jelly cake with fruit Each cake recipe is a unique culinaryhistory, subject to all lovers of baking. If you want to prepare an appetizing dessert, we recommend you to choose the instruction depending on your abilities and experience with the test. So, a professional cook, of course, can make any dish, whether it's jelly cake or biscuit with an incredibly tender protein or curd cream. A beginner who only learns the basics of culinary art, it is better to first get acquainted with a simpler dish - in this case, we recommend to take a note on the recipe, which will be discussed below. Today we will introduce the readers to an incredibly juicy and fresh dish. Jelly-fruit dessert is an ideal treat for lovers of sweet. It turns out very beautiful, always enjoys special popularity among guests and is instantly eaten up. If you are planning a festive feast in the near future, we recommend preparing a sponge cake with jelly and berries, just pick the right recipe and put it into practice in your kitchen. We, in turn, will offer the most appetizing version of a cake with a jelly-fruit layer. It not only refreshes perfectly during a hot picnic, but also cheers up the guests in the midst of any solemn event. jelly cake with fruit

Cake "Jelly Tenderness" with fruits and jelly

Want to please your family and friends with appetizingdelicacy? Then read this recipe - it's so simple that making a cake is not difficult even for a beginner. Jelly-fruit dessert will diversify your usual menu, decorating it with all sorts of flavor tones. As a filling for the dish you can use pineapples, peaches, currants, scarlet strawberries, tender raspberries. It's up to you to decide what to add to the jelly cake, because everyone has their own eating habits. So, let's start with a simple recipe, and next time we'll master the original dish, which requires professional skills from the confectioner. Ingredients: For biscuit cake:

  • 110 grams of sifted flour
  • three eggs
  • powdered sugar or sand - 150 grams

Basis for the cake:

  • packing fatty sour cream
  • powdered sugar - to taste
  • 80 grams of fresh strawberries
  • fifteen grams of gelatin (if desired, you can make a fruit cake with the addition of multi-colored jelly)
  • 100 grams of raspberries

Cooking method: Not every hostess can successfully master the biscuit recipe. It is not for nothing that it is believed that this dough is very tender and demanding in circulation, that's why many are simply afraid to deal with it. But this does not mean that you need to drop your hands and put off trying to bake a delicious cake. A little practice, skill and, you will be surprised how delicious the dish will turn out. The main thing - do not be lazy and remember a few subtleties. The jelly-fruit dessert is perfectly combined with the biscuit test, which is why we will make delicate cakes. So, first separate the proteins from the yolks and arrange them on different plates. Then combine the latter with half the portion of sugar indicated in the culinary instruction. The first movements of the whisk should be light and weightless, but as the mass increases in volume, you should accelerate. When the yolks become homogeneous and fluffy, pay attention to the proteins. Pour the remaining sand into them and beat thoroughly with a mixer or blender. In the end, a strong, very dense foam should form. On average, the mixing procedure takes about ten minutes. Note, ideally, even after the end of whipping, the protein mass does not sit down. It is this effect that you should achieve, otherwise the jelly-fruit biscuit will turn out to be thin and not too appetizing in appearance. Now, using a fine sieve, sift the wheat flour twice. Put the yolks into the protein mixture and gently mix it several times with a silicone spatula. When the mass becomes uniform and acquires a single color, pour the flour into it, adding the product in small portions. Work with a spatula or a whisk until you get an airy, elastic dough. The recipe has almost come to an end, a little more and a jelly-fruit dessert will appear on your table. In the meantime, cover the inside of the mold with parchment, if desired, lubricate it with a small piece of butter. Then pour the dough into the dishes, gently level it on the top with a spatula and send the biscuit to the preheated oven. Bake at a temperature of no higher than 190-200 degrees. When the cake changes color and turns brownish-golden, carefully open the door and remove the product. Puncture it with a match, if it remains dry, then the dish is ready. Set it aside for half an hour to cool down. Finally, the turn came to gelatin: pour it into a deep bowl and pour it with warm water. We recommend using a quick-dissolving product - this will significantly shorten the time of preparing the fruit cake. As soon as the gelatin swells, put it on a quiet fire and heat it with constant stirring. Attention, do not boil the product in any way, otherwise the jelly-fruit dessert will not simply solidify. When finished, combine the sour cream with the sugar powder and carefully beat the ingredients, and after they have a uniform consistency, enter the cooled gelatin. Mix the mass well, and divide the biscuit with a knife into two round cakes of the same size. As you can see, the recipe is not as complex as it might seem in the beginning. It remains to assemble the jelly-fruit dessert. To do this, wash the raspberries and strawberries, if necessary, remove the stems and excess leaves. The more foods you add to the dish, the more delicious it will turn out. Cut the strawberry into thin slices and proceed to assemble the cake. Apply a thick layer of cream on the first cake, decorate with fruits and cover with the second biscuit. In the same way, treat the dessert with the remaining sour cream sauce from all sides. Then lay on the top in the form of a pattern of strawberries and raspberries. This jelly-fruit biscuit can be made in many colors. In this case, buy the usual jelly in sachets and prepare it according to the instructions given on the package. When it is sufficiently solid, cut the product into medium pieces and lay it on the finished cake. Also, jelly can be decomposed between tiers of dishes: to do this, divide the biscuit into two or three parts, then lower the cream with cream, and from above distribute the colored sweet cubes and cover everything with the second product. Acting in the same way, make the third "floor" of the cake. Then decorate the jelly dessert with fresh fruit and call your loved ones at the table. If you do not have enough time to cook, but you really want to eat something sweet, the following recipe will come to your rescue. Buy ready-made sponge cakes and treat them with an appetizing cream, the variants of which are mass. For example, you can mix sour cream or fatty cream with sugar, add a little vanilla essence or lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Delicious jelly cake is also obtained with cottage cheese sauce. Lubricate the bottom cake with cream, then spread the fruit on it. It can be canned pineapples, peaches, fresh bananas, kiwi, strawberries and other berries. If you plan to make a fruit cake, be sure to buy ripe and firm fruit, otherwise the product will "flow". Cover the first tier with a second crust, then treat the sides and top with the remains of a sweet cream. To decorate desserts, use everything to which the "shower" lies: cocoa powder, grated chocolate, fresh or canned berries. Baking jelly cake is very simple, so why not treat yourself and your family with a delicate treat? Stay with us, and you will learn how to cook deliciously, quickly and with health benefits.