bathroom interior When it comes to repairing the bathroom,The flight of our design idea often turns out to be short. This thought, having flown into the narrow room of the bathroom, stumbles upon corners and walls and brings us into a stupor. Where is there to unfold not only the flight of fantasy, but even ourselves? And so you want to make the bathroom and beautiful and comfortable at the same time. How, for example, to plan the interior of a bathroom in a Khrushchevka or a combined bathroom in a small apartment? Let's talk about optimizing a small bathroom space.

Choice of sanitary engineering

When planning a small bathroom roomrooms think, is it really necessary in her own bath? In order to save space from the bath you can opt out. Instead, install a shower or shower cabin. If you choose the right cab size, it will save a lot of space. A little more shower, but still less than a bath, a shower box is a cross between a cabin and a bathroom. And one more variant of your "pomyvochnoy" - a shower room with a pressurized door. Do not want to completely abandon the bathroom? Do not refuse! Just pick up a bathtub of small size or non-standard shape. If a short bath (from 150 to 120 cm) is installed in a corner along one of the walls, a free space appears to accommodate something else. Bathtub irregular shape can also adjust the space and save space. With a toilet, it's hard to think of anything - without it you can not do without a bathroom, and a bidet is unlikely to fit in a small bathroom. If the need for this object still exists, install a toilet bowl that also fulfills the bidet function. Washbasin. In a small bathroom it is better to confine one sink. Most of the space will save a mini-sink. Or opt for a hinged sink. And the best option will be a sink over the washing machine (novelty of the sanitary engineering market!). This option will allow even a very small bathroom to put a washing machine. bathroom and toilet interior photo

Choosing furniture

It is clear that the furniture in the bathroom is directlyeats up all the free space. Therefore, for a small bathroom it should be used at a minimum. Instead of cabinets for household chemicals, bath accessories and cosmetics, hang open shelves on the walls. They can be placed on the perimeter of the bathroom under the ceiling. You can hang a single horizontal shelf, which visually separates the walls. A vertical glass shelf will make the room higher. Make the most of all the corners in the cramped bathroom. Corner shelves (however, like the rest of the corner fittings) they save space and are great for storing many things.

Design techniques of space expansion

In addition to the optimal selection of plumbing and furniture, you can use optical techniques to increase the space of the bathroom.

  • Finishing tiles. Tiles of small size will visually expand the space. The same effect will be created by the longitudinal laying of the tiles, and the lining of the walls by mosaic panels.
  • Shine. The bathroom will appear larger in daylight. If there is a window in the bathroom, curtain it with a light transparent curtain letting in the sunlight. If there is no window, place the fluorescent lamps and spotlights in the bathroom.
  • Mirrors. For optical expansion of space, use not only hanging mirrors, but mirror doors of cabinets and shelves. Especially at the corners of the bathroom.
  • Correctly planned bathroom interiorand a toilet + photo of ready design projects. Here, perhaps, and everything you need for your own bathroom project. A little imagination, non-standard thinking - and a small tight bathroom will turn into a cozy and tidy bathroom. We advise you to read: