Implantation of teeth is an excellent solution In our time, to find a person with exceptionalown teeth is very difficult. Each of us sooner or later faces oral problems. And since the teeth of an adult person do not grow and do not recover, then there is no sense in waiting for any miracles from nature. There are many methods for solving the problems associated with the lack of teeth, but one of the best modern techniques for restoring the dentition is implantation, about it further, in more detail. Absence of teeth to each person brings a lot of problems of a functional and aesthetic nature. It's only at first glance it seems that the absence of at least one tooth does not bring any trouble. Firstly, looking where this gap is located, it is especially unpleasant if the tooth is not in front. This problem can complicate communication with people and even develop complexes in humans. In dentistry, different methods of prosthetics are known, but implantation, the best technique. The essence of the procedure is based on the introduction into the jawbone of the artificial root, which is subsequently worn on the crown. The design replaces the missing tooth, creating complete comfort in the oral cavity of the patient. Implantation of teeth, today, is considered the most promising technique for restoration of teeth, which conquers ever greater expanses on the dental market, as it has a lot of advantages, compared with other methods of prosthetics. Be sure to visit, To find out more information. Bridges and removable dentures, more recently, were considered the most popular substitutes for natural teeth. But to install the bridge, it is necessary to grind adjacent teeth, and often healthy, which makes them vulnerable later. Removable dentures cause a lot of problems to their owners: constant discomfort, changing food taste, rubbing gums, fear of falling out, etc.

Advantages of implantation of teeth

Implantation of teeth enablesrestore teeth without violating the integrity of the neighbors. You can install an artificial root even in the most inaccessible place. With its help, you can restore a tooth segment of any length, possible in an empty oral cavity. In addition, the installation of implants prevents the development of bone tissue atrophy, since it sets the proper load, as from a natural tooth. An artificial implant helps reduce the burden on adjacent teeth. Implants serve much longer than bridges. Some manufacturers give even a lifetime warranty to their products. Implantation of the teeth allows the chewing function to be fully restored, in contrast to other methods in which restrictions on the intensity of use can be made. The implanted implant with a crown looks and feels like a natural tooth, without giving the wearer any discomfort.

Choosing the method of implantation

The choice of the method of implantation depends on whatthe number and location has a dental gap, the state of bone tissue, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient's body. Implantation is one-stage and two-stage. A one-stage option involves the implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth. On the implant, installed earlier, put on a temporary crown, which will be replaced by a constant as it is manufactured. The two-stage method is carried out gradually, first implant is implanted, and after it has taken root, the crown is installed. This technique takes more time, because the artificial root is implanted in 3-6 months, but in some cases, its application is the only way to solve the patient's problems in restoring the dentition due to any contraindications and diseases. Many patients, in our time, have appreciated the advantages of dental implants for the restoration of a beautiful smile. Such artificial teeth are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth, neither in appearance, nor in functionality. The only drawback of the procedure is its rather high cost. Although the use of domestic materials and components helps make it more accessible. But if you consider that in the future you will not have to spend money on seals and new prostheses, maybe you should decide?