irritation on the face We all want to see in the mirror a reflectionperfect face - clean, without wrinkles and circles under the eyes. But very often we observe quite the opposite - a reflection of reddened and inflamed skin, with pimples, which are not known from where they came from. As a rule, it happens at the most inopportune moment, before an important meeting or a romantic meeting. Why there is irritation on the face? Like and we care, constantly we feed a skin with a cream, and red maculae as were, and remain. To combat irritated skin there are many methods, but not always they are effective. Means against the inflamed skin should be selected individually and correctly, taking into account the general condition of the body, age and the cause of irritation.

Causes of skin irritation on the face

Irritation can be caused by many factors:

  • Climatic conditions Temperature changes,dry air. How to fix it? In shops there is a large selection of modern air humidifiers. They are useful in any case, and even more so if the apartment has air conditioning. Humidity affects not only the general condition of the skin, we feel much better and more cheerful
  • Improper care and use of unsuitablecreams If you already have proven and favorite skin care products of a certain series, do not change them. Skin, accustomed to one cream, usually does not tolerate a sharp change in care. Never use creams with expired shelf life and store all tubes in a cool place
  • Use of poor low-quality cosmetics,causing skin irritation Let's repeat that cosmetics need to be purchased fresh, familiar to your skin. If you want to try a new collection of another manufacturer, in case of your skin's problem, its propensity to inflammation and irritation - do it very carefully. Cosmetics are also better preserved in a cool place
  • Stressful conditions and strong unrestto get away from the experience of a failed date or an unsuccessful report at work. Our life is constant anxiety and excitement. There are many medicines, both medical and homeopathic, for relieving nervousness and anxiety. We will not list them, it will be better if they are recommended to you by a qualified specialist. Try to find in the frenzied bustle of everyday life shakes a place for yourself loved one. Often go on vacation on nature, engage in active sports, etc.
  • Incorrect nutrition If your foodunbalanced, from the intestine harmful substances enter the blood, which ultimately affects the skin condition. Take food carefully and correctly, there are a lot of recommendations for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Do not stress yourself and redo it - it's important to want and achieve. And for the sake of beautiful color and condition of the face, any woman will go to much
  • irritation on face after shave

    How to take care of inflamed and irritated skin?

    We will recommend several recipes from folk healers for the removal of this problem. In our opinion, this is one of the most proven and effective methods:

    • Steam baths

    The use of steam trays contributes toReducing red spots on the face and overall tone of the skin. But such baths are contraindicated to those who have problems with blood vessels. Prepare the baths from a mixture of crushed hop (one tablespoon) per liter of water. Bring this drug to a boil, and in the process of vaporization, keep your face above the container. Top with a towel. With dry skin, this bath should be done for 3 minutes, with a normal limit of 5 minutes, and if the face skin is oily and with enlarged pores - keep your face above the steam for 10 minutes. After the tray, apply to the skin a nourishing moisturizer or lotion

    • Compresses

    Compress of parsley. Prepare a decoction of parsley, wet a hot cloth gauze cloth and put on your face. In the process of this procedure, try to relax and even take a nap. With a cloth on your face, you can sleep for about 20 minutes, then rinse your face and apply a nourishing cream

    • Masks

    Make a mixture of half a tablespoonSt. John's wort, add a tablespoon of natural olive oil and oatmeal, mix thoroughly and apply this mask on your face. Hold for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water. This mask perfectly helps to cope with the problem skin, removes irritation and removes puffiness

    Irritation after shaving

    By the way, and you know that our strong halfalso suffers from inflammation on the face? Usually men get irritated on the face after shaving. Using an old machine, shaving in haste without the use of special gels and creams can cause peeling and red stains. Usually, such irritation quickly passes, in men, the skin is much coarser and denser. And they do not attach much importance to their appearance. Another thing, a woman with a soft soft skin, like the skin of a young child. Although many people use razors to remove a coarse gun above the upper lip. And they do it in vain. Usually, women have skin irritation after shaving. Shaving is not worth it at all - a woman's skin is not adapted to such rough impact. There is a soft epilation, wax strips, in the extreme case of an ordinary tweezers to remove hairs. A face is a business card of a woman. And it should look not like a piece of cardboard, but as a velvet petal of a rose. To save youth, health does not need to spend huge money on expensive spa salons. You can always turn to the tried and tested folk methods for help. And you just need to love yourself. Beauty is not given - it is preserved and multiplied. We advise you to read: