interior of a children's room for two girls Oh, who, if not us, the formernezadesam-mischievous or quiet-shy, know how important it is to have a real girlfriend or sister? And if the sister becomes a friend, then we can assume that life was a success! And if you and your sister also share one for two with a girl's room ... Although, here you can discuss the success in life. Two ladies (even small ladies) will inevitably begin to divide the territory and conflict over the issue of its properly designed and organized interior. Therefore, if two future ladies grow up in your family, the issue of organizing their joint maiden dwelling for parents becomes an edge: everyone wants to please, but how to do it is not entirely clear. On the one hand, two same-sexed children living in the children's room make it easier for parents: after all, two girls, similar interests, similar problems. But on the other hand ... For each child it is important to have your own space, it is important to defend your ideas about your own room, it is important to be understood and satisfied in your children's ambitions. And if there are two children? How to equip a children's room, taking into account the individuality of each child? Let's try to find out what professional designers, psychologists and teachers advise about this, and how, considering these tips, decorate the interior of a children's room for two girls?

The design of a child's room

First, let us clarify the pedagogical andpsychological requirements for the design of a children's room in general. Parents, reflecting on how to decorate the interior of the nursery, should remember one important nuance. The fact is that for a child his room is the same as the whole house for an adult. This you can choose where to go to bed (or not to sleep at all), where to have supper (in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the living room), where to rest after work (on the bed with a book or on the sofa in front of the TV). The child of this choice is deprived. For him in the house is allocated a whole room (or corner) and it is there that he spends most of his free time and leisure time. Therefore, psychologists advise, and designers practice the method of functional zoning when decorating a child's room. Conditionally the interior of the nursery should be divided into three zones: a sleeping zone, a recreation area and a zone of occupations. It is most convenient to distribute these zones depending on the room illumination. In the darkest part, organize a place for sleep, and divide the remaining territory into recreation and study areas. When organizing a place to practice, be sure to take advice from the same psychologists. They do not recommend having a written (computer) desk so that the child behind him is not turned back to the door. Children subconsciously fear the unexpected appearance of adults, even if they do not do anything forbidden, and this can also affect the overall condition of the child, causing unexplained (for him) anxiety and discomfort. When organizing a sleep zone, psychologists advise using canopies and canopies over the bed, because lying in a child's bed a free vertical space above it seems truly huge, frightening and makes you experience the same discomfort. That is why children like bunk beds: on the top floor to the ceiling is closer, and the lower floor has its own "roof". Making out the interior of the nursery, parents should also not deprive the child of the right to privacy and private space. Therefore, do not forbid children to arrange in their room a small secret, at least, do not let them know that you know their whereabouts. You are better: you will have the opportunity to tactfully control the secret thoughts of your child, and the question of the ethics and pedagogy of such a reception is the topic of a separate conversation. With regard to lighting in the children's room, then decorate the interior taking into account the need for several groups of light. For example, as a main source of lighting can be used traditional ceiling chandelier or built-in lamps (also ceiling). Still need to organize lighting at the desk where it is desirable to arrange a moving lamp with diffused light, and on the computer desk also put the backlight behind the monitor. And the last important group of light is night lighting: many children can not fall asleep without light at all. Therefore, sconces with a dim lamp, floor lamp or diffused light of the "starry sky" from the night ceiling lights in the children's room are simply necessary. Making out the interior of the nursery, take care of the ecological compatibility of the finishing materials, furniture and interior items. Try to use only natural materials, safe and pleasant to the touch. In addition, all furniture in the children's room should also be safe: strong and without sharp corners. And, naturally, as little synthetics as possible in interior textiles. Considering these requirements, you can go directly to the design of the very children's room, designed for two girls. Consider the possible design options, in which the interior of such a room can be decorated. beautiful interior of a children's room for two girls

The interior of a girl's nursery, when children are almost the same age

First, for two same-sex children, you canorganize a combined bed, regardless of whether the boys are girls or girls. Of course, there is no need to put them to sleep in the same bed, but here you can put the beds near and even necessary. This zone can be common, and it is not necessary to cover the beds with a screen or a bedside table. On the contrary, girls will necessarily want to be secreted in the darkness before going to bed, and it is not excluded (and even very likely!) That they will get into one bed for this. But the bedside tables (if the interior implies their presence) must be made individual: after all, no privacy should be respected. A good decision to organize a bed will be a bunk bed (why children like these beds - read above). In this case (the common sleeping area), let them have a joint workplace, even with two desks, but located side by side. Only then you have to divide the window equally, placing the tables in the same vicinity of it. If the girls are still too young, and there is no need in the workplace in the children's room, then organize a large zone for games. Here you can put a real children's home or play area, where girls will be happy to play in their mother's daughters (and they will definitely do it). A children's table, behind which you can "receive guests," play in the kitchen, read, draw or do handicrafts. It will not hurt in the children's room for two girls and a sports corner: let them get used to being fit. This can be a conventional Swedish wall or even specially designed for home use sports equipment. Do not think that girls are satisfied with playing with dolls or beading: they want to frolic, too, and they need it. A wardrobe, a bookshelf and toys can also be made generic. Just give each girl a place for her own things. And, of course, a mirror! In the children's room for two girls there must necessarily be a mirror, and perhaps a dressing table, if the girls have already reached the age of teenage. As for the color solution of the interior, the same psychologists recommend taking into account the wishes of the children. And to reach a compromise if there is a discrepancy in tastes, you can decorate the interior with multi-colored zones or let the girls choose a color solution for individual interior items: coverlets on the bed, for example, each sisters can have different colors. simple interior of a children's room for two girls

Children's interior for girls of different ages

When the sisters have a big age difference (fouryear and more), then it is necessary to organize the interior of their joint room in a completely different way. In this case, psychologists recommend not functional, but individual zoning of the interior. The room should be divided into two equal parts, each of which will have a private area of ​​the child. This need is not only due to the completely different interests of the girls, but also to convenience. When the age difference is large enough, and one of the sisters is still very small, and the second is already a schoolgirl, then the interior must be divided into practically isolated rooms. Moreover, the border should be not so much visual as tangible. In this case, it is possible to distinguish the personal zones of girls, for example, using a high rack or even two racks. True, this division is appropriate when there are two windows in a room or one window is on a long wall. Instead of racks, you can erect a through partition or put a screen. Each half should be a full-fledged children's room with a bed, a place for games or classes, a place for storing things. If the area of ​​the room does not allow to organize the interior in this way, then try to divide the children's room into two parts, one of which will house a sleeping place for both girls and a game zone for the younger one, and make the second part the "office" of the older sister. Or divide the room into three zones: sleeping, working and playing. But in any case, the older girl should have her own work place, as well as a place for storing hygiene products, teenage cosmetics and other things to which the youngest has not yet grown. As for the aesthetic and artistic component of such a children's room, then, again, be sure to take into account the wishes of children. And if the youngest can still sincerely trust your taste, then the elder, most likely, will revolt against the concept of interior design imposed on her. And here it is important to show flexibility and wisdom. Complicated? What did you think? Parents generally be difficult. But you do not have to live in this room, but your girls! So do not you can not compromise even at the expense of your own ambitions. After all, only this way you will let the children know that you are considering their opinion, and therefore, love. Sometimes it is precisely this confirmation of parental love that children do not have. So do not make them unhappy, not approving the chosen color of wallpaper or flooring. Believe me, they are also not so easy in this difficult life. Love! And be loved. We advise you to read: