1 Here sometimes I look at young, sillygirls who surround me, and I desperately envy them ... Why, you ask? No no! I do not envy their youth, beauty or carelessness. Just look at their happy faces and I understand - unlike us, they still retain the ability to believe that every time - this is the most, true love! When you do not know what it is - real love, it's much easier to live - whenever you have another sympathy on the horizon, you can afford to swim in sweet dreams like honey.yes And when you have already learned how to distinguish sugarythe illusion of a real explosion of true love, you understand - it is simply impossible to love each subsequent as much as the previous one. It just does not happen.indecision If every person with whom you were close andfrank, you think you are beloved, it means that you are very fortunate-you have lived all your life and continue to live in a world of sweet dreams and illusions invented by you, and to this day you do not even know what real, adult love is. You, dear girl, confuse two completely different things that can not be confused in any way - sympathy and love. But for the present you are still forgiven .. But it will take some time, and you will remember these lines ... And you yourself will be jealous of the same girls as you are now. That's why I envy you, you sugar girls and boys! You, unlike us, who know what love is, are still happy! You know how to create wonderful illusions for yourself and the people around you, and flounder in them, screaming with happiness, like children in the pool. And if you add a little soapy foam to the pool, you can think up that under the water live fabulous mermaids or underwater monsters .. After all, you can think of everything you want .. You, unlike us, you can still tickle your nerves and provide adrenaline rush, believing in you the same invented fairy tale, which you call LOVE. And when you have already learned to separate fiction from real feelings, it's terribly terrible to fall in love ... It's not that to fall in love, even to get attached to a person is very, very scary ... And now it's much more complicated than before. Now love comes without demand, she does not care deeply about whether you want your heart to become her residence or not. She just settles there, not listening to your protests ... And no matter how much you want, you can not get her out of there .. Love, she's such a lady .. Freedom-loving ... Comes - does not ask, leaves - does not say goodbye .. You can kick, biting, hiding .. You can talk about a thousand facts proving that there is no love ... You can even try to escape from it .. But how far do you escape? After all, you can not escape from yourself ... Although ... You can try! Well, the maximum, where you can reach - it's crazy ... In the beginning, the depression will stick, and then completely ... the psychosis will become attached .... But this is if you are very lucky. Yes Yes! After all, going crazy is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And for 80 years you will understand that in vain, as a matter of fact, ran .. And more. Your craziness does not interfere with your love at all.laugh. She even a healthy person is driving crazy .. After all, a sober mind and sound memory are the main obstacles to your happiness .. It is because of them that you searched for thousands of arguments against your love, poked in her face a marriage certificate and spoke about what you already promised him ... But now you're a little crazy .. So, you can not escape from your love and do not hide from it. So what if you are married and you love everything? You're crazy .. And you can all crazy .. Even love.heart. The truth is?)) Author: