse. Most often it is necessary to resort to "small, white, fluffy." Sometimes, we get to the head of brilliant excuses: "I already went to the subway, but some guy who bought a glass of coffee in the vending machine, accidentally splashed it on my blouse. So I had to come back to change my clothes. " Or: "An elderly woman fell on a frozen snow-covered puddle. It seems that she broke her leg, and I called an ambulance and waited for her arrival. " In a pinch, like: "The bus was not getting through, and I took a taxi, and the taxi driver took me to the wrong address." But more often to find a plausible excuse is not so easy. In the head come platitudes. When we have to work off from work, we begin to put pressure on pity: we have to "bury" the grandmother, the dog, the goldfish. Or we begin to weave and in general something awkward. As a schoolboy boy, who did not come up with anything better to justify his absenteeism than to bring an explanatory note "from the pope", written by the own hand of the truant. In short, who was justified - he knows how hard it is to come up with a good justification. Let's try together to find options for excuses! exculpate

Different excuses for different people and situations

Did not do your homework? This is very bad! Try not to do so! True, there are really respectful situations that an adult person may seem disrespectful. For example, not every teacher will agree that the birth of your cat's kittens could be an excuse that you did not even remember yesterday about textbooks and notebooks. And how to justify a girl who does not mind anything but thoughts about a nice classmate who just sent her a valentine yesterday? And anyway, do not tell the respected teacher that you preferred playing the Playstation to studying such "interesting" formulas! Well, let's think of something. Just do not try to say something like "the dog ate a notebook with my composition"! It has been working for a long time already! It is better to give reasons related to some crisis situations in the family - for example, a brother or sister lies in a hospital, it was necessary to take the necessary things. Or your grandmother was ill, you had to help her clean up, go to the grocery store and cook food. Your aunt was detained at work, and you had to take the nephew from the nursery and look after him. In any case, the fact remains that in emergency situations your help to family members will always be perceived as an essential justification. How to take time off work. "Arsenal" good reasons to create better in advance, so that at the right time you can justify yourself without much effort. Agree, with a sick head after the birthday of his girlfriend is hard to come up with something weighty and believable. Just remember that at this age it's no longer worth burying your grandmother for the twentieth time, and it's not worthwhile to acquire ten brothers and sisters who are constantly ill. Some of the justifications for "big girls" we already mentioned, you can think of something else in the same vein. The main thing is that your excuses are still very diverse. The car is an important tool in the formation of excuses. The machine may die halfway, it may break. It can pick up the tow truck, it can be stolen (preferably, of course, so that all this does not happen really!). The last one - hijacking a car - can serve as an ideal reason if you needed to get out of work right in the morning without leaving home. If you woke up and "did not find" the car under the windows, this not only means that you, naturally, can not come to work now, but you will have to spend the whole day in the police (well, of course!). And then it turns out that our valiant policemen will find your car by 5 pm, and tomorrow you will be able to safely ride it to work. If you violated the traffic rules. By the way, about the car. If you are stopped for some kind of violation, for any woman there is a simple, but very effective remedy: pour in tears! Yes, just start crying like a child; the masculine heart of a policeman will not survive, and there is a very high probability that you will be released without a fine, only severely threatening your finger. Just do not try to make a militiaman sexual hints, if you do not want to cry or do not get. It is better to offer money.

Last warning

At the end of this slightly trivial article I wanted toit would be quite serious to say: remember that you can not make constant justifications for doing your own way of life. Than justify without end, it is better to learn to be punctual. Of course, anything can happen, it is sometimes impossible to do without some excuses. Just remember that some people know us very well and see right through. So sometimes it's better to tell them the truth. We advise you to read: