For the first time in the first class Preparation for the school year is a complex process, requiring considerable efforts from the parents.

  • First-grader goes to school healthy

A healthy organism is easier to adapt to a shiftgraphics and new kinds of loads, so the child should not have acute illnesses, and chronic ones should not be in a state of remission. Before entering the school, children undergo a medical examination, which includes a visit to the pediatrician, otolaryngologist, oculist, dentist, neurologist, orthopedist, surgeon.

  • Immunoprophylaxis - in advance

In 6-7 years, children are given a booster vaccine againstsome infections. Vaccination is another type of burden on the children's body, so do not delay and postpone it at the beginning of the school year. All the planned vaccinations are recommended by doctors in advance.

  • Examination of speech therapist and psychoneurologist

If the preschooler does not correctly pronounce the sounds, thiswill lead to the fact that at school he will write and read with errors. But even in the first grade it is not too late to turn to a speech therapist. In addition, at first it may be necessary to consult a psychologist. The school class is a fundamentally new collective, in many respects different from the kindergarten group. If the children played together in the kindergarten, built fortresses in the sandbox, painted, sculpted, then at school, everyone performs the tasks themselves. At the very beginning of the education, the children show personal qualities, the makings of a leader. But the most important thing is that the teacher comes to the forefront, which requires the children to be diligent and attentive. If by the end of the fourth year the child experiences difficulties in communication or study, it is necessary to seek the help of teachers and doctors to promptly identify violations.

  • Compliance with the daily routine

A schoolchild at 6-7 years old needs a 9-10 hour sleep. It is better to lie down until midnight, the ideal option - at 9 pm. In summer, the regime certainly lost its way, therefore, at least 2-3 weeks before the start of the school year, it is necessary to gradually shift sleep and awakening to an earlier time. If there are any minor matters - grandmother, analysis of books and toys, etc. - they should be moved to the weekend to fully dedicate their day.

  • Proper nutrition

If the kindergarten was strictly foodorganized and independent of parents, now we have to think through it ourselves. In the morning breakfast is obligatory: sour-milk products, sandwiches, porridge, warm tea. Carbonated water, chips, chocolate, juices are the cause of the development of chronic gastrointestinal pathology. Instead, you can put a bottle of mineral water or yogurt in your backpack.

  • To organize a workplace

The desk should stand by the window and wellto be illuminated. From it you need to remove all extraneous elements:, photos within, circles, cell phone - in short, everything that distracts from doing homework. All furniture should match the growth of the child. Office chair to buy it is undesirable: it breaks posture, and besides distracts from employment (children constantly on them turn).

  • The right choice of a backpack and clothes

The form of the school uniform is defined by each schoolyourself. However, if there are no such requirements, parents choose their clothes themselves. It should not impede movement, be narrow or provocative. It is advisable to buy replaceable shoes from genuine leather. A backpack with soft comfortable straps is preferable to a bag or briefcase over the shoulder, which violate the posture. We advise you to read: