women's fur coats with fur In our dynamic and fast timemost people welcome maximum comfort and practicality in clothes. If you choose the winter upper part of the wardrobe, then the down jacket just meets these requirements - warm, incredibly comfortable and very light, fits well into the urban and sports style. Modern women's jackets on the fluff will satisfy the taste of even the most capricious fashionista. One of the main trends of the coming season is fur finishing. He touched all the models of outerwear. Of course, women's down jackets are no exception: sleeves, collars and a bottom are decorated with fur details. You can say that women's down jackets with fur - hit the upcoming winter season. They look very elegant and feminine. More expensive models are trimmed with luxurious natural fur, which is cheaper - artificial. Taking into account the popularity of this type of outerwear, the designers tried to surprise us in the winter season 2011-2012 with new models of women's down jackets with fur:

  • Many jackets are made in the style of "retro" inan amazing combination with the style of "art deco." Designers very successfully transferred to modern models the themes of the sixties and eighties. Very stylish look flared silhouettes and short sleeves.
  • In the fashion this winter there will be products of length up tomid-thigh. The designers emphasized the practicality. This model is very convenient, it does not hamper the movement, less marking than long models, but it protects from the cold the lower back and abdomen. A wide belt will perfectly emphasize the waist. With shortened women's down jackets with fur look good with jeans with boots and a skirt with high boots.
  • If you are afraid to freeze in a shortdown jacket, then in many collections you can find the length to the knee or ankle. They are less convenient, but they can protect themselves from the cold even in very severe frost or windy weather.
  • Women's down jackets with fur are relevant in black. They make the image refined and elegant. Not behind the popularity of chocolate, terracotta, gray and violet shades. Very fashionable will be feather jackets of bright colors from glossy materials. Such fabrics look very stylish, give juiciness and saturation to color.
  • Down jackets for women 2010-2011 with fur were popularin white and beige colors. These colors did not go off the fashion podium all last season. To create a discreet and elegant image, they will be universal this year.
  • Fashion trend - sleeveless outerwear -touched and down jackets. Decorated with fur, they look incredibly stylish. On their basis, you can create very original images. Do not lose relevance and sleeve length three quarters.
  • The details decorating down jackets for women with fur, will be buttons. Actual will be and a large number of them, and large sizes.

Women's down jackets with fur Despite the widespread popularity of this speciesouterwear, good to pick hard. Very high-quality models of down jackets for women with fur are made by the producers of Canada, Finland, France and Sweden. You can find a decent model of domestic production. It is not recommended to buy inexpensive Chinese products. Hardly as a filler, they used down. Quality models must be sewn from a dense material that does not allow the filler to pass through. To this down jacket is usually attached a bag with a sample of internal content, it should be eider, goose or swan feather. In cheaper models, feathers are added. The Fill Power quality index indicates its elasticity and a value above 550 indicates a high level. The quality product will be well quilted, the size of the cell is limited to twenty centimeters. Original and stylish styles were offered by such well-known brands: Pinko, Betty Blue, Acasta, Moncler, Armani, Iceberg, Clasna. Models of women's fur coats with fur in this season are distinguished by beauty and elegance. They emphasize the merits of the figure, the fur elements add elegance. Among the presented variety of models it is not difficult to choose the right one so that the image is stylish and fashionable. Warm you the winter! We advise you to read: