What to give to a boy at the age of 9 on his birthday

At this age, children become moreresponsible and judicious. They have hobbies, they know what they want for themselves for a present. Boys with pleasure learn all new and unknown, therefore parents need to help develop the interests of the child.what to give a boy for his birthday 9 yearsWhat to give a boy for his birthday on the 9th? Photo: Getty A gift should cause delight. Valuable things will be:

  • Gadgets. A laptop, aypad, tablet or mobile phone will not only be an assistant in training, but also a device for leisure activities.
  • Microscope, telescope, interactive globe. Such devices are suitable for an inquisitive child.
  • Sports section. This construction is not cheap, but if it allows a financial situation and enough space in the apartment, it is worth buying. It will be an ideal gift for the boy.
  • Sports device. This can be a skate board, rollers, a punching bag, protective equipment for riding a bicycle or roller.
  • Transformers, prefabricated models.
  • Toys on the radio control.

Clothing, shoes, umbrellas, backpacks and school bagsaccessories should not be given. Money is also not a good gift. The child though considers itself as the adult, but to dispose of them it can not. If the boy is fond of football, you can buy tickets for a football match. For a young singer a good gift will be a microphone, for a musician - a musical instrument, for an actor - a home theater.

Ideas of inexpensive gifts for a boy who has everything

On presentation to the boy of 9 years not necessarily to spenda huge amount of money, you can buy a gift inexpensively. The main thing that he was interesting to the child. Inexpensive presentation can be team game sets. Such a gift brings parents to the child, causes a lot of positive emotions. You can give "Monopoly", "Twister", "Table Football", "Sea Battle". Will cause fun with the boy playing badminton, tennis or bowling. A good gift will be spy equipment. Boys at this age like to play police and criminals. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, choose gifts in accordance with the age of the child and his character. Puzzles and developing game sets are unlikely to be a good present for the daredevil.