Mask made of hydrophilic tiles Every woman and girl want as long as possiblestay young and attractive. One of the most important components of a beautiful appearance is an excellent skin condition. It is for him to assess the age of the lady, notice whether she takes care of herself well. Flabby, earthy color, inflamed and flaking skin shows that the woman does not give him due attention. But fresh, clean, supple and velvety skin is the result obtained through constant care and care for it. What are the only remedies that improve the condition of the skin, does not exist now. These are various creams with collagens, serums, masks, anti-cellulite compositions, beauty injections, etc. Quite recently, hydrophilic tiles burst into cosmetology and began to gain popularity. What are they, what are their benefits and can they make such tiles with their own hands?

A few words about unusual cosmetics

Popular in our time, solid hydrophilictiles at the initial stage of their manufacture is a mixture consisting of different types of natural oils: liquid, solid and soft, connected together by means of an emulsifier. Thanks to the last component, all the constituent parts of the mixture do not exfoliate, but are closely connected one to the other. To the oils, various dry additives are mixed depending on the formulation. The most common among them are coffee or milk powder, fruit powder and cosmetic clay. All the components that make up the mixture are heated in a water bath, and then stirring it without stopping until it is cooled. Then the cooled mixture is poured into molds and placed in a refrigerator until it hardens even more. After a few hours, the molds are removed and released from the mixture, which has turned into small solid pieces - tiles. These pieces can be stored at room temperature, and their shape will not be tolerated at all.

How to use hydrophilic tiles?

Such cosmetics should be applied to moist skinface and body. When the tile comes into contact with water, it begins to melt and becomes like a liquid cream or cleansing cream. The mixture is perfectly absorbed into the skin, leaving no traces of fat on it. Thanks to a large number of useful ingredients, the tile perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and also cleans it from dead cells and dirt. Hydrophilic tiles Most often, a hydrophilic tile is used aftertaking a shower, smearing the melting composition throughout the wet body. It is very common to use such cosmetics after washing your hands with usual or liquid soap: it softens their action and saturates the skin cells with moisture. Many girls prefer not to use simple cosmetic milk to remove their makeup, but a more gentle and useful hydrophilic tile. If oil pieces are used as a cream after the shower, they are applied to the surface of damp skin, and after that a little is washed with warm water. Further to the body, only lightly touch a towel or put on a bathrobe, leaving the skin dry gradually and more naturally. Before using hydrophilic tiles as a make-up remover, the face is rinsed beforehand with cool water, then the piece of tile is smeared all over the face and it is easily massaged. Cosmetics are removed from the skin with a cotton pad, after that the face is rinsed again with water and slightly soaked with a paper towel. Use such a tool from oils after visiting the pool or after taking a shower at sea. It is also useful in the autumn-winter period, since at this time strong cold winds are blowing, adversely affecting the skin. In multi-family and private homes and offices with central heating, air becomes drier, and the skin becomes the same, especially if you are constantly in an enclosed space. Therefore, it should be moistened, and it is easy to do this with the help of a hydrophilic product. Girls and women should know that hydrophilic tiles do not have water in their composition, so you need to alternate them with other cosmetic moisturizers. Owners of oily skin are recommended to use tiles 2-3 times a week, and women with normal and dry skin from 1 to 4 times in 7 days.

The main components of oil tiles

Residents of megacities can find hydrophilictiles in cosmetic shops or pharmacy departments of natural cosmetics. But the residents of small cities were less fortunate in this regard. What to do, because all women have the same desire: to become more beautiful with the help of oil tiles. This product can be made at home. The most difficult stage for the ladies will be the search and purchase of components for the tiles, and its preparation will not be difficult. What is it worth to buy for the production of hydrophilic cosmetics? Natural oils for hydrophilic tiles

  • Emulsion wax. Without it, those who want to make a plate with their own hands will not succeed. The main function of this component is the ability to combine the oils with water, otherwise they would have stratified in the composition and could never mix, and when applied to the skin, fatty traces would be left on it. Thus, the emulsion wax must be purchased in the first place, since it will be needed for every recipe for hydrophilic tiles.
  • Butter (oil). So-called solid oils help the unusual soap to harden. The most common are karite, cocoa butter and palm kernel butterfly. Karite is called another shi oil in another way, as it is extracted from the fruit of the tree of the same name, which grows on the territory of Africa. Rich in vitamins F, A, E, karyite easily gives the skin of a person firmness, smoothness and silkiness. It heals burns and wounds, protects the skin from ultraviolet light, frostbite and adverse effects of cold winds. Representatives of African tribes, despite the low consumption of liquid, keep their skin in excellent condition thanks to karite.
  • Butter cacao. This refined product is the savior for tired, withering and dry skin of the face. With regular application, it makes it more fresh, elastic and rosy, removing gray color and peeling, smoothing out fine wrinkles. Do not buy unrefined oil, as it is used only in the confectionery industry for the production of chocolate bars.
  • Palm oil. This product, unlike the palm butterfly, is extracted from the very nuclei of the palm fruits, and in them the most nutritious and useful substances are hidden. This oil perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Soft oils, like solid ones, have a beneficial effectimpact on the skin of the body and face. Among them, the most famous was the oil, produced from the seeds of plum and apricot. The substances included in its composition not only increase the elasticity and moisturize the skin. They also prevent the appearance of acne eruptions and are great for caring for combination skin and delicate eyelid skin.
  • Dry additives are needed for more denseconsistency of tiles. One of these additives is ground coffee. This component is worth adding to the hydrophilic "cream", as it nicely narrows the pores and fights against cellulite. It, being a natural scrub, perfectly cleans old cells of the epidermis, tones up the skin and eliminates the puffiness of the eyelids.
  • Another dry additive is claycosmetic. It is especially suitable for women with oily skin. Clay remarkably tightens the pores, eliminates reddening of the skin and peeling, oily shine, and has bactericidal properties. For the production of hydrophilic tiles, the clay is pink and white in color.
  • Essential oils of flowers, fruits, herbs. They give the tiles a magical flavor, have a relaxing, soothing effect.
  • This is not a complete list of products included in thecomposition of unusual, melting tiles from contact with water. But in them must necessarily be present as liquid oils, and solid butter, as well as dry additives. And, as already mentioned above, an indispensable element of any composition of the tile will be an emulsifier. What are the best recipes to try to cook at home with your own hands?

    Preparatory stage

    Before preparing hydrophilic tiles, it is necessary to stock up the following inventory and utensils:

    • electronic scales;
    • glass cup or bowl;
    • silicone, paper or plastic figurines;
    • a wooden stick or a plastic spoon to mix the ingredients;
    • pots or deep dishes used as a water bath.

    It will also be necessary to pre-set everything on the tablenecessary for tile ingredients: oils, additives, emulsifier. When measuring the amount of each ingredient, you should keep in mind that it is usually calculated as a percentage. There is an approximate percentage of the main constituents of the mixture. So, the emulsifier usually goes 20-25% of the total mass, butters - 40%, liquid oils - 10%, soft oils - 20-25%. You can slightly change these proportions, but within 5-10% in one direction or the other. Do not need to cook a large amount of tiles at once, so in grams or in milliliters it will be a figure from 10 to 50. It is convenient to measure the liquid components in tablespoons. For example, 1 large spoon is from 16 to 20 ml. In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, dry additives are included in the composition of hydrophilic tiles, they are usually added to the total mass in an amount of 70-100 g.

    Several recipes for shower tiles

    Although there are many recipes hydrophilictiles, some of them are more suitable for applying to the body, and others for the face or make-up. What tiles are good for softening and moisturizing the skin after the shower? Cream with coconut oil. This formulation includes the following ingredients:

    • batite (shi) - 35%;
    • liquid coconut oil (unrefined) - 15%;
    • soft apricot kernel oil - 25%;
    • emulsifier - 25%;
    • vitamin E in capsules - 1 pc.

    First, a glass is placed on the electronic balance andpour in it the crystals of the emulsifier, then add the coconut and shea butter. Next, the glass is put on a water bath and very slowly on a small fire begin to heat until all components are melted. It is also necessary to stir the mixture so that its constituents warm up equally. The molten composition is immediately removed from the fire and cooled to 30 ° C. After that, it is added with apricot kernel oil and mixed again with a wooden stick or a plastic spoon. Hydrophilic tiles of different shapes The last but optional component isVitamin E, squeezed from a capsule into a glass. This vitamin increases the shelf life of the tiles if the girl is going to use them once a week or made a large amount of the mixture. If the hydrophilic tiles lady uses 3 times in 7 days, you can not add the vitamin to the mass, since it will not have time to deteriorate. Then the mixture should be poured into molds. These can be plastic square ice tiles, candy boxes with notches or paper cups from sweets, silicone cosmetic molds, and the like. Forms are put in the refrigerator for 60-120 minutes, then they are removed, and their solid contents are shaken out onto the table and placed in a beautiful plate or bowl. Hydrophilic cosmetics are ready, you can take a shower, and at the final stage, make a magic wipe the skin with a wonderful melting cream. Hydrophilic cream with cocoa butter. Its structure includes:

    • wax emulsion - 25%;
    • cocoa butter (hard butter) - 40%;
    • sesame oil - 20%;
    • Avocado Butter - 25%;
    • milk powder and coffee - 0.5 tablespoons;
    • essential oils of mandarin and verbena - 10 drops each.

    Initially, wax with soft and hard battersmelted in a water bath, after removing from the fire, liquid oils are added there. When the mixture is slightly cooled, it is injected with continuous stirring essential oils, coffee powder and milk. Only after the mass becomes viscous, it is stopped to mix and unfold according to the molds. Cooled in the refrigerator, the mass is ready for use. It remains only to take out 1 cube from the mold and go with him to the bathroom.

    How to cook slabs with clay?

    For the face of a well suited compounds with the addition of clay. The recipe tiles are hydrophilic for oily skin of the face. For preparation, the following components will be needed:

    • cocoa butter - 45%;
    • coconut oil - 10%;
    • grape seed oil - 10%;
    • laurel oil - 15%;
    • wax-emulsifier - 20%;
    • orange essential oil - 2-3 drops;
    • kaolin (white clay) - 80 g.

    All components of the future tile, except for 2The last ingredients are combined and melted in the manner described above. A mixture of essential oil and clay is added to a mixture cooled to 35 ° C. Kaolin should not be combined with the composition of heat and add it more than normal, because because of this the mixture may harden hard. After mixing and cooling the future tile in the refrigerator, it must be removed from the mold. And you can apply on damp skin. In the same way, a hydrophilic tile is prepared for dry skin, only for it one needs to replace some components. These will be:

    • palm kernel - 40%;
    • shea butter - 20%;
    • olive oil - 10%;
    • mango oil - 10%;
    • wax-emulsifier - 20%;
    • lavender essential oil - 5 drops;
    • pink clay - 70-80.

    Such tiles are owned by the owner of dry skin every 2 days.

    Make-up Remover Tile

    To prepare this fragrant product you will need the following ingredients:

    • wax emulsion - 24%;
    • wax of rose - 1%;
    • Butter cacao - 25%;
    • almond oil of sweet - 15%;
    • tea tree oil - 15%;
    • Karite - 20%.

    Hydrophilic shower tile Prepared melting make-up, like everyone elseother tiles. Almond and tea tree oils are added to the mass after a little cooling. Use the finished product can often ladies with dry skin of the face, less often - with greasy, as the oils that make up its composition, are quite nutritious.

    Tips for the quality production of tiles

    Sometimes, throwing out the finished tiles from the curlyforms on the table, girls and women notice that it turned out with defects. For example, it began to melt too quickly at room temperature, or its components did not mix properly, but break down into 2 layers: frozen oils and a mushy mass of dry additives. It is impossible to eliminate these problems, but next time it will be possible to prevent them. Knowing why these problems arise, you can avoid them in the future. The most common melting of tiles without water is due to the fact that they have cocoa butter in their composition. It is this component that causes the most problems in the production of tiles. The thing is that the cocoa butter, overheating more than 40-45 ° C, begins to melt at lower temperatures. To prevent this from happening, in the production of hydrophilic tiles, not all cocoa butter is added to the mass at once, but only 2 parts. They are heated to dissolve all components and emulsifier, then removed from the water bath and cooled to 27-30 ° C, constantly mixing, then the mixture is injected with cold or slightly warmed-up residual oil, stir again and only then poured into molds. To ensure that the oils mix well with dry additives, do not go grains and do not melt immediately after they are removed from the refrigerator, you can do the following. After dissolving the components in a water bath, they must be poured into a mixing glass and placed on the refrigerator for 4-6 minutes, then removed and beat for 1 minute. After that, the mass should again be cooled in the refrigerator and after 5 minutes repeat the process of its whipping. Each time the mass will appear more homogeneous and dense. The cooling and whipping procedures are repeated 2-3 times, then the essential oils are added to the mass by prescription and poured into molds. After the mixture has solidified, it will have a solid, homogeneous structure and will not melt at room temperature. Hydrophilic tiles - cosmetics of modern times. Thanks to the gentle melting structure, pleasant aroma and an abundance of useful substances, they are fond of many girls and women. And the tremendous effect from their application leads to the fact that more and more representatives of the beautiful half of mankind are dreaming of acquiring such a product or making it with their own hands, especially since making tiles is easy and pleasant.