women's parka jackets Fashion season autumn-winter 2011/2012 offers notDeny yourself the comfort and yet remain feminine and elegant in any weather. In this season on the catwalks along with refined coats and trench coats designers offer warm and practical quilted jackets for women's parks. Such models certainly will please lovers of comfortable, practical clothes for long walks on cold days.

Classic Park

Initially, parka jackets appeared in trendycollections of the 60-ies, embodying the idea of ​​simplicity and minimalism. They were elongated jackets, zip-fastened all along the length. Obligatory elements were kulisks, pulling together at the waist, sleeves and along the bottom edge with the help of a lace. In order to hide from the cold wind, the models were supplemented with hoods with fur trim. Well, since such models should have been as practical as possible, the designers added a lot of pockets: overhead and hidden, external and internal. In such a number of pockets for sure you can put almost everything that would be useful for a walk. Such jackets quickly appreciated the youth, and they became an indispensable attribute of street fashion. These models are still popular now, so fashion houses do not refuse to their customers and offer simple and cozy parks with observance of all the classic rules of cut - you can find them in the collections of Burberry and Girbaud. buy women's park jacket

Luxury in every detail

This season, the designers tried to makeluxurious even such seemingly simple jackets as parks. They are decorated with various buttons and fasteners, the waist is decorated with wide belts - all this makes the silhouettes of the models more feminine and liberated. The favorites of winter collections are fur, which are used not only as a hood finish, but also as the main material. For example, in the collection of Alexander MacQueen there are parks-sheepskins from a rabbit fur inside. Models with fur mink underwear presented in the collection Gaultier, and Iceberg pleased their customers with a woolen drapery park, lined with magnificent fox fur. But for the most exquisite fashionistas this season offers a chinchilla finish, fox fur and more expensive long-haired furs.

For the bravest

Traditional colors for parks are hacks,gray and beige shades. But if you are a self-confident person and want to stand out from the crowd against the backdrop of gray, cold days, you'll probably find more saturated colors. In this season there are no restrictions in color, even the most insane colors are acceptable: orange, sky blue, all shades of fuchsia. Breaking all the canons of classic jacket jackets, the coming season does not adhere to even the standard length (just above the knees), offering fashionistas shortened versions. Naturally, such models are more suitable for adherents sport style. If you are one of them, then you just need to buy a women's parka jacket from the Sportmax or D & G collections. women's jackets and parks

For glamorous and flirty ladies

Do not forget the designers and the girls who have their ownpreference is given to the glamorous style. In the collections of many fashion houses slip models from brilliant flowing fabrics with iridescent buttons and bows on pockets. Hoods are transformed into wide collars with ruffles and various draperies. Often used wide sleeves, flounces, tightened on the brush with satin ribbons. All these elements make park jackets an ideal option for flirtatious, glamorous ladies who are accustomed to constantly being in the center of everyone's attention.

Choice of fabric

The jackets of the park appeared thanks to the peoples of the North,which they served solely for the purpose of protection from strong winds and severe frosts. Therefore, for their manufacture, dense waterproof materials, that is, leather and skins, were used. Naturally, in the collections of modern designers, such materials are practically not used. For classic models, more durable, practical fabrics are selected, so these jackets do not lose their protective functions for a long time. Synthetic fabrics made of nylon thread or cotton with special impregnation possess water-repellent properties. The most modern materials that make jackets more durable are membrane tissues. Now they use different technologies for manufacturing such fabrics, each brand has its own nuances and features. The main advantage of such fabrics is that outside the fabric is absolutely impervious to water, but at the same time your skin in such clothes can "breathe". But the world of fashion did not limit itself in the choice and, as always, seeks to experiment with the choice of fabrics. For example, Girbaud and DSquared offer quilted dense cotton, D & G and Fendi use various synthetic materials as a basis, which allows them to receive interesting overflows, glare and chameleon colors. Ungaro offers a collection of pairs of soft natural suede, and Strenesse Gabriele Strehle use their lacquered leather to create their models, which does not lose its relevance in the autumn 2011 - winter 2012 season. women's parka jackets

With what to wear parks?

In the original form of women's jackets and parksmore suitable for creating a style Casual or Military. Therefore, they will ideally fit into your everyday wardrobe with narrow jeans, cotton trousers-pipes or leggings. Regarding shoes - many like the combination of pairs with shoes without heels like Ugg. Fashion season 2012 does not dictate any rigid framework, fashion designers advise to depart from the established traditions and to wear parks with almost any clothes. A variety of models allows you to wear them with long knitted dresses, leggings, colored pantyhose or even leather stockings. A democratic European fashion allows you to combine them even with mini skirts and denim shorts. For more elegant and feminine models of the pairs, boots with a rounded nose on a wide heel or boots-boots are perfect.

Bestsellers of the season 2012

Undoubted hits of this season will be luxuriousLong parka jackets on a fur lining with chic, bourgeois frills of fur. This is the choice of strong strong-willed women, imitating the image of the snow queen. Undoubtedly, such models will give their owners a luxurious look and definitely will not freeze even in the coldest weather. The novelty of this season is unequivocally the experiments on combining parks and ponchos, the results of which are presented in the collections of Alexander Wang and Altuzarra. A wide choice of parcels on the shows of the most famous fashion houses can only talk about one thing: in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman this season, at least one of these models will necessarily appear. Moreover, a variety of models will allow you to carry such a thing regardless of who you are: a student, a housewife or a business lady. We advise you to read: