what are they giving to the wedding The institution of marriage in our days is undergoingsignificant changes. They touch both positive and negative points. Firstly, many young people, before going to the registry office, prefer, so to speak, to test their feelings and live a little in a civil marriage. Secondly, in addition to the official ceremony in the state body, the newlyweds are more often sent for the heavenly consecration of the union in the church. So what is a wedding - a tribute to tradition or a sincere desire to become spouses not only in the eyes of society, but before God? Each of us will answer this question in our own way, but, unfortunately, despite the persistent tendency to revive the role of the church in people's lives, the number of divorces is steadily growing. Just imagine that out of a hundred percent of marital unions, forty break up after a few years. So maybe the wedding is for some couples a way to keep from divorce? Whatever it was, but the church rite itself, which sanctifies the sacrament of marriage, is incredibly beautiful and touching. And in this case it does not matter at all whether a young girl in a white dress or a middle-aged woman in an elegant suit is standing in front of the altar. Certainly, in the first case a certain aura of innocence flies over the pair, but in the second variant, the confirmation of the feelings of already quite mature newlyweds is the presence of common children or even grandchildren.

Wedding Presents: Is there a problem or no problem?

But guests invited to such a sublimespiritual sense of the ceremony, worried about the same question: what to give for the wedding? Problems do not arise in the event that the painting in the registry office, and the church ordinance occurs in one day. Then any wedding greetings are appropriate: money, household appliances and so on. But what to present to a couple who decided to marry a month, a year or decades after the official registration of marriage? After all, often newlyweds invite close people to once again share with them the happiness of joining a family union, this time - under the arches of the church. There is an opinion that one can not give gifts to an Orthodox wedding. There are practically no arguments in favor of this assertion. Priests also do not express any prohibitions. Perhaps this is a simple superstition? In any case, consider the opinion of the "newlyweds" themselves. If they insist on the absence of any gifts for the wedding, act according to their wishes. Otherwise, you will have to think about what is better to choose as a congratulation, and what should not be presented yet. It's one thing, if the young couple is perceived as a tribute to fashion by the church ceremony. In this case, even if the wedding is planned a month or two after registering with the registry office, it is not necessary to puzzle over the gift. Choose something from household appliances or dishes: a young family, especially if she lives separately from her parents, usually needs the simplest things. Are you afraid that your gift will not be in a single copy? Then there is nothing easier than putting in a beautiful envelope a certain amount of money. And if you want to stand out, get in the thematic store a beautiful photo album, made "under the old days". In general, those young people who are not particularly religious and are married, so to speak, for beauty, you can give anything, if only it was appropriate. The situation with the couple, which is serious about the church sacrament, is quite different. It can be both young and mature people, but they are united by the idea that the true union of two people is in heaven and therefore needs a blessing from above. What, then, should be a wedding present? What can symbolize the spiritual connection, purity and desire to become one for each other the only companion of life for ever? wedding gift

Icon - a sacred charm for each family

On the occasion of the church ritualit is customary to give icons of Orthodox saints. Particularly popular is the so-called "wedding couple" - images of the Father Almighty or Jesus Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary. This gift is usually presented to the newlyweds by their parents. He becomes a kind of amulet for the couple and protects it from all sorts of misfortunes and misfortunes. In some families it is customary to transfer such icons to generations - older children entering into marriage. If your culprits of the celebration have not received such an amulet so far, then it is quite appropriate to choose it as a gift. Especially if it is a question of mature spouses, after all their parents already can not appear nearby in day of wedding. As one more variant it is possible to present icons with faces of guardian angels for each of the newlyweds. They are usually chosen according to the names of the spouses given by them at baptism. A lavish salary, encrusted with silver or gold, will become a worthy decoration and a kind of family talisman. As a rule, expensive icons are painted with special paints, for their production a solid oak board is used. Perhaps, your gift will start the tradition of transferring personal icons to grandchildren, bearing the name of grandparents, who are now crowned. Very suitable gifts for the church wedding are the images of Peter and Fevronia. These saints are considered Orthodox patrons of lovers and symbolize an inseparable spiritual connection between spouses even after death. Do not forget to wish the newlyweds fidelity, spiritual purity, deep love and mutual respect, let the warmth and light of their great feeling forever save the family hearth. A worthy gift will be an icon with the face of a saint who patronizes the professions of the young. In order not to get into a mess, first talk about it with the cleric, he will tell you exactly what you need to choose. Doctors can present the image of St. Luke, the Monk Panteleimon, the new martyr Elizabeth. Educators choose an icon with the faces of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril and Methodius. Do not be discouraged if your newlyweds have more modern professions, they also have their patrons. It is also worth mentioning about the embroidered icon. Today this kind of old handicraft is gaining its former popularity. But if you have not mastered the skill of embroidering a cross or are not sure that you will be able to make an icon truly beautiful, do not be upset. After all, you can without any problems get a ready-made image of manual work in the monastery. Local craftsmen are able to use in embroidery not only bright threads and beads, but sometimes pearls. Therefore, such icons, especially personal ones, will become very original and exclusive gifts for the wedding. By the way, if you are tormented by doubts that the faces of the saints will be presented to young people and yours will simply get lost, then do otherwise. Give them a special shelf for decorating the home iconostasis, a beautiful lamp and a pair of silver candlesticks. Such an original solution will surely please the culprits of the celebration and will become a worthy and practical decoration of their room. what is given to the young at the wedding

The most appropriate gifts on the occasion of church marriage

  • First of all I would like to say that the youngyou can give quite ordinary things and objects. But! If you choose a set of cutlery, give preference to the one that is made of silver or covered with it. Excellent fit also silver goblets, glasses with inlays, unusual plates and so on. Bed linen, sewn from expensive fabrics, decorated with embroidery and lace, can also be presented on the occasion of the wedding. Particularly elegant looks a set of white or cream color, which will not leave the couple indifferent.
  • You can present the young Bible in a beautifulbound with inlay. No less interesting congratulations will be a wedding portrait made by a good artist. To cheaper options is to include all sorts of figurines, sculptures and paintings on biblical themes. You can give the newlyweds gold or silver chains (without crosses), rosary, bracelets with the faces of saints.
  • A very good gift is still the book. So let the future spouses write their own work, original memoirs, illustrated with photographs, supplemented with inferences and interesting thoughts. All that is required for this is to give them a huge album, decorated in the form of a book, for the wedding. Now many artists make to order real works of art of this kind, with gilding, precious or semiprecious stones.
  • Those guests who have sufficientmeans, it is worth paying attention to the gold coins issued by Sberbank. By the way, they are decorated with the faces of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Sergius of Radonezh and other holy martyrs. The collector's coin is a very worthy gift, which fully corresponds to the spirit of the celebration. Perhaps in the future the spouses, inspired by your greetings, will begin to collect their own collection, which will be passed on from generation to generation. You can also give the newlyweds an ingot of silver or gold with themed engraving.
  • If future spouses who give their vows forthe dome of the church, are deeply religious people, then why would not close people get together and offer them a tour of holy places? This does not necessarily have to be a trip to Israel - you can consider options related to the near abroad, and even in Russia there are enough famous temples and monasteries. Especially will like such an unusual gift to middle-aged people who will gladly accept the idea of ​​not just relaxing from routine, but also getting spiritual food.

In any case, whatever you choose as aa gift on the occasion of the sacrament of the wedding, do not forget to complete the congratulation with a beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers and warm wishes. In such a remarkable day for two people who love people, it is more important than ever to create an atmosphere of sincerity, kindness and purity. Remember that the newlyweds have invited you not just for a wedding celebration. They wanted to share with you a great happiness and dedicate you to the great mystery of love. Therefore, with your congratulations, you should emphasize understanding of such an important moment in the life of each family.