treatment of internal pimples on the chin Subcutaneous pimple is the most unpleasant anda painful kind of pimples, to get rid of which is not so easy. Appear such pimples gradually. It all begins with a small subcutaneous compaction, which later develops into extensive inflammation. Subcutaneous pimples ripen for a long time and can bother even for several weeks. Internal pimples can appear on any part of the face. By localizing pimples in a certain area of ​​the face, you can judge about possible health problems. There is even a scheme of the location of acne, to each area of ​​which it is possible to attribute the disease to the corresponding internal organs. We will dwell on the problem of internal pimples on the chin.

The causes of subcutaneous acne on the chin

The causes of acne and acne on the chinthere exists a whole set. They can appear due to an incorrect lifestyle, non-compliance with hygiene, lowering of immunity, colds, poor heredity, bad habits and various infections. Often the appearance of pimples on the chin is associated with problems in the digestive or endocrine systems. First of all, it concerns the diseases of the ovaries and the disturbance of the hormonal balance, namely, the increase in the level of the male hormone. In any case, to determine the cause of acne, you need to see a doctor, so that he writes directions for the delivery of the necessary tests. This is the only way to figure it all out. facial cleansing with tonic

Treatment of internal acne

After taking the tests, the doctor determines the reasonsthe appearance of acne. If the causes are related to diseases of the internal organs, the doctor directs the patient to the appropriate specialists who will carry out the treatment. If acne does not appear due to diseases of internal organs, but because of excess of sebum, traditional treatment is prescribed in a dermatologist. Most likely, the dermatologist will ask to pass the analysis on demodecosis. Demodectic is a skin disease caused by the presence of a tick. This mite is normal skin-dwellers. Thus, a stable equilibrium develops between the host and the mites as a result of prolonged coexistence. But only it is necessary to weaken the immunity, this balance is broken, and demodecosis makes itself felt. Demodecosis itself will never pass, so it is subject to compulsory treatment. Experienced and qualified doctor will write out the appropriate drugs, sulfur "talkers". External treatment is necessarily supplemented with the use of metronidazole (trichopole), tetracycline and vitamins inside. If the tests did not reveal the presence of demodectic and organ diseases, the doctor will prescribe the patient such procedures as ozonotherapy, mesotherapy, peelings and various masks. For the treatment of acne, it is also recommended to use medical products for external use, such as Baziron, Differin, Zinerit. Do not forget about cosmetics for skin care. These are gels for washing, and tonics, and masks and soft peels. Of course, all these drugs and drugs are not 100% salvage from acne, because acne is a disease that must be treated in a complex. Treatment involves the use of drugs containing antibiotics; medical and cosmetic external means; the passage of certain procedures and compliance with the diet. Sweet, fatty, salty dishes are excluded from the diet.

Proper skin care

To the skin was clean, fresh and beautiful you needto find the right means of care. First of all, it is necessary to find a suitable method of skin cleansing. It can be soap, milk, gels, foams, etc. It is worth remembering that the skin should be constantly moistened, so do not abuse the products containing alcohol. After the procedure of washing, it is necessary to wipe the face with a special lotion, and after - moisturize with cream, 2-3 times a week you can do cleansing masks. Compliance with diet is a guarantee of beautiful skin. Only fresh, natural foods should be eaten. Do not overeat and limit the consumption of floury, sweet, fried, fatty, and also nuts. Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress and negative emotions. moisturizing face cream

What not to do

If you have pimples on your chin, follow 3 simple rules that will help you get rid of this problem faster.

  • Acne should never be squeezed out. After this procedure, new acne can appear on the face and terrible scars remain, which will not be very easy to remove. In addition, from the squeezed acne can develop skin lesions - streptoderma, which is treated for a very long time.
  • Keep your hands always clean, and try not to touch your face with your hands, so as not to carry microbes. After washing, wipe the face with disposable paper towels.
  • Do not use peelings and coarse scrub atinflamed places, otherwise acne can be spread all over the face. With peelings, you need to be more careful, as they very much overdry the skin, as a result, the production of sebum can intensify even more.

Podkozhnye pimples on the chin, and even more so, theircongestion is a big problem for both men and women. Worst of all, that acne can be a consequence of diseases of the internal organs, so the doctor should be treated immediately. If you go through the prescribed treatment on time, there is a chance to avoid complications with health, as well as unpleasant cosmetic consequences, such as pigment spots, scars, etc. Of course, if you have a single pimple or acne, it can be cured yourself, with the help of pharmacy ointments and gels, but if the pimples are accumulations - self-treatment is excluded. Only the doctor can prescribe the correct treatment and procedures. If all the prescription of the doctor to observe without question, the result will not take long to wait, and your face will please you with its beauty and purity. Good luck in the treatment!