Tips for choosing spirits When choosing a perfume, it is very important to know much more things than just applying a fragrance to the skin.

  • Which is better: use a paper tester or apply perfume on the skin?

Use the tester to determine all the notesaroma, so it will not mix with other flavors, nor with the smell of the skin. Wait a few seconds before breathing in the fragrance, you also need to take a break between testing. When you have decided on the choice of the fragrance, apply it to your skin and wait for several hours to see how the fragrance of perfume reacts with the smell of your skin.

  • Which notes are upper, medium, and which are the base notes?

Freshly perfumed perfume is a boxwith balls of different heights that grow slowly. First the most delicate upper notes reach the highest point. These can be citrus scents or floral scents. They evaporate quickly. Then the middle notes reach their point, it is usually a variety of floral arrangements. Primary or basic notes form the basis of spirits and remain on the skin. They are the basis of the fragrance. For example, the fragrance of Kenzo Homme. It combines the aroma of sea freshness, the smells of grass and flowers. In the upper notes a combination of mahogany, lemon, sage and bergamot. In the spicy "heart" of this water is nutmeg, thyme and cloves, which turn into a wood plume of sandalwood, cedar and fir.

  • What is the difference between perfume and toilet water?

The difference between perfume and toilet water isconcentration of flavor, or alcohol solution. Usually 20% of the concentration is contained in perfume, and in toilet water 10%. The smell is the same, but there are significant qualitative differences. Try to apply both types and choose what suits you on the budget (perfumes, as a rule, are more expensive).

  • How to apply perfume?

Common points for the application of perfume: the inside of the wrist, the ear, the knee. The smell can also be applied to the neck. On the hair, the fragrance is not recommended, since the perfume contains, after all, a lot of alcohol and can dry the hair.

  • How often should I use perfume?

As many times as necessary to maintainof the desired flavor concentration. Light flower spirits quickly lose their flavor and must be refreshed every 2 hours. While strong spirits, for example, with shades of musk or cedar, retain the fragrance for a whole day.