jelly broken glass Desserts are a nice addition to a meal,decorating the table and raising the mood. However, most desserts warm the soul, but spoil the body. They spoil in the sense that they do not have a good effect on the figure: sweeties are added by kilograms. But there are also quite safe dishes among desserts. For example, fruit or milk jelly - light, sweet, and yes even useful. The recipe for any jelly is quite universal, and these dishes differ mainly in ingredients. Try to cook, for example, jelly "Broken glass". His recipe is known in two interpretations: as "just jelly" and as a cake. The cake "Broken glass" is prepared both on a biscuit cake and without a dough base. A jelly with this name happens to be transparent, and in a milky "shell". Actually, it is the recipe for these variants of jelly "Broken Glass" that we suggest you choose.

Quick cake "Broken glass"

This is a dessert recipe, in which a combination of dairy and clear fruit jelly. Such a cake is prepared very quickly, it turns out delicious, light and beautiful. Ingredients:

  • 1 packet (200 g) of cottage cheese;
  • 1 package (450 g) of liquid yogurt;
  • 25 g of gelatin;
  • 3 packings of different-colored fruit jelly in powder;
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Preparation: To begin with, we will prepare a multi-colored fruit jelly and dilute it in different dishes (the recipe is indicated on the package). To make jelly more "strong", take water less than the volume indicated on the package. Usually a glass of water per pack of powder is enough. So, we dilute the powder and pour the jelly into three small forms. We leave to freeze, and to speed up the process, we put it in the refrigerator. As soon as the jelly completely solidifies, we take it from the refrigerator and cut it into multicolored cubes. Fill all the gelatin with half a glass of water, wait, when it swells and is heated in a water bath so that the solution becomes transparent. Cottage cheese is mixed with yoghurt and whisked in a blender or with a mixer. In this mixture, pour prepared gelatin and whisk again. Any suitable dishes (a high bowl, a saucepan) with a round bottom are lined with a food film so that it hangs over the sides of the dishes. We put into it the cubes of fruit jelly and fill it with a curd-yogurt mixture. We send the saucepan to the fridge and wait for the jelly to solidify. The frozen cake is taken out of the saucepan. To do this, cover it with a wide dish or a cake pan and turn it over. Remove the cake from the pan first, then the film. Cake "Broken Glass" is ready! We admire our creation, and then evaluate the taste. You should like it! recipe for jelly broken glass

Jelly based on condensed milk

The recipe for this variant of jelly "Broken glass" is distinguished by the presence of condensed milk in it. Somehow the taste of such a jelly resembles the famous soufflé "Bird's Milk". Try it! Ingredients:

  • 4 packs of multi-colored jelly in powder;
  • 400 g of whole condensed milk;
  • 2 packs of gelatin.

Preparation: The recipe for making fruit jelly again look at the packaging. We prepare it in accordance with instructions and pour it on different not very deep molds. Leave to freeze our multi-colored jelly for three hours. When it is ready, cut the cubes from it and pour them into a pre-prepared shape (preferably square or rectangular). Gelatin (both packs) pour half a glass of cold boiled water and wait for it to swell. If you need to follow the instructions (recipe look at the package), heat the gelatin in a water bath, adding to it another half a glass of water. If you do not need to heat up, then just dilute it with this amount of water until completely dissolved. Mix gelatin with the condensed milk and fill this mixture with multi-colored jelly cubes. Gently, but carefully mix the milk gelatin mixture with jelly cubes and put them into the refrigerator. It takes about six hours for the dessert to be ready. Ready "Broken glass" is taken out of the form, for which we lower it for a few seconds in boiling water and cut into portions. delicious jelly broken glass

Other variants of jelly "Broken glass"

As you have already understood, the principle of preparing thisdessert is universal: colorful pieces of frozen jelly are poured with liquid jelly, after which everything is left again for complete dessert curing. Multicolored cubes are prepared from powdered fruit jelly, and you can also make a liquid base from a transparent, not very bright fruit jelly (lemon, for example) or on the basis of fresh milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt, cream, sour cream or condensed milk. Such a milk base can be diversified by making it chocolate (with cocoa) or coffee. Very delicious will this dessert based on strawberries with cream. By the way, some mistresses for these purposes use fruit yoghurts or ready milkshakes. Another option of this dessert is to add to the colorful cubes pieces of fresh fruit or berries. Especially delicious will be "Broken Glass" with fruit, if the fruit will be the same as the jelly for the cubes. For example, oranges, grapes, strawberries and strawberry, orange and grape jelly. If you want to make a cake "Broken glass" on the basis of cake, then bake a traditional biscuit and place the cake in a round shape with detachable sides. Then lay on it cubes of multi-colored jelly and pour a prepared gelatin mixture. When the top layer of the cake has solidified, remove the sides of the mold and transfer it to the dish. In additional decorations, such a cake does not need. In short, fantasize, experiment and cook this dessert and other equally tasty dishes. Cook with pleasure, and a pleasant appetite for you! We advise you to read: