causes of pain in the lower abdomen Why does the abdomen ache? This issue is very relevant for a large number of modern women. Severe pain in the lower abdomen can be caused by a variety of causes, one of which are diseases of the abdominal cavity, spine, genital organs. If the girl is very sore lower abdomen, it may be because of spasms of the muscles of some internal organs. In addition, the cause may be inflammatory processes. The reasons for which the lower abdomen hurts in women is very high. The nature and place of pain can be different. In order for pain to be eliminated, it is necessary to identify the causes of its occurrence, while taking into account the accompanying symptoms. If a woman hurts in the lower abdomen and there is bloody discharge from the genital tract (this has no relation to the menstrual cycle), then there is a disease of the genital organs. In this case, you need not to wonder why the abdomen hurts, and immediately go to the gynecologist, who must quickly establish the cause of the pain and prescribe the necessary treatment. Is not an expert supposed to deal with such an important issue? If the pains are pulling, with symptoms such as chills and high fever, it means that there is an infection in the pelvic area. It is necessary, not postponing, to address to the doctor-gynecologist. In such a case, a woman may be disturbed by abnormal discharge from the genitals, they may be too abundant, bloody, contain pus, etc. diagnosis of the disease

Why does the abdomen hurt?

If women have abdominal pain withright side, while it is very sharp and has a permanent character, then, in all likelihood, it is a question of the damage to the appendix and appendicitis. The presence of these symptoms means that you can not do without timely surgical intervention. If a girl observes symptoms such as nausea, lack of appetite and vomiting, it may be a case of gastrointestinal diseases, in which case you need to call an ambulance. Pain in the bottom of the abdomen can be caused by intra-abdominal bleeding, then in addition to the pain itself, the following is observed: fainting, a collapse of blood vessels is possible. In this case, you need to immediately contact a doctor. It happens that women suffer from not only the lower abdomen, pain in the lower back and frequent urination (while it is painful in nature, and in the urine may be an admixture of blood). This indicates the pathology of the urinary tract. In this case, it is necessary and as soon as possible to seek help from a nephrologist, he will appoint an appropriate examination. With a pain in the abdomen of the girl during pregnancy must be understood separately. If sharp and sharp pains are observed, it is quite possible that we are talking about an ectopic pregnancy. But it should be borne in mind that even if the pregnancy is normal, a woman may experience pain. However, if the pain is not permanent and acute, then this should not be a serious reason for unrest. In the bottom of the abdomen, it hurts almost all women who will soon become a mother, so such pains are a rather common phenomenon. However, such pain may be different, so it is worthwhile to see a doctor if they cause a lot of inconvenience. It should be noted that pregnant women should treat their health with special care because it is about the health of the unborn child. appointment of treatment by a doctor

What are the pains associated with?

The causes of such pain can be diseaseorgans of the digestive system (as a rule, there are systematic constipation), and, perhaps, it is infectious diseases of the urinary tract. In this case, timely treatment is necessary. With regard to pain in women who are in a state of pregnancy, these pains are divided into two groups: non-obstetric and obstetric. If the placenta exfoliates, it's an obstetric pain. It can threaten a miscarriage. In order to prevent this, a woman needs to adhere to a special regime: excessive physical exertion should be avoided, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided, fat and salty foods should be completely excluded from the diet. If the pain is clearly pronounced, acute, then you need to go to the hospital, undergo the appropriate course of treatment. If the activity of the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed, there are pains that are related to non-obstructive diseases, it can be a question of certain surgical diseases, in which consultations of specialists are mandatory. The pains of women in most cases appear unexpectedly, they can be of an erased character, then this is most likely a chronic disease, which is a signal to serious danger. The cause of pain in the abdomen is not easy to recognize, it is also difficult to localize it. For example, if you were struck on the stomach, then this is one thing, and if it is a chronic disease, it is different. In the abdomen can always "pull" in the groin area, the pain can move from right to left, it can go down and rise. With such a symptom as pain in the abdomen for the first time, you should immediately consult a doctor, as self-medication is sometimes disastrous for health and can lead to the most negative consequences. Ulcer, colitis, gastritis and other chronic diseases can cause acute pain, and exacerbation can cause various concomitant diseases, in which complications can occur, and then without surgical intervention can not do.

Why it is necessary to call a doctor in time

In autumn and spring, with the lower abdomen of women connectedmany unpleasant sensations, in most cases such pains arise because of inflammation of the pelvic organs. The causes of such diseases can be various viral diseases, hypothermia, weakened immunity - all this opens up a free path for the development of chronic diseases. It should be noted that 50% of women of reproductive age suffer from such pains. Basically, pain is caused by ovary inflammation (oophoritis), uterine appendages (salpingitis), such pains, as a rule, are of a progressive nature. If you feel a strong pain in the bottom on the left, which gives into the rectum or lower back, then you need to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible. The lower abdominal pain of a woman is most often associated with menstruation. Such a pain is called algodismenorrhea, when walking, it gives, as a rule, to the rib. Analgesics will help to cope with such pain syndrome. But when the occurrence of pain in the abdomen is not associated with the menstrual cycle, respectively, the reason - in diseases of the genital organs or other body systems. Gynecological diseases, when the lower abdomen hurts - this is endometriosis, STI, fibroids of the uterus. Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases of a gynecological nature. With this disease, the tissue, which is similar in structure to the mucous membrane of the uterus, grows into other genital organs. Pain in endometriosis occurs during the menstrual cycle, during sexual acts, bowel movements and urination.

Useful information

Pain in the lower abdomen can be causedinfectious diseases that are sexually transmitted. These diseases include chlamydia and gonorrhea. Ectopic pregnancy can also be the cause of abdominal pain, which is, as a rule, one-sided. If an ectopic pregnancy occurs, the pain grows gradually and intensifies when the woman moves. If there is a rupture of the uterine tube, the pain is strong and is sudden. Cystitis, urolithiasis is also associated with pain in the lower abdomen. If there is obstruction of the thick or small intestine, the pains are local in the navel area, pain can also be observed below. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for such pains, so it is sometimes difficult to quickly diagnose a diagnosis, which means that you should only seek help from a highly qualified specialist. A woman needs to take care of her health, and abdominal pain can be a sign of a dangerous disease, but if you turn to a specialist in time, you can solve everything before the disease becomes threatening. It should be noted that the lower abdomen in women is a very important place. It is with the bottom that the appearance of the child is born, and any disease, even not the most serious, can cause the child to be born sick. In addition, the pain in the lower abdomen may be the first signal of a very serious disease. Therefore, always with such pains should consult a doctor. The earlier this is done, the greater the chances that you will not have to go to the hospital and do not need surgical intervention. Any qualified doctor will say that the disease is much easier to treat at the stage of its appearance and to delay it is unacceptable because every day the threat to health is becoming more serious. Therefore, if it is painful in the abdomen and these feelings become regular, it is better not to use the advice and recommendations of friends, and immediately go to a specialist, especially since medical care in Russia today is at the highest professional level. Do not risk your health just because there is simply no time to visit a specialist to undergo a survey. Otherwise, then you have to spend much more time.