The moment they find out about their pregnancywomen definitely remember for life. And they want to tell their man about this so that the news is certainly a holiday for him. Type in the phrase "as original to my husband" into a search engine - and you will get 63 million thematic links. The most popular recommendation: when he comes home from work, mysteriously inform him that you are expecting a third guest. In second place is the option - to write on your belly: "Dad, hello, let's get acquainted." There are also tests with two strips tucked into a jacket pocket, a gift box with a pacifier or a rattle, and so on. The pregnant brain is so creative.A photo: GettyImages But this future mother, perhaps, can give master classes to all those involved. The video with its recognition recently appeared on the Reddit network and instantly went viral. And no wonder. That's what you would think if a policeman stopped you at the wheel near the house. Certainly not about children. And in this situation, the dialogue developed something like this. “Sir, a child is traveling in your car, but without a child seat.” “But I don’t have a child in my car,” the driver looks around in surprise. what's the matter, especially since the driver's spouse, filming this dialogue on video, has already managed to wave a pregnancy test in front of the lens. But for a man, everything that happens is completely incomprehensible! - Do you think I was wrong? - the policeman asks mysteriously. And at this moment the future dad notices the signs given to him by his wife. You can wipe a happy tear of emotion. At the end of the video, the police give the man another gift bag - it turns out the spouse decided to tell him about the pregnancy on his birthday. Great surprise, agree. - Well? What do you feel? - she asks him. - I am happy. And what else could the touched spouse answer?