"Oh my God, he's so big." This is the first thought that arises in any sane person at first glance at this dog. The dog is really huge. And this is not subjective - the Hulk is officially recognized as the largest pit bull in the world. He weighs 76 kilograms and is able to almost effortlessly dump the person. Not to mention how threatening the Hulk looks - after all, he is still a representative of the fighting dog breed.Photo: facebook.com / DarkDynastyK9sThere is more perplexity - and even some kind of awe - that triggers a video where the Hulk gently takes care of the three-month-old Jackson, the youngest son of his masters. Marlon and Lisa Grennan are owners of a dog nursery in the UK. Their job is to bring out elite fighting dogs, who then "serve" the police and protect celebrities. Among the clients of the Grennan family are billionaires from around the world. Liza and Marlon are trusted as themselves. In addition, the dog has already raised their eldest son, Jordan. "When we brought Jackson home, the Khalk did not leave him," says Lisa, 25. - He watched me take care of my son, rushed to him, when Jackson began to cry. The Hulk is the perfect protector and nanny. He really likes Jackson - you can see through the eyes. But the Hulk's jaws are so powerful that they can easily grab a hand of an adult. In addition, he weighs 24 times more than his ward .- Yes, the Hulk is a fighter. It's his job to rush and bite. But this is only one side of it. After all, the Hulk is a defensive dog. That is, it must be very balanced, "said 28-year-old Marlon. "I really trust Hulk." He knows that Jackson is a child. And he knows how to be gentle with him, as well as with his own puppies. The father of the family says that the most important thing is to immediately let the dog know who the real alpha male is. "When you are the leader of a pack, and the dogs admit it, there is nothing to worry about . And I have everything under control, "says Marlon.