Japanese diet 13 days The Japanese diet is surrounded by various speculations andrumors. Some argue that it was developed in the famous slimming clinic of Japan, and someone is sure that the women of the country of the rising sun themselves came up with this technique. But anyway, this diet quickly spread all over the world and became very popular. The Japanese diet for 13 days is designed for women who are stable, ready to make many sacrifices in pursuit of beauty and harmony. I must say that these victims fully justify themselves, because "Japanese woman" allows you to lose 8-12 kilograms. And all this for some two weeks! The main thing is to "enter" the diet correctly, and just as "get out" from it.

Preparing for a hunger strike

First of all, adjust yourself to what is already through13 days you will become slender and beautiful, you can wear your favorite dress and do not hesitate to visit the pool or the beach. On the eve of a diet, you do not need to load the body with a dense dinner. Prepare something easy, not high-calorie. For example, boil some wild rice and make a vegetable salad with olive oil. Even this evening you can try to eat without salt or at least reduce its number several times. A good "helper" to you will become Chinese chopsticks. Get them in advance and try to dine with their help. Many women argue that the only kind of this cutlery makes you feel light and weightless, like a bird. diet 13 days Japanese

Important restrictions of the Japanese diet

The main thing - in no case do not give upstarted diet. Do not change products, use only those indicated in the menu, even if it seems to you that the replacement will not affect anything. "Japanese" is aimed at restoring metabolic processes, and all products are selected with special care. In the days of the hunger strike, refuse the products listed below.

  • Salt, because it has the property of retaining fluid in the body;
  • Sugar, which is the first enemy of harmony;
  • Bread. Especially from higher grades of wheat. You can eat only those baked goods that are in the menu;
  • Alcoholic beverages. A glass of wine drunk at dinner will bring all your efforts to naught. Alcohol has the property to change the work of the organs not for the better, but also it slows the excretion of toxins and toxins.

During a diet, it is necessary to drink plenty of water,preferably mineral and without gases. So you will protect yourself from dehydration. Young lactating mothers are not recommended to injure their body with diets. Postpone the question of losing weight until the baby grows up.

Menu of the first week of the diet

Well, here we have mastered the basic rules, now let's consider the menu of the Japanese diet by days. The first day

  • Breakfast - coffee black. For your own sake, natural coffee will be useful. It contains antioxidants. Soluble "burda" is not recommended to use, regardless of whether you are dieting or not;
  • Lunch - eggs and vegetables. Boil two eggs, preferably hard-boiled. Prepare salad from steamed cabbage (you can take Peking), flavor it with olive oil. By the way, you can eat this salad in any quantity, without limiting yourself;
  • Dinner is on this day fishy. Buy any fish for your taste. The main thing that it was not too greasy. Fish can be cooked and fried in olive oil.

Second day

  • Breakfast - coffee with rye croutons;
  • Lunch - fish and vegetables. We prepare fish as on the first day. For a garnish, make a salad of cabbage, cucumber and radish. If desired, you can add tomatoes;
  • Dinner is meat. Boil a piece of beef - gram 150. Eat it with pleasure and drink a glass of yogurt or curdled milk (with a low fat content).

Day Three

  • Breakfast is the same as yesterday;
  • Lunch vegetable. Take zucchini or eggplant, cut into slices and fry in olive oil. You can also use sesame oil - it will add a special flavor to the dish;
  • Dinner - eggs, meat and vegetables. Boil the beef and a couple of eggs, make a cabbage salad. This time you can use corn oil for refueling.

Day four

  • Breakfast - just coffee;
  • For lunch, you can use a little cheese - gram20, not more. And also two boiled carrots and a raw testicle. By the way, carrots can be mixed with grated cheese and filled with any butter - you will get a delicious and healthy salad;
  • Dinner is fruit on this day. You can eat any fruit, except bananas and grapes. Do not eat too much. It is better to divide the dinner twice, so the hunger will be felt less.

Day five

  • Today breakfast is hearty - a large raw carrot, grating on a large grater and seasoned with lemon juice;
  • Lunch is fish. Fry or boil gram 150 of any fish, drink tomato juice;
  • Dinner, as well as yesterday - fruit.

Day Six

  • For breakfast, the same coffee;
  • Meat lunch. Only now we eat chicken. Breast half the breast, if there is no breast, any part of the chicken will fit, only without fat and skin. To garnish salad from cabbage or carrots (in raw form);
  • We dine with eggs and boiled carrots.

Day Seven

  • For breakfast, drink a cup of herbal or plain green tea;
  • Lunch - boiled beef and fruit (except banana and grapes);
  • Dinner - any of the already listed.

Japanese diet for 13 days

Menu of the second week of the diet

The first half of the diet has passed, now the menu is repeated:

  • Day eight is the sixth day;
  • The ninth day repeats the fifth day;
  • The tenth day is the same as the fourth;
  • The eleventh is the third;
  • The twelfth is the second;
  • And the last - the first.

So the Japanese diet came to an end. Now the main thing is to get out of it. Do not immediately attack the too sweet, salty and smoked goodies. Let your menu for the next 3-4 days contains the same products as during the diet. Enter the usual diet gradually, and then the lost pounds will never return.

Some features of the "Japanese"

  • Fast weight loss is observed in the first half of the diet, in subsequent days the plumb is no more than 200 grams per day;
  • You can change coffee for green tea - it will be more useful for the body. However, the effectiveness of the diet will decrease;
  • You can not sit on such a diet for more than 13 days, and you can use it no more than once a year;
  • If you are worried about headaches and weakness, more often go out into the open air, try not to overdo it;
  • Ideally, before starting a diet, you should consult your doctor.

Yes, the Japanese diet is classified as harddiets. Not everyone can withstand it. But if you still managed to hold out the right time, be sure to review your future diet and general lifestyle. Try to walk, sign up for any physical training or dance school, eat only natural products - then your figure will always look perfect, and you will feel accordingly! We advise you to read: