travel italy Here it is, a long-awaited vacation! You've been waiting for this for several long months, anticipating the warm sun and the soft, gentle sand under your feet. Finally, you can relax and do not remember the hated call of the alarm clock in the morning and traffic jams. A vacation, a time of rest and enjoyment - and it's quite close!

Required documents

So, you will travel to Italy 2weeks-what to bring with you? Of course, the main thing is that you just need to put in a travel bag - a passport, a cash euro or a bank card, with which you can withdraw money from the ATM. It is advisable to take both, in case cash is not enough, this may well happen! If you bought air tickets over the Internet, then you have nothing to worry about, you just need to come with a passport to the check-in counter and register for the flight. And if all the same tickets you have on hand, then they also need to be put in a bag at once, so as not to forget. italy journey by car

Take care of your health

For people with poor eyesight, you can recommendstock up new contact lenses and a special solution with a packing capacity of not more than 100 ml. If the volume is more, when passing customs control you will be asked to pull the container out of the bag and will not be allowed to take it on board the aircraft. In advance, consider where you will pack your luggage, so as not to rush at the last moment in the shops in search of a suitable travel bag or suitcase. Of course, any thing now is not a problem to buy on arrival at the store, if you forget something when collecting. So do not make a tragedy of it. But some things need to be taken care of beforehand. For example, buy comfortable shoes if you have a lot to go around. On a trip with you should always be a first aid kit with the minimum set of the most necessary medicines. Many people completely forget about this and very much regret later when the head suddenly suddenly rises on the road or takes a stomach. Therefore, analgin, tsitramon and mezim must be with you without fail. Also it does not hurt to stock up with plasters and green, activated charcoal, and some remedy for colds. Your luggage is not heavier, but it can help in an emergency situation.

How to preserve the memory of the impressions received?

Traveling in Italy is very usefulphrasebook. You will feel much more comfortable if some elementary phrases can be pronounced in Italian. Such a phrasebook can be bought in any bookstore, and if you have a communicator or another convenient gadget, you can download a great Italian-Russian dictionary and phrases in Italian. Italy is a wonderful country, and most tourists go there not only for beach rest, but also to get acquainted with its sights. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase in advance a guidebook with a description of all the most famous places and events that you can visit during your vacation. Usually the guidebooks also contain a lot of useful information concerning national traditions, addresses of banks and hotels, emergency telephones. In addition, you can not do without a camera, because to visit Italy and not bring from there, except for a great mood and souvenirs, and also photo-evidence of your trip - it is unforgivable! This country is worth keeping the memory of her visit in your family photo album.

Travel by car in Italy

If you are going to do in Italytraveling by car-what to take with you will be number one. On this trip, your main assistant and friend is your car, which must be taken care of. Therefore, the car must be fully functional. It is impossible to hope in this case for "maybe", this is not a serious approach. Pre-visit the Autotechcenter and make sure that everything is in order with the car. It will also be superfluous to have a spare tire and tire repair kit in the trunk, you can buy it in any car dealer. As for gasoline, there are refueling everywhere, but it will be very prudent of you to take a pair of cans of gasoline on the road, you never know! Now it is difficult to find a driver who does not use the navigator. But if there is a road to unknown areas, then the question whether to take the navigator or not to take, disappears. Take, definitely! And it does not hurt to take a paper version of the map of the area ,. Technical assistants, of course, are very helpful, but let the old good card be at hand. And, of course, take a driver's license with you, otherwise it will be very unpleasant if, after driving a decent distance from home, you will find their absence; such cases have been for unlucky travelers. As you could see, travel to Italy needs to be prepared more carefully than, say, a trip to popular Egypt or Turkey among Russians. And the story of what to take with them on a trip to Egypt, Turkey and other warm countries is a completely different story. We advise you to read: